"War and Peace: Andrew Prince Andrew (1965)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy - the greatest work of not only domestic but also world literature. Directed by Sergei Bondarchuk made a great thing that filmed this magnificent, large-scale, complex, but infinitely beautiful work, which is infinitely deep philosophical reflections by Leo Tolstoy about the meaning of life, about the fate of Russia.
As the work itself 'War and Peace' divided into four parts, the four volumes and majestic work of Sergei Bondarchuk is divided into four parts. The first part of 'Bolkonsky' captures first volume and a certain part of the second
Already there appear many characters in the book:. It and Pierre Pierre (the role played by the director himself, Sergei Bondarchuk), the Rostov family, now still young Natasha Rostova, which is these pages still a teenager, Kuragin Dolokhov, the participants battle, war scenes of Austerlitz. But central to the first part of the director assigns it the image of Andrei Bolkonsky (Vyacheslav Tikhonov), his spiritual quest, the search for truth, the truth. Who was Bolkonsky
After the introductory phrase: 'Poor people are strong because they are the same, hence the good people have to come together' shows the salon of Anna Pavlovna Scherer, where already thought of Leo Tolstoy's people are divided into true and false patriots. Who among the good people? They are here only two: Andrew Prince Andrew, who is twenty-seven years, and that time, he knows something about this society to be disappointed in him and experience from this anguish of his unrealized
And Pierre, seven years younger than Andrew. which only reveals itself to the world. Showed his path: an unexpected inheritance, marriage to the one who is interested not himself, but his status and money, it is possible if there is sincere and true love? What does it lead to? Not to duel with Buyan and whether bully Dolokhov, where Pierre is so inexperienced that says: 'Tell me, where to shoot?'. Pierre its way, its evolution nature
However, the central image of the film -. Bolkonsky. And that is due to him: his father Nikolai Bolkonsky, who leads a secluded life on his estate Bald Mountain. Stern but fair. He likes hand work. The film shows how it works. It is brave, strong, persistent. Andrei's sister - Maria, who lives with his father. In a strong spirituality, pity, compassion, humanism. The film is narrated that Bolkonsky - people are decent, noble, noble integrity, fairness, honesty, intelligence. And Vyacheslav Tikhonov and his identical internal qualities and excellent external, physical form was able to prove in this film, and that is that Prince Andrew. Also, decent, intelligent, moral, spiritual, moral person. But the film also narrated that a man with an inner melancholy. It's a romantic, rebellious nature of the warehouse. When under external well-being 'rebellious, he asks the storm as if the storm will calm'. Why it is not implemented in this society? What drives him to participate in a new military company, can he in the film tries to answer this question: "I want to be known and loved. Death, injury - nothing to fear '. 'Only forward!' - this call, he goes with a banner in the battle of Austerlitz in 1805, whose outcome is already predetermined the wise commander Mikhail Kutuzov. But when will fall, his unexpected and great monologue: "How quiet, calm, solemn clouds float. It's not like we're screaming and fighting. And how did I not know this before? ' Maybe here it is this peace, for the acquisition of which he was at Austerlitz?
How well if transferred from the pages of Tolstoy's novel Pierre and Andrei walk in the woods. Talk by the river. That is happiness? But if the same characters position? How many philosophical depth! It is thought of Leo Tolstoy.
and important key scene in the trip of Prince Andrew in Otradnoye. When on the road, he saw among the greenery - birch, cherry, alder, old oak, not wishing to obey the universal law of harmony, spring, happiness. And Andrew disappointed in everything. Seeing in all this is only a deception. Considering that life at his age you just need to live out without doing evil. But that will change this night at the estate. The girl, who wanted to go. But in her desire to live. The next day, the oak will give shoots. And he is inclined to think that life is not over at thirty-one. It must be love, trust. And he's right, that oak.
Thus, in this part of the film against the backdrop of so many events in the novel era, so many characters, it discloses certain evolution Prince Andrew, as the central image. This great role Vyacheslav Tikhonov, in which, as well as as in Shtirlitsa hidden particle of himself.
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