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The animation is different from the natural shooting? However, in the first over features . Animation can represent anything, but at the same time, and it has some limitations - cartoons should appeal to children. That is, in the cartoons should not be much vulgarity, bloody violence and anything else that can hurt the psyche of young children. Animated picture should be bright, cheerful, cheerful, kind, containing morals ... They should be beneficial to the mind and heart.
But lately animatsionnnoe art begins to gradually expand its capabilities and to allow many bugs . Some cartoons suffer excess vulgarity and flat jokes while morality itself appears not very well, or simply absent. Such pictures kids love just for stupid humor, they are more and is not necessary. And it is not good. Fortunately, studio Pixar these drawbacks do not apply at all. Its hallmark is the ability each time to produce a good cartoon. The secret to the success of the studio? It's too silly question. At this point in the animation art ruled cartoons drawn on the computer, and Pixar in this case a true master. After all, the studio released the first computer animation, which immediately became a hit. Subsequent work only strengthened the success of the studio. But among them, of course, there is the best. And it stands out. In my opinion, the best animated film Pixar is just «WALL · And», and I can prove it.
Cartoon is not surprised by its originality, because in one utterance of the name once it becomes clear that this has never happened. In addition, the name «WALL · And» beautiful and very nice, it makes sense - the reduction is Ecumenical Landscape Light Annihilator · Smart, but in Russian. In the original as the title 'WALL · E' roughly translated as «musoropogruzchik earthly class», that is closer to the truth. After all, the main character of this wonderful illustration is just musoropogruzchik which removes barely living Earth from debris. But first of all, WALL · And - Intelligent robot that is able to show curiosity and interest. He is alone because he was such a long time broke down, and the people themselves now as 300 years ago, flew surf the cosmos, to somehow survive. Still, the hero is not all alone, it's pretty weird, but it does have one - the usual tarakanchik that appears in the picture of a real cutie in contrast to the real insects. It touches a bit, but still ahead, and we must preberech tears for later.
Plot is really very Original, but other than that, and more touching, extremely funny and surprising exciting. After all, along with the hero we go into space, directly to the people who already do not remember, or rather, did not know about the fact that there is such a planet earth, the home of people and all living things. Our cute robot falls into a huge and ambitious ship "Axiom", which falls in a very interesting, cute and funny situations. But not just because it is far away from the Earth, which is also home to him. He falls in love with the beautiful Eve - robotihu special purpose, which is to find and deliver the sample to the ship terrestrial plants are able to return people back home to Earth (?). Yes, it falls, and meets Eve WALL · And in return. It is capable of rasstrogat even the most cold-blooded and bezserdechnogo viewer because all battered, scratched, dirty and barely working robot overcomes obstacles nepodsilnye man to be next to the charming Eve. And sometimes vice versa, when it is, with powerful weapons and a developed intellect, barely saves scavenger robot
«WALL · And" collects the best achieve multplikatsii :. computer graphics , which then really need to praise, and sound effects, which at times you do not just have a good hear, but feel. Each frame in the illustration does not have any errors, it is clear that the creators do not just try, but also put all their psychological patience to get impressive graphics. And I say graphics are simply stunning. Almost every speck of dust and scratches here prorisovanny with incredible accuracy and robotics parts simply delicious. One thing is clear - the creators can easily create a rivalry of artists' Trasformerov "because the mastery with which they traced the robots, all the earthly dirt and debris, forcing to admire as well as viewing the blockbuster Michael Bay. And the endless and beautiful universe in the film shows a very precise and believable. The cartoon is also used in natural and shooting people on outdated film, and in the letters of the real, not painted. That is only then, when meeting people on a spaceship, we see that they are already computer, cartoon.
World Future, created by Andrew Stanton, very pravdpodoben and at times a little too scary for young children. After all, we see the very thing nightmarish future in which almost lifeless earth was filled with human waste and shielded from the sun bunch of satellites. This all goes to, confirm scientists, the Earth will be populated to the limit, and the people are preparing for life in space, and all the debris left by mankind, will rot and spoil the earth. By the creators of "WALL · And" treated very carefully and perfectly recreated world of the future: mega clogged garbage skyscrapers and greenery is not something that a space, even close not seen on Earth. And in this dark world, leads the life of a light WALL · And - the last robot on the planet
10 of 10
«WALL • And." - it is not just the best work of Pixar, is a masterpiece of animation art. This picture can watch both adults and children, but understand it all. The main characters - robots that are able to feel, and viewers can not ignore it. Sometimes it seems that their love is stronger than man, and she razgaraetsya on the background extinction of our Earth, the human home! Painting encourages people to change, but still a cartoon, little has changed. But he made a great contribution to the development of animation, but it is said that the cartoon, where there is also a stunning graphics and atmospheric music, simple shedevrialny.

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