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'Forward to the past'
What was not pleasing to us people who are given to children for many years a positive, 'abundance' of emotion and charm of what is happening in the magical world of cartoons. Pixar animation studios - the real creators of such a complex and wonderful things, has once again proven its highest and professional approach to the creation of animated films
Pixar. animation studios delighted us with fascinating toys and such unusual and memorable monsters, such a wonderful life and feelings for Nemo, surprised mechanical planet inhabited by car, little family with the prefix 'Super', volts and Flick.
'The surprise is no limit!'
It would seem that what else and how else can surprise and enchant audiences th all over the world? For the answer will have to see a specialist to create masterpieces, which can be called 'God', Andrew Stanton , the employee pixar Animation Studios, who is devoted to his work not only as a job, but also putting in a easy job full depth of the soul and talent, and with all my heart trying to conquer the hearts of children
Andrew Stanton -. the director 'from god'
we all know what happens and goes out when the 'directorial reins of the board' takes into his own hands Andrew Stanton . Who does not know, hint, get a masterpiece that is stored once and for all life.
Remembering his work on the charming cartoons 'Searching Nemo ' and in a duet with the' venerable 'John Lasseter on the cartoon ' Bug's Life ' , which will undoubtedly become' divine 'beautiful and touching cartoons. Presenting before watching unusual and unique 'WALL-E' , that it was Andrew Stanton director of the movie, you can no doubt tell yourself that 'dish will be canceled ' .
How is that possible?!
As ...
It's been enough years, since the 'tsunami' glamor, beauty and touching 'drowned' in our submarine and enchanting world of the cartoon 'Finding Nemo', which, in fairness, it has published this very talented director. It seems that more and more of what you can surprise, amaze, delight and enchant? It turned out, very possible!
How to eat ...
in 2008 comes a new wave, which was prepared with the same ease all take heart charms audiences all over the world, and to do so immediately. Andrew Stanton and all knowing their job 'company' employees Pixar Animation Studios gave the world such an animated character who became the true symbol - Future robot in our dreams . This wonderful, charming and extraordinary character was WALL-E .
Andrew Stanton again and again created a real a masterpiece that will forever staked its place in world cinema. Of course all the other cartoons, issued by Pixar Animation Studios, is also a masterpiece, but they do not have such a huge abundance of emotions, feelings and joy, emotions and even tears, like in the cartoons 'Finding Nemo "and" WALL-E ' . And it's very nice.
How to be ...
Guessing of course does not make sense, but we, the true fans of the wonderful cartoon, of course believe and will believe , that sooner or later the entire audience again gush 'wave captivating charms' animated stories that will impress almost anyone.
Re-examining again and again any 'Pixar' cartoon, you always want to get with this or that character in the full depth of the events that draw to watching again and again. But back to the present ...
Modest, sweet, kind, understanding, touching, loyal, vulnerable, honest - future robot that love to all 'metal heart '.
Space idea
Who would have thought that such an idea will be born. After Future show believable and very instructive.
unwanted future of mankind very impressed, and that if we really all waiting for just such a future, Earth is completely unsuitable for life and habitat in it, that's just people are unlikely to go into space for the continuation of life, but i swear, i would very much like that would be at least one robot of our unpredictable future, if the same will be, it will be the same as 'WALL-E'. And the road to people destined only one - to fly into space
Earth and the Milky Way ...
Animation animated component has left pleasant. impression of the future world looks captivating and believable, the city looks delightfully real and very scary . And scary to a greater extent for the future of mankind. Outer space looks very beautiful and endlessly.
The protagonist and his companion on the story line shows very unusual, they are unique and individual, and very catchy. Summing up the animation component can only say one thing - great and unforgettable
Love and devotion in the future
plot is very unusual and is shown in a plausible light of our unwanted future which will be an example of the current inhabitants of the land, that is - ourselves , that sooner or later the world may become so if it is not to be treated carefully.
The main characters and actors
admit very impressed and pleased. Mankind, who hit from the right path and is fully controlled and operated by robots. The main characters deserve individual, warm words ...
WALL-E - charming rzhavenky robot - garbage collection, is so unusual that it is possible day and night < b> to admire and wonder , and most surprisingly, it does have all the qualities that should have a good man.
EVA - a program devoid of feelings, which moves on to ask her orders, meeting 'WALL-E', also takes on the good and human traits and varying throughout the movie in the best side
in love with WALL-E '. ' , speaking robot - garbage collection , shows a right way, not only in the work program, given to him, but also at the same time manages to fall in love with the modern program, which arrived with a distant space particles to take on the analysis of a viable organism.
'Humanity' robots
Even people, ordinary people, which has all the senses, and the flawed and disingenuous, but so cute robot rzhavenky 'WALL-E' < b> shows an example of not only all robots and programs, but also to all the people, how to love and appreciate that there is a very high value it it. And the robots, as it turns out, is inherent in many human behavior , for example dancing, which is very interesting and surprising look at the performance of astonishing, interesting and fun robots.
Well, perhaps it's not surprising?!
masterpiece story of 'WALL-E' is very instructive for our time. I think that all people need to see this wonderful cartoon, as it has a huge share of the truth, that's only true for us - it is the endless piles of garbage, dirty air and a gray and incomprehensible future, and in fact in real life, all to the fact and goes. But that's unlikely to appear so painfully wonderful and charming, rzhavenky 'WALL-E', which will be able to send 'all and sundry' on the right track, but still at the same time to realize his dream in real life. Can robots in the future of our reality and will be, but such as 'WALL-E', it is very doubtful ...
'Drowning' in joy and charm ...
10 of 10
hoping for good, bright and welcome the future!

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