"Walking the Streets of Moscow (1963)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

It's just that it was all good. When all is well in humans - it is immediately obvious. " What beautiful words, albeit naive, but how much they sense and the truth of life! These words were uttered in the movie George Danelia young Siberian installer Volodya Yermakov, Siberian novice writer who surprised happiness and lightness of gait perky and happy girl in Moscow, waiting for your loved one near the airport.
Frankly, one is struck by the Soviet cinema, as it It includes both heavy and tragic picture light lyric comedy in the spirit of 'Athos' the same Danelia, Eldar Ryazanov, Elem Klimov 'Welcome, or No Trespassing', whose inolenty inspire such joy and warmth for generations. And the immortal song, sung by Nikita Mikhalkov, has become the unofficial anthem of all young people who live calls easily and treat everything with a smile on his face. It was with a smile on your face, you can see these pictures, as directed by the screen gives us a sense of the big city life, his worldliness, working weekdays from Moscow that were the backdrop to the events occurring in this fantasy flick.
While many directors were taken to remove such films glorifying life in the USSR, which was for the public light and serene. And this film is intended for such purpose - to sing in those days, people's lives were joyful and happy - produced a runaway success in the country and has become rightly a masterpiece of Russian cinema. And there is why. Watching "I Step Through Moscow 'you feel the weather, the summer sun, shining on the Moscow citizens, the warm and charming atmosphere that surrounds this beautiful city with its historical and architectural values. The greatness of our capital well demonstrated with the help of his mechanical 'partner' 'the best operator in the world' Vadim Yusov our famous cameraman, the late, unfortunately. He catches those moments of urban life that you yourself, the audience, dipped completely in this life and became a direct party to it.
And acting Nikita Mikhalkov, our master of Cinema, was so natural, that could not help think, and if he played at all and whether he rehearsed before filming? So he went into the image. Yes, in fact there is not need to get used to, he played in the film itself - perky cheerful young man who lives with a smile and a light step as the girl at the beginning of dancing on the sidewalk. And do not forget the other, Vladimir Basov, director and actor, there was a small episode, which showed, in my opinion, the essence of snobs. Galina Polish was charming. The desire is there, looking at it, time to stop and her beauty did not disappear.
Anyway film epitomizes the joyful state of a person when he is not at all what, when all life's troubles and difficulties pale into insignificance. This film is about youth and the happiness of man. It is wanted to show Danelia in the film, the screenplay for which was written by George Shpalikov unfortunately who died early. His legacy remains where he made it clear that we must live and be happy, no matter what.
8 out of 10

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