"Walking the Streets of Moscow (1963)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

There are no words to describe this magnificent picture! So sweet, so sensual, so interesting lyrical comedy 'I Step Through Moscow' I won the very heart! I did not expect that will go down to the level of my favorite movies of the Soviet Union. I sat still while watching a stupid smile on his face.
First of all, I would like to say about the brilliant actor's ensemble. Young Nikita Mikhalkov damn charming, did not expect that it could so easily and naturally in his 18 years in Moscow to play a simple guy Kohl. I can not believe that after more than 50 years, so the actor has changed both externally and internally. Speak straight - modern Nikita Mikhalkov and a candle will not do fifty years ago Nikita
Even greater Nikita liked me, probably, Alexey Loktev .. Modest, pleasant, amiable and erudite lad Volodya draws to screen their timidity and tact towards all with whom I communicate: and with Nicky and his family (in the scene when he comes to the house of Cole and his sister sews up his pants ), and, of course, with a Alena (Galina Polish) . Unlike Kohli Vova not as pushy and arrogant. Immediately evident - provincial. A provincial behave slightly different residents of the capital.
But Sasha (Eugene Steblov) entire movie entertained me. He no longer reminded me of some little girl constantly hang out with friends on the phone kept ringing and no end to her boyfriend. Therefore, a bit does not fit his behavior with the army. In fact, the army it really is not able to get there. On the first day after the wedding Sasha brawl with his girlfriend. The behavior of men? No. The behavior of the inexperienced 19-year old boy, whom Sasha is. Fortunately, Sasha has Kohl's friend who helps him get out of the state of depression
addition to the main characters in the film simply dazzles others insignificant, but noticeable movies of:. Vladimir Basov I slay his 'clever' thoughts in literature. I can not assume that this 'writer' would be ordinary polodorom (interesting name for the washer floor). My favorite Inna Churikov has played on the strength of 3 minutes, moreover, without a word. But with such a straight face that it was not impossible to laugh! A Rolan Bykov ? So young yet, deliciously played by a man who endlessly thought that it wants to rob. Irina Miroshnichenko is not recognized as a sister Coley. If it had not looked in the filmography - I never would have guessed. But Alevtina Rumyantsev have learned immediately. How else? Loved Mama Nina of 'Carnival', only 20 years younger. The list of big names of Soviet cinema in this film is endless
Stunning views of old Moscow captivate the imagination: automatically start to compare them with the modern Moscow. Here and views of Red Square and the GUM, and the construction of the New Arbat and St. Basil's Cathedral, and Zamoskvoretskiy bridge. Moscow is truly beautiful!
Song 'And I go, walk across Moscow' for half a century is considered a classic. No wonder the words of the songs everyone knows by heart since childhood, though the film may not have looked. All kinds of covers of this song, sung by himself Mikhalkov, and Eduard Khil Lyudmila Senchinoj, and a group of 'Chelsea', and even 'leg cramped' to confirm my words, but to the performance of Nikita, in my opinion, so no one has not held . And do not need.
In conclusion, I would like to say that this is the unforgettable film that is worth seeing absolutely everyone. Truly a masterpiece of Soviet cinema.
Unconditional dozen with a bunch of pros!

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