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Before us is the case when talking about the world of animation climbed to the very highest face (level, position as you want) more than appropriate. It is indeed the case, it was discussed uncountable number of times and I also repeatedly, but after watching want to repeat again and again. At the moment, the whole struggle between animated films DreamWorks and Pixar's going on, so that no one forgets. So, in its own fight they create projects one after the other, and worthy projects, strong, that delight the eye. I recently actively fill up their gaps, evaluating the cartoons, which missed. Well, almost all of it gives me pleasure to a greater or lesser extent. With regard to a product called "WALL 'E" from Pixar, the animation to see this picture I have long wanted. Yes, I even remember seeing many commercials in movie theaters, and even then I laughed. And now, finally, I saw the cartoon about the little robot cleaner.
Speaking of these tapes that I enjoy very much, it is difficult to shine for its originality, so I do not particularly want to repeat, but nothing helped. When watching a movie on you immediately starts to act a peculiar atmosphere. This is something magic on you influenced by as if you yourself are a drawn characters and you participate in all of this, I promise. I understand that many of you probably talked about it, but when I watched Wall-E, I instantly any parallels with the painting "I am Legend". You yourself just imagine - on a planet called Earth is no one else, there is a small robot that is trying to survive by fighting real hard power of the elements. The difference, of course, "I am legend" is observed, especially when the action is gaining its momentum. It takes a little time and you finally start to forget about some sort of comparisons, you're just keen look.
So, simply and easily about the plot of this animated film will not tell, everything you need to see with their own eyes. Robot WALL-E is set to cleaning program, it has a function of processing of rubbish, debris, in other words. And people on the planet Earth and gone. Where are they? Then, we all understand you, but for now, WALL-E tries to survive, desperately fighting with a powerful element that is ready all buckled under him. Yes, yes, yes, our robot has intelligence, he is not just a pile of scrap metal, he even has a friend - a cockroach (in my opinion, the last remaining representative of its kind in the world). In WALL-E has its own interests, a class, but he still something missing. Suddenly, one day, on our land with you, there is another robot, and it is a female, the name of this beautiful woman - Eve. You have the right thought process develops -. WALL-E falls in love with an alien visitor
general, very interesting and touching to see the development of the relations of the two robots. And, you know, all that is shown to us in this cartoon is tempting to think that all kinds of cars, all (this is only our opinion) non-living things can live his own life, have their relationships, etc. Returning to the cartoon, I want to say that it must be so, as did the Wall-E, a man to seek the hearts of the girls, it's just a classic of the genre, so-called. Incidentally, this is not the only significant moment. Yes, there is still much to ponder here. In fact, in the film, we are shown the future of humanity. And what is the future? Fully automated, obese people, they do not care, they do not know anything. It was scary to watch, be honest. It is worth any and all to think, to reflect on this
The most important thing to note -. Did the right thing, that the creators did not only focus on the comedy vein, in the movie there are lots of touching and sad moments. And is it worth to pay tribute to the fact that in this tape is simply nothing to complain about, it really is so, you can check yourself. Directed by Andrew Stanton, and the entire team of Pixar were not afraid to take a risk and this risk is justified. What is it? Well, take at least that until the middle of the story was not uttered a single word, it seemed to us a silent film, but with some dubbing operations. And if you think about it, it was the right move, because you are focusing precisely on the image when there is no sound, and afraid to miss anything. For you every detail is important, you do not spread your thoughts do not run away somewhere until the heroes of something spoken. I note that really liked the idea, which has been implemented. This whole story with a future, but without some abstruse science fiction, but a real possible events. We even via seemingly innocuous cartoon trying to hint - "Come to your senses! Look at you, in whom you become! ". And it is valid, it should be noted
In fact, the "WALL - AND.", This is a wonderful cartoon, which has the unforgettable moments that are able to laugh on the one hand, be moved to make the other and find some philosophical implications third. All the characters are well-drawn, each with its own character. Well, everything that happens is developing under the correctness of the composer Thomas Newman's music. I advise everyone to this cartoon strip.

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