Velodrome hopkins architecture Essay

Velodrome Hopkins architecture


1. Introduction

2. Site

3. Structure

4. Environment

5. External Materials

6. Internal Materials

7. Conclusion

8. References

1. Introduction:

• Designed by Hopkins

Architects, the Velodrome

located in London is inspired

from cycling.

• The ingenious shape of the

building almost hidden on the

landscape is designed to help

the cyclists into the


• The architects had confronted

with a lot of challenge.

2. Site:

• The Velodrome is located in Lee

Valley VeloPark, inside of the

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in

London, United Kingdom.

• The Location itself is a quiet

place in the North part of the

Olympic park, souraunder by

nature. The place is give you a

moment of disconnection letting

you enjoy the cycling in different

types of forms.

• The velodrome is the inside arena

special created for track cycling.

5. Structure:

The Primary Structure of the Roof

• A doubly curved cable net in a total

area of 12",500 m square

• The cable roof contain pairs of 36 mm

diameter spiral strand cable, detached

by 120 mm.

• The pairs of cable are positioned at

3",6m centres in both North-South and

East-West direction.

• The cable have swagged end fittings

and are to be fabricated to a dead

length(once the cable have been

fabricated there is no possibilities of

more adjustments)

Cable Steel

• The steel nodes are used as a bracket for the


• The nodes are formed of three forged elements

witch hold the cables (top, middle and bottom


• The nodes are designed to hold the roof cladding


Ring Beam

3. External Materials Study:

4. Internal Material Study:

6. Environment:

7. Conclusion:

8. References:










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