"Van Gogh. With love, Vincent (2017)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I looked up a picture a week ago and all these seven days harbored a thought that could reinforce and complement my feelings with regard to this, the second of which is not there. The world's first film made in the style of the artist's paintings and -o miracle - the heroes of his paintings come to life and invite the viewer on an incredible journey - life and the inner world of the great artist. Without small, artist, painting changed a lot and write a solid smear his name in the world heritage.
Guardian features of the world and the feelings of the world, Van Gogh left a unique beauty, not only in his paintings, but also the incredible, filled with light and gratitude letters he wrote to his brother Theo. .. It is not easy to read, but it should be - in their great personal pain the person is not accepted, and boundless faith in human beauty is not broken
belief in the beauty of all: life, truth, human
Below I quote from his letters to his brother .
'If something inside you says you're not an artist, that's when to start drawing'
Van Gogh went to art is not the right way, and bypassing:. he managed to get the seller and paintings, and a missionary in a remote village. At the age of 27 years, Vincent decided to become an artist. And, as colleagues spoke of him, for some 8 years, he was able to go from simple amateurs to Artists, changed the language of painting
'Man carries in his heart a bright flame, but no one wants to warm up beside him.; passers-by noticed a puff of smoke, leaving through the pipe, and are on their way. '
emergent Van Gogh's personality influenced uneasy relationship with both his parents, who were always cool to the eldest son (to Van Gogh's birth, the child was born in the family. of which were awarded in the name of Vincent, but the baby died early Van Gogh all his life believed that his parents he was not able to compensate for the pain of the loss of the first successor), and a very complex relationship with the environment -. closed within the family, Vincent was known as a rebel and hot-tempered man m outside the home. This rebellion had his reasons - the bright flame, which has no outlet to the outside, burn your media inside, wounding and injuring
'evening stroll along the deserted beach.. It was not fun or sad - it was perfect '
Van Gogh loved art and she said to him in return, but instead to sell the paintings, he decided to learn how to write.. This path could never come true if it were not so strong and the necessary support to Vincent's younger brother. Theo was the first one who instilled in Vincent's confidence in the correctness of the chosen path. Theo also assumed full financial support for Vincent. For years, they wrote letters to each other literally every day. Communication between the brothers was one of those, which can only dream of, spiritually - it was one person
'In my opinion, I have often, but not every day, am fabulously wealthy -. Not money, but the fact that I find in his work something which can devote your heart and soul that inspires me and gives meaning to my life. '
Vincent was absolutely not recognized during his lifetime, but very much like those with whom fate brought him. The film helps to go part of the way Vincent along with the main hero of the film, which will be wondering - why and under what circumstances, Van Gogh was shot, which led to his death
Van Gogh grieved failure and misunderstanding on the part of people?. Though he saw the beauty in its original form, crystal clear and not contaminated by life's problems
Precisely because it seems beautiful and absolutely the right decision the filmmakers, despite the tragic fate of the artist, not to remove the picture in the dark, but bright, promising tones -. Either way, no matter how difficult and unbearable it was not happening under the eternal sun and the glow of the eternal stars that shine brightly and do not hide their beauty to anyone who is willing to see it.
'As for me, I really did not know but shining stars makes me m Online CHAT '
More than 100 artists from around the world (including two Ukrainian artists - Ekaterina Tatiana Ocheredko). participated in making the film, having painted more than 65 000 (!!) staff
complicated story of Van Gogh and display the. in the approach of painting - it's incredibly hard, but what else? Van Gogh painted a bright yellow, sun, sunflowers, while living in a tiny and featureless room at the inn. Every day he went out into the world and created by capturing and recognizing the beauty in the smallest details. He was opening the secret every day, without the support of the world and not knowing whether it will ever respond ...
series of severe disruption, long-term depression, loneliness became unbearable burden for the artist. He touched the lives of others, and decorated them with inspiration, but he did not manage to find peace in your soul. Vincent died in his tiny and featureless room from a gunshot wound, refusing medical care and the closest relatives of people - those who are able to recognize in it the Genius and Man. His last words were: 'The sadness will last forever. " About eternity Vincent himself could not ask for, but it seems there is a world of the second artist, and can not be
Soundtrack created a great and wonderful Clint Mansell -. Composer Bing steep solemnity, limitless sound scale. In this picture Mansell sounds familiar, native, very gently and gradually. Music, like the paintings of Van Gogh, touches us, baring sincerity, urging not to run away from feelings, do not be afraid ... and never betray the artist within.
«I want to touch people with his art. I want people to say, he felt deeply, he felt soft. "

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