"War and Peace: Andrew Prince Andrew (1965)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy - a very very heavy, it would seem, the material that move, so to speak, from the book to the screen is not possible. Similarly, scale, authenticity and elaboration may differ every novel, but because this creation world culture - a special version, to match that probably only such ambitious works as the trilogy 'The Lord of the Rings' Professor Tolkien's' The Quiet Don "by Mikhail Sholokhov and even where a small amount is often referred to classical works. About legendarium part of J. R. R. Tolkien once great revolutionary film Kubrick said that this novel is a 'cinema, which can not be removed. " It seems to me that this could be said of the film based on the epic Tolstoy's view of the vastness of the battles he described, the characters of plurality, present in all four volumes, a variety of fine and frankly conspicuous criticism of the authorities, which had its seat at the throne always before and always will have a place on, largely oblivious to the aspirations of ordinary people so ordinary ...
in view of this extremely difficult to stabilize everything in the whole sustain such a balance, so that it looked organically and, most importantly, combined in timing, which is much less, of course, the original source.
And thus all the more surprising that, as a man, until the filming of this hugest fantasy flick shot a masterpiece, but a small military drama "The Fate of Man" based on the novel of the previously mentioned Sholokhov I managed to played on the screen all those seem to be predominating motives, before this carefully having isolated them from the huge volume of the text, which was trying to convey to the reader the creative genius of Tolstoy
'War and peace: Bolkonsky' -. it is, as such, the beginning of kin -epopei that against all managed to create, overcoming suffering titanic, according to multiple interviews and documentary about the making this picture, Sergei Bondarchuk. Echoing the original, he produced four films, of which was formed by one six-hour tape, which is more likely, and is known in the global cinema scene. However, since willing to consider a genius and potential of the director and the actor as a whole, then, of course, be watching this painting series - moving gradually from the first part, that is to say 'Andrei Bolkonsky', second, 'Natasha Rostova' third, '1812 ', and the fourth, namely,' Pierre Bezukhov '. Thus if observed that consistency which is depicted in his novels, Tolstoy himself. So more consciously develop a sense of the uniqueness of some of this film project that its scope, its scale and combines this philosophicity united and gave to the audience at the time of development of cinematography, that the appearance of such a pattern does seem to be something unreal.
But heritage is something that is 'Bolkonsky' - is the beginning of a huge, multi-stage and multi-faceted history, which is the basis of its appeal the notions of honor and pride, vanity and greed. Here the viewer captures Bondarchuk and affects not only the volume of not only thousands of extras, which is involved in a professional set and choreographed battles. Bondarchuk said to the man on the other side of the screen about the eternal. On the nature of our desires. That we keep inside and hide. Why it should and should not hide yourself from it? What is the truth of our breed, and if we are sincere with ourselves, when we talk about their own goals and set ourselves some half-real ultimatums?
Despite the name, the whole world is going through some changes tapes. As the character develops not only Andrei (Vyacheslav Tikhonov), but Pierre (Sergei Bondarchuk) and Natalia (Lyudmila Savelyev), whose primary degeneration of waiting are still ahead, but it is clear to us that it is - not just third-party hero
given. picture - a picture out of time. Yes, visible flaws committed in large scale productions. Seen some omissions in all, obviously, of the commotion that through himself missed a filmmaker. But it all seemed smoothed copyright language that Sergey Fedorovich quite dry. He is not full of a kind of poetry, it is solid and usually why his work is taking a big way, it is conceived characters and plots. Here is the same: the frame as if static, if not developed directly with the characters, why create such a sense of a mirror to the history of why a plausibility actions have no complaints - surroundings, atmosphere, clothing and other paraphernalia designed so authentic and matched the era that the whole film seems restless with this aspect of the question. It is remembered, it is imbued with the era beckons, it makes want to get there, or the most in that era
But this is -. Just the beginning. Start, which speaks for itself, to inform the audience that in the future the three motion pictures will not be disappointed ...
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