"Van Gogh. With love, Vincent (2017)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I respect and love many people think geniuses for their contribution to the world treasury of human culture as a species. Suddenly one day we will be faced with other developed creatures, and although we would not be branded as a blinkered cattle, because in our species, though a monstrous amount of shameful deeds behind him, we also have something to be proud of.
But it all, I do not know anything about people who admire. For me, more important than that is created by people, rather than their biography or personal life. I like the idea of ​​reincarnation, karma, and sometimes it seems that people - it testers. Since we do not come up with the physical, mathematical, chemical, and biological laws - the basis of all, we have only to open them, and live them. Therefore, whatever the life of a prominent person, it may be neither the first nor the last, his ideas might just come to him most inexplicable way while bathing in the bathroom, he was only just remains to implement it in practice. When I saw the 'starry night over the Rhone "(1888) - it was love at first sight. Not to say that versed in the art, but I am always pleased with his experts on the fact that they touch the periods studied, and look at the panorama of the time through the eyes of different artists and creators, mentally staying with them in those get-togethers, filling in the gaps their imagination. And if they also tell us something about it will be everything - it's all glamor
All I knew about Vincent van Gogh -. Is the fact that the absinthe, which he liked to drink may not be distributed in our time, because it caused hallucinations hells. But I could not even imagine what kind it was a hard life. I do not know how true the story, shown in the movie, but I will be guided by the fact that coincide on the wiki.
Actually, I am always surprised and angered why people who were a herd of monkeys, bare-ass jump on the trees, is still not got rid of their habits of monkeys by type: sneer at the most vulnerable. Personally, I think that deserves respect someone who runs into clearly superior in strength and mind, and yet somehow manages to win. Ridicule downtrodden melancholic life, a sick person, or a disabled person, and even the crowd - it's like something in the style of the monkey. When I saw a similar motif in the 'Hunt' with Mikkelsen, the rage struck the table, and naturally was ready to whip collective persecution spiked whip. That to me is very rare, but the behavior of the monkeys naturally vybeshivaet.
Vincent lived in a time where he did not need anyone except his brother, with whom they had lived not very bright emotionally childhood. While Van Gogh was looking for himself, trying to follow in the footsteps of parents, experiencing the shock of the shock, and failure after failure in relationships with the opposite sex, he suddenly came to a drawing, when the popular in the fine arts of that time was the realism, while an aspiring artist worked a little differently .
the film centered around the death of the artist, playing with the theme of his suicide, or murder, so Vincent appears there occasionally.
And I must say, the actor managed to create a vivid image.
Since the film is drawn by weight scrap in the later style of the artist, then a person can forget microexpressions. The actor is still in the arsenal of body language and voice. And I am amazed at how all of this was enough to create a vivid image of the downtrodden lonely man's life, given the meager number of appearances on the screen.
I do not know how it was in reality, but when you see a quiet guy who knows how to have fun playing children, seconds later, with drooping shoulders and gaze killed because of the inability to be an organic part of the world in which he lives, is coming from the melancholy that pervades the picture as much bone.
error was made on the credits when they wrote that supposedly from 850 paintings, narisova nnyh during his lifetime, only one has been sold. So, according to the wiki, it is not. Paintings have sold at least 14 and as many as 'zalevachili' - can only guess
However, as the heroine Saoirse Ronan says in the film, however it was really - it does not change the consequences, and it is true:. Low popularity his works, and deep loneliness still did his.
and yet, I really almost let a tear on the credits when each character shown in the film put a portrait of real prototypes, which are painted by the artist himself. All these people, march, did exist, and the fate of some of them, and some of the paintings of the artist - accompanied by a brief description
Despite the mistake to sell the painting, and the proportion of fiction.. Despite the fact that the entire film - is a series of flashbacks and episodes of drinking alcohol when the protagonist fills almost every counter - this film a pleasure to watch. And I told him I cover the extra points (9/10 Total) for the fact that for the creation of such work someone even taken. Life is a lonely artist whose paintings have become incredibly expensive, making it one of the most popular, when during his lifetime he was not interested in anyone - was worth it to find out about her
This film teaches us to be attentive to strange people, for no one. I have no idea by what they have to go, feeling not in my world. Because it may happen, that these strange people change the world, but because of this and did not know, preferring to leave it alone.
'The sadness will last forever' (sic) the last words of Van Gogh

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