"Walking the Streets of Moscow (1963)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In 1963, on Soviet screens out the picture, which has become the leitmotif (along with the "Spring on Zarechnaya Street", "I'm twenty years" ( "I Am Twenty") and other films) "thaw". Devoid of any political subtexts and allusions, it has kept the mood - spring, festive, as if anticipating the start of something
This foretaste -. In itself is happiness, it is easy and burdensome longing - a sure sign of his youth as a ringing laughter or an open world view. In the brief era when it seemed that the world is infinitely young, everyone should be happy and winged, Soviet cinema has created a world of their own space, which seems to us today some retrofuturisticheskim paradise. Indeed, the whole world was young: Danelia shot his third full meter, Nikita Mikhalkov was a young 18-year-old actor, Galina Polish was at the very beginning of his film career, Gennady Shpalikov was a lively, beautiful, talented ... a lot of things happen later, but for now, at spring street (or summer - is not so important), a short rain brings freshness, behind grow wings and the world keeps you smiling
plot of "Walking the streets of Moscow" clear: Vladimir running the installer in. Siberia, in Moscow, he said. In the subway he met Kolya -metrostroevtsem returning from the night shift. Volodya is going to stay with his friends, but does not know exactly where the right lane, Kohl's offers to hold it, and invites him to his house, introduces the family. Other Coley Sasha drafted into the army, but he marries today ... just briefly retell not, of course. But despite the dynamic growth and an abundance of events, the film acquires some kind of unnecessary complexity, it looks at one go, because we ourselves are involved in this one-day-run walk around Moscow, which is so beautiful and at the same time so natural in the lens operator Vadim Yusova. By the way, the operator awarded CCF prize in Leningrad in 1964
Perhaps the secret of the success of film "Walking the Streets of Moscow." - this is an amazing script Gennady Shpalikov, which in addition to scripts written beautiful poetry, and in many ways has become the spokesman of "thaw" sentiment, voplotitelem her spirit. The whole scenario is permeated with lyricism, poetic rapture, responsive images and vivid characters. On the other hand, this framework is supported by the director, it can be said that there is already clearly revealed typical Georgy Danelia reception, formed his recognizable voice. Interest in the man's love for him and laughter as a way to express that love - it's very "in danelievski". None of the characters does not cause his annoyance, and even the director does not put himself above them: he seems to be among them - watches, observes silently mocks. This warmth and kindness is the secret of lasting success of such films as "Serge," "Do not Cry", "Athos", "Mimino", "Kin-Dza-Dza»
Spring mood -. A rather relative term, not depending on the season. And it is important to be able to find it within yourself and to give the outside world at any time of the year. And a film about young metrostroevtsy forever - this is our opportunity to live your spring mood whenever we watch this film.

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