Visual Text And Communication Essay


1. Unlimited semiosis refers to the highly dynamic processes of new interpretations of media texts. Signs have the ability to trigger an infinite chain of meanings associations are shifted accordingly to specific situations ?

2. Identify another example that supports the notion of unlimited semiosis and discuss how different meanings may be constructed and derived from it. The selected sign, whichcould comprise any elements such as shape, colour, object, symbol and picture, must be described clearly. Drawings are not required ?
3. Genres are codes and conventions used to help us classify films. Some common Hollywood genres are science fiction, horror, comedy and romance. Explain how genres are used by the following groups of people. Employ examples of films to illustrate your points.?
4. Films rarely fit into neat, distinct genre categories. Discuss with examples how hybridity of genres can be useful in making films appeal to audiences ?
5. Image B was used extensively in the 2008 Obama presidential campaign. Examine the frame composition, symbols, and texts used in the design. Analyse the image using Saussure’s theory of signifiers and signifieds and identify the emotional response the image aims to evoke from its audience.?
6. The meanings of an image may be explained, accentuated or even changed by the choice of accompanying elements (e.g. words, captions, music). In print media, the use of words with images can have two functions: relay or anchorage.?
7. In semiotics, signs and codes help audience make sense of the visual imagery we see in popular media. With reference to Image D, discuss how signs and cultural codes help us associate meanings and parody a conventional idea.?


1. Unlimited semiotic is the process to see to this world as a different alternative. The world is full of codes and codec. There are the new interpretation of the signs and symbols. We know that each country has an inherited past and that legacy influences the growth and development of the country’s semiotic background. Every sign has a specific meaning and the meaning is injected and ejaculated through the socio political and cultural background of the place where the meaning is searched from (Womack, 2005).

This image can really convey a series of meaning which are different from each other in totality. For some the interpretation of the representation of the braches can be life. They can denote the various patterns in which the life takes its course. The branches of the tree jutting upwards to heaven may imply that the branches are delving their homage to the eternity or life is traversing the stipulated path to the eternal death (Semiotics, 2011). They represent amen of the life. This is a ephemeral journey to the eternal soul.

There can be other representations as well depending on the analogues. This can be said as the complexities. We travel along the lines of life with many complexities. The branches amalgamating and mingling with each other can give a notion of the complexities we can face in life. The picture is black and white. Thus it can be deduced that the colors from the life are jarred away with the wind. Life is equally dark and dank. The din of the world rarely touches the eardrum now. Among that sanitary silence there is a long route. The long route leads to heaven.

These can be the possible interpretations of the image. There can be many more.

2. Another example that juts out unlimited of semiotic connections can be the image of Pieta by Michelangelo. This sculpture is one of the finest in the world where Mary is holding Christ dead in her arms. This image arouses sentiments of myriad fascinations among men and women of all times and thus is a great example to discuss (Gottdiener etal. 2003).

It is seen that the lady is mourning and holding the dead man in her laps. The expression of the face and the body is clearly visible through the excellent carvings of the same. There can be many inferences made from the sculpture. Some say that this represents the mourning of mankind. It is the representation of the holy mother which is nothing but the soul of the humanity.

The semiotic reference drawn to this image by some is that this is the definition and deduction of love and solidarity. Some remark that this image is nothing but a religious epitome of the renaissance period. Thus it is evident that many people derive various meanings from the same sculpture depending on the angle they see.

3. Genres are very important part of analysis for the different class of people:

  1. Audiences: the genres are exploited to a great extent by this class. Say for example the film named as Exorcist is a horror genre film, thus a person who is afraid and of feeble heart shall abhor from being as an audience here. The genres help the people to speculate the taste and they can also adjust their mentalities. This can be disturbing as well. Say the film says family and the same implies else things then all are turned upside down. The genre shall help in decision. Say the film Harry Potter is under the fiction series and the film Yeti is a science fiction. Thus the genres help the person to classify and be a better judge of the thing.
  2. Producers: the producers are making the real investment. They must know about the genre to make sure whether the film investment is proper. It is not possible for them to know the tit bits of the same but if the genre is stipulated then it is easy to decide. The genre is that genome which guides the person properly.

4. Hybridist is a term much in use today. The films abide by top this use very much; there are hoards of new films which are suing the term in their application. This extends the boundary of film genre generalization. Then the thing becomes really appreciable by the audience. It is then free if a befitting genre classification (Bundgaard and Stjernfelt, 2010). The scope to define the film becomes broad. Thus Hybridist really changes the application. Here there are the amalgamations of two genres and the creativity is really at a go. There are no bounds to the creativity then. the genres mixed with each other can really flourish in their own manner.

The poster of Barrack Obama used extensively in the campaign has really elevated meanings. as per the theorems devised by Robert Saussure regarding the application of semiotics in the daily life, we know that the colors and the symbols really serve a great thing under our look. The sub conscious of man is affected immensely through the colors and the patterns and the design. These are so important today for the aforesaid phenomenon of human nature. if we closely examine the image what we see? We see a perfect blend of three colors: namely red, blue and white to a small extent. if the coloration is deduced and the representations of the codes and taken into consideration then it shall be very clear that the colors used here and the colors of the American Flag. the theory of Saussure says that there is a Signifier and a signified in every stream of conscious thought. Here the signifier is the primary colors that denote the country. the man's face drawn in those colors are the signified which implies that the man is colored in the flag of the country and he is the best. The sub concision of the commons shall be affected greatly through the design and the details of the same.

the text analysis is important here. The text says HOPE. Which implies that the Hope of the nation is Dependant on the man who is drawn in the colors of the nation? This is one of the most incredible presidential posters designed ever in the history of poster designing where such a huge amount of the semiotic elements were used to influence the commons.

the emotional response which the image evokes in the minds of men are huge and great. they felt a kind of relief on the man in the image and thus it has been a huge success. the coloration and the arrangement of the same with a clear slogan made the poster a huge success.

. The picture suggests a boy holding a ball in front of two men. Then the striking feature comes to forth that the persons who are seen but their legs are physically impaired. The break of the subject is really appealing then. The words HOPELESS and the picture tells a story. This is a very important aspect of the print media where the words and the images connive to create a different tale. Say for this poster the image says something else and the words say something. yet when they have connived the tale is totally different. The words are the codes and the picture is the symbol. as for an image of a tree and the words SHELTER FOR FUTURE makes a different sense all together or a chained bird in the picture and the word CHILDHOOD NOW shall mean to a different level. This is very important part to understand as the modern day media is totally dependent on the image and the word. Here there are no meanings to the individual items; the meanings are of the amalgamations. The real meanings are in the total effect. When the code is deduced it is not deduced individually but in totality. Thus this picture provides a great impact on the lives of men who see. this says that even if the parts of the body revolt and stand hostile the EQ of a man can carry him to great heights. The image suggests that there is no set back in any situation. thus the picture is a fine example of the mixture of word and image. it shows that even if the two parties collide with each other, they can converse a different dialogue to the congregation which again shall have a better impact on the on lookers and audiences.

7. The words say THE NOOSE. There is a symbol of a rope in the screen as well. The two people sitting by each other and the name of the show suggests that the things must go on regarding the legal happening. This is an important aspect of any visual media. The media is essentially conjoined with the culture and politics of the place. The words can also get an elevated meaning through the codes and the changes in the fonts. Here the noose refers to a rope but the moment the O is drawn in a peculiar manner the sub conscious of the common starts tickling. they sense something spectacularly different. Thus the symbols and the presentation can really prove interesting. It has been said in the above passages as well that signs and codes help in better perception and often makes the thing appear different to what it actually is. Thus the conventional idea of the noose is in a parody once the O is drawn differently. This is the effect of the perfect mixture a visual media can do on the minds of men.


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