"Walking the Streets of Moscow (1963)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"Walking the Streets of Moscow" - a comedy in 1963. Director - Georgy Danelia, who shot up to this half of the movie. In the title role - Nikita Mikhalkov, for whom this was the first serious role in the movie. Young Siberian erector Vladimir Yermakov (Alexander Loktev) early in the morning is coming to Moscow for exactly one day. In the subway, he met with metrostroevtsy Coley (Nikita Mikhalkov), who returns to the night shift. It turns out they way, and Nick on the rights of the host accompanies him a guest at the right address.
Along the way they are Chistye Prudy, where Volodya bites rabid dog-killer, for which the hostess Kohl goes even to the neighboring church. Bitten Volodya still comes to the right address, but no one was there. Friends except Coley in his Moscow is not, so he comes to him with a request to hold things before leaving. However, Kohl's and was unassumingly takes Volodya in his pants, and even gives her stunned sister Siberian (Irina Miroshnichenko) for repairs. A little later he comes metrostroevtsy Sasha friend, who on this day wedding.
Sasha played a great actor Yevgeny stems. Personally, I helluva lot of the citizen is not pleasant, but here the role and the actor just found each other. Sasha - young fool who behaves like a girl menstruating. All three - Kolya, Sasha, Volodya - found in the GUM, where Alexander buys a gift to the bride. The GUM is that Volodya above all also a writer. Kohl finally imbued with respect for the Siberians, which he initially thought his boot. Sasha is not interested in the art of contrary - he would "grapes" and "mayanezika" time to buy a wedding. Small little man!
GUM they get acquainted with the records clerk Alyona (Galina Polish), which comrades are invited to the wedding Sasha. It is interesting, it does not give up, but does not agree. To bring the girl to the condition Kolya and Volodya come to her home. Not finding her there, running on a platform in a recreation park, where she says his father spends the evening. The park runs a lot of things funny. For example, the trio meets a madman passer (Rolan Bykov), which gives them the hassle. Incidentally, an interesting scene where the crowd chasing pickpocket - this is now not see
At the time you should pay attention in the park.. Kohl participated in the competition "Who better to draw a horse." If you look closely, his opponent - young Inna Churikov. About it I know an interesting story. In 1960, she came to the capital to enter the Schepkinskoe school. Exams took the young director Gleb Panfilov. When Churikov - awkward, freckled, red-haired girl in the village absurd sundress - stood before the commission and began to read something, Panfilov stood up and shouted: "Where did you find it stuffed?" What happened next - history is silent, but after a year and Panfilov Churikov got married. That's love!
Eventually heroes come to the wedding to Sasha, who for some reason is sitting alone. Sasha, as befits a minor fool, quarrels over the phone with his bride, the wedding breaks and runs to the draft board. Kohl sobering groom, reconciles it with the bride and inferior Alain Siberians Volodya.
At the end of the film accompanies Alain Kohl and Volodya to "University" metro station, then singing the song "And I go, walk across Moscow», goes to night shift -. to build a subway
honestly, have not seen such a light and funny film. Even the "Amelie" in comparison with this tape - Gothic treshak of decomposing corpses. Director accurately hit the mood of the era (thaw), in the desire of young people, as well as actors. Kohl remarkably played by Nikita Mikhalkov. Underage fool Sasha perfectly played bad actor Steblovym. And the other actors know their stuff and play it right. It is the merit of the director, for only his talent is measured by the acting.
On the sum of a great Soviet film. Masterpiece. You can watch everything.
10 of 10

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