"War and Peace (1965)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Nearing the end of the year, it's time to summarize. This year, I suddenly had a desire to re-read epic novel Leo Tolstoy 'War and Peace' . I did not take him from school years, the Soviet film looked the part, the impression most diverse. Now everything is different: everything is perceived very differently, once more deeply understand everything and traktuesh deeds of heroes. In parallel with the book, I decided to re-discover for yourself our well-known adaptation of the epic. And now I will tell about their experiences and reflections on the creation of the famous Sergei Bondarchuk .
For four series of action develops novel and four volumes of more than ten years of events. It all begins in 1805, when all the high society discusses the threat posed by Napoleon Bonaparte. What is to come, not a little alarmed Russian aristocratic society. The next year, and events will change the lives of many heroes of the story. But the more they change the three central characters of the story: Prince Andrei Bolkonsky, which appears to us despises this supreme light and dreams of glory, the young countess Natasha Rostov, which is not yet concerned with anything except fun and entertainment, and the illegitimate son of an influential nobleman, timid and clumsy Pierre Pierre, who is trying to find his calling and place in the world.
screen adaptation of such a grand novel as 'War and peace', it is very difficult. A large number of important characters, important events, thoughts, dreams, decisions ... The novel is filled with a variety of meanings, highlights many important details, therefore fit all of this in four-part film seems incredible. But when re-read a book while watching your movie, you remember all the important scenes and events that must be carefully studied in the school literature lessons ... And then you see those scenes on the screen, then you know how seamless and fully turned our film adaptation of the immortal classics. Salon Anna Scherer, where we meet with many of the characters and their beliefs, the way they hold themselves in society ... Name day in Rostov - a happy holiday, which is radically different from salon arrogant society. Farewell Bolkonskis at Bald Hills - this scene made me a very strong impression. The first ball of Natasha and Russian dances visiting uncle ... Such scenes very much. But all of them are shown exactly as you imagine them to imagine when you read a novel. I want to mention also the stage where there are voiceovers monologues: many monologues cost included. Special mention are the famous battle scenes - are better than others, they emphasize the enormity of setting
Played in War and Peace, one of the brightest and most outstanding Soviet artists of theater and cinema.. From the main heroes of the trio I really liked Andrew Prince Andrew, played by Vyacheslav Tikhonov . Reading the book, I'm just so and imagined Andrew: this few proud man with a rebellious, restless soul who can not tolerate hypocrisy and higher light hypocrisy, who dreams of a bright glory and bright future, who later discovers new meaning of life and its place in it.
much has been said about the role of the artist Pierre Pierre Sergei Bondarchuk, who was also the director of the film. The only thing that bothered me - this is the age of the actor: after all, it is sometimes striking. Still, he was able to understand this timid, awkward character who always felt like a stranger, who are often manipulated, and who is also looking for the meaning of life. Still my favorite scenes - a conversation Pierre and Andrew, and always felt the patronage of Prince Bolkonsky his humble friend and his desire to Pierre all was well
Ludmila Saveliev -. I know of no other Natasha. From the first appearance of it, as in the book, it breaks into our world with all its children's fun. Throughout the novel we see how it turns out and restless carefree girl in a sensual girl, see how she imagines life as she laughs as she makes a mistake, she loves the whole world. Most of all I remember the scene of her first ball - all of her emotions and feelings can be read on her face when her name is not long to dance, and when she dances for the first time ...
With great surprise, I learned at a young idealist Nicholas Rostov Oleg Tabakov - a very bright young hero who dreams of military glory. The only pity is his role in the last two parts of the strongly reduced
... I really liked the way we were introduced to a family Bolkonskis: stiff and dry, Prince Nikolai Bolkonsky ( Anatoly Krotov ), which live in their statutes, teaches daughter selected their subjects. Still stand as the scene of his farewell to the son of Mary ... Bolkonskaya ( Antonina Shuranova ) - that's how I imagined it, and: a modest, reserved, pious, bright-shining eyes, which transform a Woman, making it extraordinarily beautiful.
About Ellen has also been a lot of debate, but personally I Irina Skobtseva in the role of the seductive and mercantile beauty very much. Helen can beautify any interior, any ball, to conquer any man, but not everyone can see its true face. That, and her brother Anatole ( Basil Lanoviy ) - a dazzling handsome, turned the heads of the young Natasha. Dolokhov ( Oleg Efremov ) - one of the most controversial characters of the novel. The film shows not all of his adventures, but he gives the impression of a desperate, violent, calculating.
Among the heroes of the battle scenes I want to especially mention the actors Boris Zahava, who played the role of Field Marshal Kutuzov, Chief of the Russian army, and Nicholas Mills - captain Tushin whose battery repulsed the French, even when the cover is gone and about the battery has long been forgotten ...
It was difficult to describe my feelings towards the famous film adaptation of the famous works. And to the most novel - even more difficult. But all is, I'll try. Despite the fact that many of the scenes and compositions in the film adaptation of the novel still lowered, many heroes are still not quite correspond to the book description, the film by Sergei Bondarchuk's War and Peace - fully understands and reveals the source. This is not just a film, it's a classic that everyone should see. Like the novel Leo Tolstoy - it should read each. Therefore, I wish you a nice view and a pleasant reading. My assessment
10 of 10

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