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Now we will not deal with loneliness atmosphere, touching relationship between the two does not quite live cans or grinpisovskogo message « save the Earth or die » (once declared J. Carlin, a planet in order it us - ***). Firstly, it is said, and so are more than enough, and secondly, in our view, «WALL • E» has a more interesting and less obvious message across. Surprisingly, being for all to see, for many it still remained hidden.
So, the future of the Earth. Instead of the towers of glass and concrete, and swarming crowds of men - huge piles of garbage. The whole planet - one big dump, and people do not live here anymore. They have long been left uninhabitable environment and lost somewhere in the remote depths of space, tidy up for instructing a specially designed robots. One such instance of hanging around here and there (where the other - unknown), and vainly trying to clean up someone else's mess, sometimes revealing tons of civilization wastes anything worthwhile. Suddenly, on a planet with an inspection (and whether it is possible to return to mankind?) Down another robot. Here begins the main action of the cartoon, but we'll deal with practically no, but we explain a few other issues. Where in fact there are former humans? Why much of the story takes place almost in silence? What in fact the authors allude picture?
Now it is important to understand two things. Firstly. The development of any phenomenon is not necessarily associated with positive dynamics. Suppose Charmander evolves Charmeleona which (if very lucky) turns Charizard - this (generally) above zero sequence. However, take the trash heap. Its natural development - mess, the next step which will dump and so on. That is a negative phenomenon in the negative growth. Secondly. As part of the artistic work, any convention defined the original job. In other words - everything has a reason. So why did the main characters mute as Mr. Anderson at the interrogation the agents' «Matrix» ? What we are told by the authors of this image? . Everything is simple
We met all the conventional wisdom that the Internet - a dump, right? In fact, this statement is absolutely correct if we clearly separate the Wikipedia conditional on the overall activities of the so-called users, that is, define the network as a platform for expression, comment, communication. Where there is the opportunity to comment (at the current time - almost everywhere), it is amazing to be dirty. So really - trash, and this mess is successfully developing in recent years ... yes, it is there. discussion level drops as the "Broiler-747" in the «steep dive »:. rapidly and over 325 episodes
What 10 years ago was considered the bottom, which is basically impossible to break now - clever notion. Yesterday unfounded cries chat today - the reasoned opinion. Trolling degraded to the level of stuffing. And if your personal opinion refuses to correlate with the general trend, beware: the apologists mainstream after you have already left. And all these tons of mediocre hollivarov and other rubbish to accumulate on the web. Moreover, there are special backup sites, forums that tyryat content to fill the information themselves, etc. That is, if you do something once wrote, the more likely it is now two or three copies, and it does not matter, you have erased it or not. About spam, brochures, and content, designed solely to attract followers, we do not say, as we do not take five thousand pictures of cats on your page in Instagrame.
Besides, we should understand that the Internet has evolved earlier in the United States, and hence there things are much sadder. So, the authors of the «WALL • E» offer us an allegorical picture of where the planet - it's cluttered our delusional posts online and robots - moderator capabilities algorithms that rake the debris flood, Flame and general idiocy, due to rescue standing by them crumbs statements. The symbolism of silence in the context of, I think, It goes without saying .
Now look at the left native land Earthlings. They dwell on some cruise ship, lost in deep space. The first thing that catches your eye ... they are all excessively thick. Second - all sitting in soft chairs. Their way is almost entirely copied from mmo-zadrota of a series of «South Park» (love «South Park» !) Yes, it's the Internet users who have blocked access! (Space - symbolizes the alienation from society.) They are suffering, they are struggling to return to the network and are ready to kill themselves and others, just to achieve this goal
As you can see, seemingly obvious statement about the green planet is proving to be a sharp satire. for contemporary communication on the Internet. In the words Mr Carter Velu Reznik, not gad where you eat ... or you live . And in the case of «WALL • E» - where you communicate. Otherwise, sooner or later, the World Wide Web server overheat, burst, or fiber optic cables race of intelligent slugs from the constellation Snails zhakhnet the planet extremely powerful laser beam: in general, the Universe as a rebel against such a concentration of idiocy. And - all: Khan, man! You will call each other using a rotary phone, kuchkovatsya in Gorky Park and buy porn on VHS.

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