Virtual And Augmented Assistive Technology Essay


Discuss about the Virtual and Augmented Assistive Technology.



The local gift shop is currently selling gifts for everyone incorporating children, men and ladies in store. Moreover, it also takes special orders for particular gift items those are not available in store. However, they have noticed that their business is gradually slowing down as most of their customers prefer to order their gifts from the famous online gift shops such as Myer Gifts Online and Gifts Australia. Thus, in this regard, the management team of local gift shop has taken a decision that they have to broaden their customers fr surviving as well as it needs a better online presence. They also have to find a distinguishing point, which would permit them for growing successfully in a niche market as they have realized that they can’t directly compete with the large online gift sellers on range of stock or price.

The major vision of the local gift shop is to design the new online presence for the store in terms of providing their customers with the capability of browsing for gifts or commenting on them, ordering online any currently available item for either “Click and collect” or postal delivery and enquiring about the non-availability of the gifts.

The local gift shop can face few significant outcomes as a result of the implementation of such initiatives of deploying the online presence of the gift shop. These are as follows:

  • It would be able to create a huge customer base for the local gift shop and gain customer satisfaction by providing efficient and prompt services to the customers
  • It would also be capable of enhancing the reputation of the shop and its competitive advantage
  • The online presence of this shop would enhance productive and ultimately generate huge revenue for the local shop.

According to the scope of this project, this design of the online presence of this local gift shop can provide the design of the application screen and the layout function for the gift store. The online presence of the local gift shop can be seamless over the devices so that it can have similar functions and user experiences. Moreover, as per the scope of the project, the online presence of the shop is comprised of an accounting system for payments done by the customers and a prompt and an effective delivery system structure for the order gifts.

Key Assumptions

The major assumptions for the online application of the gift shop are as follows:

  • The customers can open up the online application for this gift shop through their mobile phones and computer devices
  • Customers would also be able to get the updates regarding the new arrivals and the offers through application notifications and emails
  • The local gift shop management team can make updates regarding any sales information
  • The technology used to design the online presence of the shop are independent of the Operating system and device platform so that customers would face any difficulties in accessing the online application


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