"Waterloo Bridge (1940)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Painting "Waterloo Bridge" - a story of pure and unselfish relations between men and women, where there is no place of lies, betrayal and deceit, the story where one person is able to give my life only for that just do not hurt the feelings of another, and defile them. Everything is presented as innocent and magical, that you start to head in the clouds and believe in the infallible truth of the sublime poetic letters romantic poets. The heroine of the divine beauty, girl, as if coming out of sweet dreams and the dreams of John Keats and Alfred de Musset, with a huge heart full of infinite sincerity and spirituality, noble hero, the very ideal of all women, and its light and good aspirations - and their history, that will make breathing and feel the most callous heart.
Vivien Leigh. Here I want to express a purely subjective point of view (although it seems to me that many people think is absolutely too). When you look at this actress, especially in the tape, it comes to mind that she was the perfect beauty, in which God had put all his talent creator-artist and sent to earth to people radiance lit up the impossible in reality ideal. In "Waterloo Bridge" her every glance, every stroke of eyelashes, every smile and even her every movement causes the tides in your heart delight. You really feel the infinite aesthetic pleasure and understand: there is someone who himself is a living art. I think that if Vivien Leigh was mediocre, even in spite of this she still gave in people's hearts delight. But she is also extremely talented, and her acting is remarkable: in all the films - it is reincarnated in a completely diverse characters. In this work, Mervyn LeRoy, I believe it has created an image of the heroine, which could dream all naive, pathetic and miserable lyrics, composing songs on the trail of his air of imagination. It does not matter who gets this character, her image remains untarnished like pearls floating on the crystal clear river.
film is so simple and true that this is what captivates your heart. That hill and honesty characters makes the film into a tragedy: baser characters have made this film in an ugly farce. In this tape is not multizaputannoy and stunning structure with psychological motivated like movies krutyhi Christopher Nolan, no imagery and poetry of Tarkovsky, Kubrick and Malik, no unusual and eccentric characters Genet and Burton, no cosmic scope Cameron and Steven Spielberg, no gloomy isolation Fincher, but there is immense sincerity and warmth of human relations, which are insanely hungry for the heart and soul of any man living on earth. Movies like this are awaken in the person of the highest and most pure impulses. If you come into the world of this film, you will forget your wife hates you and cheating on you with another man, you forget the women who are groaning at night and in the morning forget about you, you will forget about the dirt and the vanity of this world and believe me, that you also may be where some have their own Myra ...
My review turned out, perhaps too subjective (everything was subjective), forgive me everything, but I want the audience to love this band, just like I therefore invested a lot of their experiences and feelings. This film is one of the twenty my favorite, and I put

10 of 10

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