Vaginal Delivery On Postpartum Pain Essay


Discuss about the Vaginal Delivery on Postpartum Pain.



Effect of music can be reflected as the mood management technique for a human being (Simavli et al. 2014). As per different studies on music, it can be reflected as the most enjoyable aspect for the emotional purpose of a person. Music has significant effect on the psychological aspect of a person. It has relaxing effect on a depressed person. I have inspired by the deep house music which is sub genre of house music. It is mainly originated from 1980s. Deep house music has the combination of jazz fank and soul music which affect the soul of human being. I have preferred the main elements of deep house music those are few vocal part, darker emotions, and influence of jazz and dissonant melodies.

I have always preferred music with good grove. I have always preferred beat and vibe related music which excite me a lot. Music of different genres always makes me happy. I prefer to listen different kinds of music.

According to Knight and Rickard (2001), music can help to enhance the level of cognitive development of a person. It has been found in the study that music can enhance level of baseline salivary of a person. It has also been found that music can be considered as an effective weapon of anxiolytic treatment. It has also been found that relaxing music can also be able to prevent stress, systolic blood pressure, subjective anxiety as well as heart rate of health female and male person. I have also learned that music therapy is also considered as the effective treatment for reducing anxiety, stress and other psychological imbalance. Music can help to reduce any kind of issue of mental health among people. Music has the power to affect the brain of a person ((Simavli et al. 2014).


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