"Walking the Streets of Moscow (1963)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Designed to reflect the reality of the art, however, sometimes it rises to the heights where only pure poetry soars. So, in the best of times and was the national cinema, which allows you to spirituality, without doubt attribute it to an art form. When the first died down a magnificent Carnival New Year's Eve and the spring breeze opened the window on Zarechnaya Street, Directed by thinking, what else would rouse the Soviet man, accustomed from childhood to believe in the bright communist "future". And he decided to open a brighter "real" living with them side by side every day directly into the native capital. Speaking about the successful implementation of the task, can not be mentioned Gennady Shpalikov - a figure which had great significance for the Russian cinema of the 60s. As a screenwriter, and, therefore, complicit in the creation of films of that time, he and several talented directors presented to the Soviet people - and echo times to modern audiences - remarkable examples of lyrical poetry of cinema. It was in 1963, the term "lyrical comedy" first appeared, called to explain the breadcrumbs, the officials that you can laugh and not according to the ordinance. So I call this a unique genre Danelia. He called and showed the whole country the film "Walking the Streets of Moscow».
Moscow. City of the July rain that believes not only tears but also simple human happiness. And it is easy to realize, is only to be passing through the capital to witness the most unremarkable of events. It happened with Vladimir - still very young by the installer, who travels from distant Siberia to visit a friend's mother, who died in the war. By happy coincidence of his story about the harsh truth of Siberian life read in the Journal of the Moscow writer and invited to talk. Does Volodya knew standing in the early spring morning at the airport, looking like a lonely girl spinning in a waltz of his dreams that the day will end today's parting with the unexpected, but loyal friends? I know whether that will be the guest at the wedding of a sudden a stranger conscript and pants in the park will break a vicious dog, followed by a boy not follow? Surely not. Otherwise there would be all the events of this busy, too ordinary day would not have been such a pleasant surprise to us.
If hutsievsky Sergey in his twenty years of trying to make sense of the post-war generation succession and understand the sincere feelings of friends, Volodya and his new Kohl others do not nothing that could be called a plot. A trip to a foreigner for a taxi when you do not even know English, go to a GUM, where familiarity with the records clerk necessarily accompanied by an invitation to the wedding, and a serious debate with an imaginary writer - dialogue with polotorom. All actions of the characters as if just came by himself in the head. They are so optional that serve only a guide, along which will run their lives as they will be entertained ourselves deeds inspired a fleeting youthful whim. Accidental separation here - just an excuse for even more casual meeting and accidentally painted horse - reason enough to get into the site. Whether the dream, or a fairy tale, it is life, the most real of all, - so it is beautiful here
caught the first wave of the desired frame, the film continues to impress the audience until the very end.. His characters just can not not cause a smile, because behave uninhibited, free, driven by short-term momentum, we would never have dared - it would be awkward or would find another reason. Gentle, melodic and playful melody Andrei Petrov fills the soul of the city and the motives of causeless joy and happiness even senseless dispute in the subway or a night of interrogation by the police. Camera Vadim Yusova fluttering, dancing and wandering around the city, along with Kolya and Volodya, forcing admire unusual picturesque native Moscow. The song, written by Shpalikov a few minutes of inspiration and sung beardless hero Nikita Mikhalkov at the end, becomes the anthem and reassuring result of the whole picture, and another day we live. A youth ... She was still on the shoulder, its possibilities are endless, its opinion is not turbid, its freshness admire, believe in its power. And if there is this film up, the basic idea or character, then he stretched his hand in salute, which promises a warm welcome and friendly participation with all my heart. After all, Moscow - a good city.

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