"Waterloo Bridge (1940)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Beautiful and tragic story told against the backdrop of the First World War, a young and loving couple who first met at Waterloo Bridge. London Waterloo Bridge is a symbol of memories of love for the protagonist Roy Cronin, from which the narrative begins
«Waterloo Bridge." - this is a story about love. At first glance, pure and noble. However, the film is not always pure and noble. He is able to break the hearts of the audience.
Visually perfect movie, a perfect example of the film the golden age of Hollywood. Classical painting is aesthetically pleasing to view in our high-tech days. I love old movies. Sometimes much more pleasant for the soul to look retro. But people are not particularly interested in the movie "the times" may also like-liked this picture. To touch the soul of the plot, beautiful shots, excellent game actors.
Robert Taylor plays the romantic officer. I liked the actor in the role. Such an intellectual and as a goodie, that seems a bit unrealistic, and sometimes in Hollywood stamped. And yet, in itself a remarkable actor, causing personal affection. Yes, and attracting even calm appearance of Robert and his charm are ideally suited to the character of the hero. By the way, the ideality, screen couple Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor, I think one of the most beautiful and most successful in the history of cinema.
'Every generation there is a lady, from which it can not take my eyes the whole continent. " Orson Welles.
About Vivien Leigh. My dearly beloved actress Vivien in this film plays a lovely ballerina Myra - seemingly pretty girl gentle and romantic, but unlike Roy, it is more realistic way of thinking, and as the image of the heroine, in general. Vivien was a true artist, the game is exciting to watch. I like that Myra was originally written as a girl with a tangible lively character. The infrequent case when the girl - the central character, and not complementary to the protagonist. Therefore Vivienne shines brighter than all of his game, showing the viewer the whole range of emotions. She looks like a fragile ballerina music box, and behind the frame and change the situation, we see a hardened gaze fallen woman, tout customer, and at the end - the deep suffering and tragic throwing. Feel aesthetic pleasure, coupled with the emotional devastation after watching the game Vivian.
foundation paintings are the main actors who played their roles perfectly, but also secondary, many of which are directly deposited in the memory, do not fade in the background stars. Beautiful girl - Virginia Field - playing girlfriend Myra, the opposite character - a bold and liberated. But it is also true a good friend to help and sincere joy in the happiness of friend (because friends are learned not just in trouble, but also in the ability to enjoy the success of their loved ones). Mom Roy - soft, kind and wise woman. Mary Assumption (our people in Hollywood) - she played a typical ballet chairwoman corpses, so typical that brings a smile. Duke remembered the good-natured, smiling priest and the old man with his facial expressions, who was sitting in the back seat in a stroller while the main characters were on the estate and spoke beautiful words. In general, full extremely pleasant person film.
I may, under certain circumstances, push the "war" in the genre of the film. In "Waterloo Bridge" rather indirectly undertake military action, against which events unfold. Greater emphasis is placed precisely on the theme of love and the subsequent tragedy. A film based on the feeling settles after seeing turned out incredibly bright.
This is one of the best dramatic pictures of the golden Hollywood, to which I want to return periodically.

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