"Waterloo Bridge (1940)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

A love story of a girl who met a British officer and madly in love with him - has long since become a classic. This is a very important psychological story, justifying the many women who have had to suffer and to survive during the war. Details here are not so important
Film Mervyn Le Roy -. This is the second film adaptation of the play Sherwood. Moreover, unlike in the film, shot in 1931, abound. Just to say that in the first film, we are faced with a bit cynical, but it is an honest girl and a young inexperienced but rich soldier. Le Roy offers a very different interpretation: the innocent girl and experienced soldiers
However, the story in this film takes a back seat.. At the forefront is not displayed psychology of the plot (as it was in the first film) and Vivien Leigh. And it's worth it.
Game Vivien Leigh in the film deserves the highest ratings. Throughout career she specialized in women's roles strengths that make a lot of mistakes and then find the strength to deal with them. These were Blanche in "A Streetcar Named Desire ', Anna Karenina, Scarlett O'Hara.
But the heroine of' Waterloo Bridge 'a completely different person. She is an ordinary girl who first experienced the strong sense. In this interpretation of the character of Vivien Leigh is excellent. It perfectly shows the experience of the heroine, which consumes itself and is doing everything to bring ourselves to such a finale that was designated creators
Unlike bored Karenina or selfish Scarlett, the heroine Vivien Leigh -. Sincere and straight man
Perhaps.. from the gallery of all the images played Vivien Leigh, her chorus girl from 'Waterloo Bridge' I like more than others. Incredibly beautiful actress in the film. And beauty is not just physical. If it is surrounded by an aura of spirituality, because it wants to empathize with the heroine and her sufferings do not seem tight game the next Hollywood star
By the way, in 1940, in my opinion, there are two completely mind-blowing female actor's work:. Lee in 'Waterloo Bridge' and Joan Fonteyn in 'Rebecca'.
Her game perfectly complements the Robert Taylor, who is quite coped with the role of the lover self-confident man who is willing to do anything for his love. The filmmakers even think specifically sought podgrimirovat Taylor that he was more like a cinematic image of Rhett Buttler.
remains only to explain why only six balls for the film. The fact that the only advantage of the movie - the game Vivien Leigh. Meanwhile, an example of the film adaptation of '31 shows that this story could reveal much more interesting and multidimensional
Besides, unlike the heroine of the first film adaptation -. In our film character Vivien Leigh actually just goes into itself and begins to consistently 'play to self-destruction. " The result, which leads us to Le Roy, it seems much more contrived and stilted
As a result:. a worthy melodrama about the complexities of women's lives during the war. In my opinion, the best role Vivien Leigh in her career
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