"Van Gogh. With love, Vincent (2017)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"I want to touch people with his art, I want them to say, he feels deeply, he feels tenderly»
Van Gogh
November 9, the Russian rolling out a new film about the great Dutch painter, one of the most.. famous artists in the history of art - "Van Gogh. Love, Vincent. " This film certainly - an event in the art world as well as in the world of cinema. This is the first ever full-length film made in the technique of animated painting. The film was made thanks to the co-creation of two directors Dorota dog and Hugh Velchmana. Originally conceived as a picture of Short-lived, but in the end did the directors full meter. 115 artists from around the world throughout the year worked on the creation of this extraordinary film. Approximately 65,000 paintings were written in order to revive the more than 120 original works of Van Gogh, and tell the story of his life and mysterious death.
story of Vincent Van Gogh tell the characters in his paintings. Artists painstakingly redraw each picture taken with the cast of the film in the manner of the famous Dutchman. The film is built around the characters of famous Van Gogh paintings. Surprising incredible similarity and exact hit in the character of Vincent depicted people. Rejected and misunderstood during his lifetime favorite of women, friends and family, Van Gogh sought support in letters to his brother. They are published as a separate book "Letters to his brother Theo" - very deep, subtle, touching the product, logshee into a film. According to these notes is restored, all the artist's life, full of misunderstandings, fears, doubts and inner feelings, torn Vincent.
During his short life, Van Gogh has gone from ordinary seller of paintings by self-taught painter, with a unique style. The preacher, who lives for the sake of his flock - to the rejected and persecuted madman. Is it possible to comprehend what was going on in the head of Van Gogh: some were afraid of it, others considered the best friend, and others did not understand and condemned
film tries to lift the veil on the mystery of his death, but it can not be done, not realizing what it was..
mesmerizing animated painting, which takes the viewer inside of friends and at the same time mysterious canvases. Riot of colors, colors Symphony Vincent surrounding world and very contrasting black-and-white world of memories protagonists, created as a retrospective image in the style of the photos of that era.
Music in the film creates a special mood and drama. It would be desirable to underline that the music for the film was written by the famous British composer Clint Mansel - the author of the soundtrack for the film "Requiem for a Dream," "Black Swan," "Noah," "The Fountain" and many other
at the stage of making a film script. Hugh Velchman and his wife, director Dorota male, decided that he would write music for only Mansel. Other applicants they have not seen. Once was ready the first draft, they sent him to the composer, and Clint almost immediately gave his consent to the project. Starring in the movie performed by Douglas Booth, Saoirse Ronan, Robert Gularchik, Aidan Turner, Chris O'Dowd, Eleanor Tomlinson and others
In one of his letters, Van Gogh said. "We can not speak except through our pictures» . The main idea of ​​the film - in the transmission of an extraordinary artist's thinking through his paintings, it is impossible to make automated processes. To implement this idea, for artists have been equipped with special studios in Poland and England, where they can work on trained personnel, without thinking about the production of light and materials.
convinced that all this was done not just as "art for art's sake" . This film is one more attempt to understand the great artist imbued his work, his thoughts, feel that it rankled that pleased that care. And, indeed, the letter to his brother Theo, with whom he was close, no matter how one person in your life, open the veil of secrecy over the restless soul of the Dutch nugget. In one of his letters Van Gogh wrote: "And yet, I go forward, but carefully and in the hope that I will be able to overcome all the fears that I will find the answer to criticisms that threaten me, go with the belief that despite all the challenges obstacles in front of me, I still will achieve the desired goal, and if God wants to justify in the eyes of those who love and those who will come after me
. »PS Van Gogh became a painter, when he was already a mature man, and only 8 years creativity has gone from young artists to present master, who turned the idea of ​​the visual arts. Over 8 years of experience Vincent has created over 2 thousand works, of which 860 are oil-painted.
estimated from auctions and private sales, the work of Vincent Van Gogh are among the first in the list of most expensive paintings ever sold in the world. During his lifetime, Van Gogh sold only a few of his works.

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