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Releasing in 2008 cartoon "WALL-E" studio "Pixar" has taken another step towards perfection. Otherwise it is difficult to evaluate this work Andrew Stanton . "WALL-E" fabulously, incredibly, magically beautiful - but still a bit not up to the ideal. So, now more in detail.
I think "WALL-E" a real breakthrough in computer animation. There are several reasons, and it is difficult to allocate the most important. I thought, especially after watching "Ratatouille", which is hardly "Pixar" will be able to hit me anything more perfect. But I was wrong. "WALL-E" was stronger than all other Pixar creations. From now on I will call "WALL-E," one of his favorite cartoons. But the company "Pixar" is now considered me the best animation studio in the world.
What this cartoon so pleased with me? I must confess that I admire his integrity and conceptual idea. I have long wanted to see "a sci-fi cartoon on environmental issues with a melodramatic storyline" - and my expectations are completely justified. "WALL-E" strong elaboration of all its components:. Characters, script, image and music, morality, the general impression - all the components are made at the highest level
cartoon characters - just a godsend. The main character, WALL-E, impresses with its childlike, sincerity, curiosity. WALL-E - the last robot on Earth. Seven centuries ago (t. E. In 2110), the third planet from the Sun was so filthy that her life was not possible. And the people served on a specially built the ark (in the sense of a ship) in the three-year orbital tour, which gradually turned into a seven hundred years of wandering around the space. On Earth, there were only robots, scavenger class "WALL-E" is engaged in recycling waste. Gradually, they all broke down, and the world was only one WALL-E. But this specimen was unique, because for a century of service, he noticeably humanize. And this humanity WALL-E has its own special charm. Robot is curious as a child, and his work provides him with a huge variety of findings. In general, the first part of the tape, which lasts until the departure from Earth - it is simply a masterpiece, in my opinion. Panoramic views of New York, the attention to detail of the situation, the behavior of WALL-E itself. Episodes in the bunker-house robot, when he sits in front of a video player and watching old movies, where people dance, sing, hold hands and show love for each other. Episodes in which WALL-E takes care in every possible way, and keeps his girlfriend EVA, breaking his head, as if to explain more elegant in their tender feelings. I am willing to spare no adjectives to describe these earthly scenes are incredibly touching, sweet, sensual, elegant. These frames look with a slight smile on his face and a little bit of sadness, compressing the heart. WALL-E and his cockroach friend immediately cause the wildest liking. EVA makes first treat yourself restrained and cautious, but then the viewer is convinced of her sincerity and genuine affection for WALL-E.
wonder how good the rest of the cartoon characters that will be secondary. They acquainted the audience, along with WALL-E and EVE once on board, "Axioms" - the same ark. Hardly any of the people or other robots will be remembered for the viewer as well as a duet of the main characters, but the secondary characters are strong especially in its unity and coherence igrotskoy. And here it is impossible not to mention the completeness of film world, the reasonableness of the appearance of each character, the accuracy of the landscape and scenery of the completeness of the situation in which the action takes place. Visualization in the picture is made on a fantastic level (one frame of the Milky Way is worth something!): Accuracy, originality, variety - here is how you can characterize it. Oh, and the music ... Just excellent music
Morality "WALL-E" is obvious and clear to every sensible person:. To live in friendship and symbiosis with nature, to maintain cleanliness and order in the home planet. In addition, very much a mockery of the laws of life of the consumer society. So, have forgotten how to walk plump creation, they can not do anything without robots (like Nehochuha, the eponymous hero of the Soviet animated film) - a warning to us all. Shocking that people are presented in "WALL-E" as selfish individuals, forgetting their homeland. But deep down they still remain vestiges of kindness, honesty and sense of justice. This allows them to still remain human and stick to your long ago abandoned the planet. Be sure to pay attention to an episode from the battle captain of the ark with its own autopilot. "I do not want to live - I want to live!" - perhaps the key scene of the second part of the picture
All spoon of tar in the film occurred in the drum of the plot.. Firstly, it is unlikely that the old mechanical robot would be able to operate smoothly throughout the centuries, even producing a self-repair. Just can not believe that people, even seven hundred years later, at the same time existing in absolute comfort and luxury, dreamed of returning to earth, the memory of which is preserved only in the main computer of the ark. But these blunders can be forgiven for this cartoon. But the following two error is serious. Surely "WALL-E" at departure from the Earth would have been destroyed in the upper atmosphere. And tarakanchik would clearly not survived repeated hits (random, of course) under the tracks of WALL-E. Besides, why robots discourage people from returning to Earth? But this is quite enough, and I'm not going to quibble over this wonderful cartoon.
The more so admires "WALL-E"? For the first time we are seeing the progress of the action of the entity (ie, cameras) robot, the people remain in the background. Further, it pricked through what adventures had to go WALL-E and EVE to understand and find each other. Again, the scene of courtship WALL-E for Eve, their joint flight around the ark - a particularly sensitive person after watching these scenes are more likely to sit with eyes on a wet place. Of course, it's great that it is difficult antiglobalisticheskuyu and humanistic subjects were able to raise in light, colorful, friendly manner. Ah yes, the extreme expression of facial expressions and gestures of WALL-E and EVE allow us to understand their feelings and emotions even without a word, using only one name, uttered with a different intonation.
In "WALL-E" clearly shows the influence of many famous works . Thus, the terrestrial part of the plot - a clear allusion to the "I - a legend". The space scenes can be found references to anything, at least for "Star Wars." In the description of the effect of "Fahrenheit 451" of the future of society can be traced. The very atmosphere of the picture similar to the "artificial intelligence", and declared subject it is easy to hear the echo of "The Little Prince»
In all of this, "WALL-E." - definitely a unique and independent work. This is not a typical entertainment cartoon, but highly moral cartoon, beautifully painted and orchestrated. "WALL-E" is worthy of the right to be in the film library of the family home, where prefer to remain faithful to the values ​​of true love, true friendship, loyalty, patriotism, respect, reasonable restraint, self-development and the pursuit of knowledge.
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9 out of 10

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