"Van Gogh. With love, Vincent (2017)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Vincent Van Gogh - the figure is perhaps one of the most tragic in art. The Dutchman, who dreamed of to create and to show the family and to himself that he is capable of something constantly experienced difficulties, combined with devouring his loneliness and pain. Recognition that Vincent deserved, he received only after death. Fans, imagine that when he could not even life, appeared in an endless variety of the same after his death. Picture, sell a few of which he only wanted to pay off all become the property of the most important museums in the world. Could you imagine such a success Vincent, when he wrote in Arles his next canvas after another humiliation of local teenagers and another oblique side view? Hopefully, yes. The only pity is that this success has come too late.
The most powerful thing in the movies associated with this artist, without a doubt is the episode ' Doctor Who ', where anyone who Van Gogh figure does not look indifferently, let miserly or not a tear while watching. This series gives an important tribute to the artist, but still it's just a 40-minute episode of the series about travel in time and space. Vincent certainly deserved something pomasshtabnee. And of course, there were films about talented painter different kinds of quality, but the film like ' With Love, Vincent ' did not find it was one of them. And now we can say that thanks to the Dorothée Kobiele and Hugh Uelshmanu is now about Van Gogh is a product worthy of him .
' with love, Vincent ' - this animated film, you will never confuse with any other. The viewer always understand that on the screen in front of him we are talking about Van Gogh and of anyone else. And believe me, you do not even need to know the story, which tells about the investigation of the last days of the life of the artist. Not at all. Enough, as his creations, look only at the painting. ' Loving Vincent ' drew hundreds of artists approach their work with a huge share of respect and love, which certainly felt while watching, and the final result is simply amazing. All the action that unfolds before the viewer, occurs in the paintings themselves, created when a Van Gogh. It seems that here he draws a picture in front of you, and they somehow miraculously transferred immediately to the big screen. A little more and you can get dirty fresh oil paint, a little bit more and you can drown in it, but still quite a droplet and can be directly on the canvas. And even in some moments of facial animation of these actors look strange, it is nothing more than a momentary surprise, then it did not remember, and look at this wonderful experience with true admiration and delight.
Style wins here so that all of half an hour It flies like a minute, but nonetheless a cartoon would not be so catchy, if not the story told in it and a great soundtrack from Clint Mansell , the blowing and endearing at the first sound. The authors came to the presentation of the last days of Van Gogh with understanding and controversial issue, where the image of an incredibly talented self-taught combined with the person for whom the chosen route is the hardest test. And treat this ambiguous identity can be different, but do not sympathize with him and not be fascinated by his love for art really does not work. Their attitude to the hero in all of this really unusual project, the authors are using the image of Douglas Booth disclosure, which like all others considered Van Gogh's just crazy, draw some paintings there, but gradually comes to realize that inner storm that swallowed Vincent, and realizes how much his creative nature did not have a simple understanding of its total enthusiastically seized the artist's dream. Yes, Van Gogh were friends, he was a beloved brother, but Vincent has always lacked something in the soul. It will always be a mystery, but this story gets only sadder. However, this sad and bitter in some moments of the tape leaves a really good and pleasant feeling of pride in that famous artist, who did not manage to fully show his talent back then, but so often unattainable for us justice still prevailed today.
' With love, Vincent ' - a magnificent work that is not like a movie, and not like a cartoon. It is a real canvas, as if descended from the easel Van Gogh himself, designed to tell the audience about its author and it is designed to pay tribute to him. And the work of many people responsible for the creation of a tape united the main thing - sincere feelings to the created offspring, can be seen even with closed eyes. Diligent and diligence, respect and admiration, love and compassion, charm and unforgettable experience - all this tape the two directors of one of the most famous already for us artists. It is a pity that Vincent Van Gogh lived a miserable life that had ended so early and so sad. But I think that perhaps now the Dutchman would be happy to see something that brought his work to which he gave himself. And everyone is a fan of his work will be ready to proudly shake his hand and express a sincere enthusiasm, making it clear to Van Gogh, that it was not in vain. And what could be better than that for humans, who dreamed to share and communicate with people with such a wonderful art?
No doubt, with sincere love to you, my dear Vincent.

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