"War and Peace (1965)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Thank God, our school is not seated to watch a miracle. And indeed the epic passes at an accelerated rate due to the terrible backwardness of our physics and mathematics from the literature on the program. We even did not have time to write an essay. Maybe so, too, and probably because I had time to read 'War and Peace' to the tenth grade, she was left for me free from the tedious textbook oppression, which is able to spoil any good book, especially in fifteen years.
'War and peace' I love. Therefore, the film is in no hurry to see - as well as the garbage? But curiosity overcame all the same - and not in vain. Kataklizmaticheskim this summer, choking smoke as good soldiers in Smolensk, with terrible headache and a compress on my forehead, I stared at the screen without interruption for several hours. Expressions describing my impression from what he saw, unfortunately, are not recommended 'rules of writing reviews. " So we have to write longer
Pro composition
Watch the movie to find out what the book -. Nonsensical idea. I do not know how many do - do something right? Moreover, that 'film' in the full sense of the word is difficult to call. Rather a collection of illustrations to known subjects. Here 'salon of Anna Pavlovna' here 'Bald Mountain' here 'Schon Grabern battle', that 'Name days at the Rostovs'. Resemblance to the picture gallery creates a stunning visual aesthetics of individual frames, and there is often a desire to check out the FAQ explaining the depicted events. A sense of unusual and perhaps pleasant. The turn 'War and Peace' in adventure action with love Natasha, perhaps it makes sense to focus on some episodes, not trying to connect them in a dynamic ball, and calmly and smoothly carry out on them the audience as the museum, the tour guide, Bondarchuk . I was fascinated.
atmosphere in the best traditions of Russian classics. That is bad. God knows why we are here - whether five-month winter guilty, or just a habit, but almost all the Bole-less sad serious work. If the ball - that anyone necessarily it makes me sick, if a marriage proposal - be sure to tears, happy hunting ends doubts, the battle - a maximum draw of a terrible price, and enlightenment, of course, - death. Zhenitelno-genitive epilogue we have not shown, and no one knows why. Or did not want to display the viewer from the dreary euphoria, or did not finish his difficult fate of the Decembrists wives.
Pro actors
Tikhonov I love. And this is also one of the reasons why I put off watching. and suddenly I do not like - all the same whether it's the strongest scolded a little? I liked. Maybe because I have never been a fan of Andrei Bolkonsky. Prince, of course, a decent fellow, but I am personally quite enraged when reading. These its quirks, it arrogance - not stupid arrogance, refuses to see anything beyond their noses, or even arrogance of mind, and for a 'noble arrogance': I'm all of a good, and you do not, here's my fi . Such a walking oxymoron. And in the movie, too. Not a noble hero, villain is not attractive, but it is a bad knight. One of his nasty laughter is worth. Generally a very good voice - such a beautiful, deep, but quite easy to break on the sharp, strident note. At the same time Tikhonov - it is still Tikhonov, and when necessary, he smiled as soon as he is able to smile. And leftism residence of Prince Andrew on the ground becomes quite obvious.
Lyudmila Savelevoj little harder. Sometimes it seemed to me too cutesy, which her heroine he has never happened. Not black eyes too upset. But great that Natasha played a ballerina. Dancing man is very different from not dancing, not only at the ball. This flexibility and the ease and posture, and general 'musical' movements. In this respect, Natasha got the most that neither is Natashinskaya. Not just running and jumping, and running and jumping beautifully, and not on what is drawn, but because it is engaged. In general, the heroine was very nice, especially with painted mustache. I would be in such love. And the definition of 'the girl' s quite suitable.
Pierre-Bondarchuk. With this most difficult. All the same age is the age, and the young man received a hero does not pull. And as the story remained unchanged, there is a bunch of illogical situations. Why such a solid uncle so undignified behave? Why he has not yet decided to forty years, which service to choose? Although, if we close our eyes to the age, Bondarchuk good. Very Pierre - and simple, and absent-mindedness, and intelligence is present on the face. Complexion is also quite suitable. Except that he would smile more, especially before marriage. Oh, twenty years to the actor but thicker lips - and would have been all class
Tabakov as Nikolai Rostov -. Quite, quite. Great combined with Natasha, especially the mustache. Just a pity that there is so little like Princess Mary. Of course, the screen time is limited, but that the last two films are not that long, and burning Moscow burned for so long, that would not have been affected by it to reduce the scale of ten minutes. At least thirty minutes would be allocated for this wonderful love story. We would like to see her with such Marya and Nikolay.
Like Countess Rostov. Absolute coincidence with my performance. Peter is good. The old count - not very. Some are too vaudevillian. But Otpad old Bolkonsky. This definitely would have ordered to cast aside the snow cleared the way for the guests. And it goes well with your children. It is also one of the main actors' successes. Anatole - ambivalent feelings. Lanovoi plays well, but looks at me with a character not associated. I always imagined the Horse Guards such stalwart ruddy fellow, and that Anatole elegant, slender. Some 'compact'. But Oleg Yefremov as Dolokhov I do not understand at all. Well, such a kind and gentle in his face, I do not like it on a desperate and ill Jouster. Rather, I imagine Lanovoi in this role.
Like anise, Captain Tuszyn, a young officer in the battery at Borodino. Actually it was surprisingly fun to watch completely hooked on reading, but examined in detail the school moments - captured, for example, or a night out with my uncle. Somehow mentally it happened without the protocol. Charming songs. Charming marches, polonaises and waltzes. Charming fishechki like two-faced sculpture, accompanied by the two views of talk about 'vicious circle' of social life friends. Good movie.
Oh, Austerlitz. After Prince Andrew shouted it their 'Guys, go!', I got into a book to reread the episode. It read: 'child-piercing'. Wow Well damn! I still could not resist.

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