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This image evidently contains details such as shadows and it is characterized by a dynamic range of better colours; this is only achieved by having a lower ISO.

Having a higher ISO means the picture will translate to a grainy or noisy image. Furthermore, the higher the ISO when taking a picture, means that there is a higher sensitivity to light. Taking an image with ISO 800 means that the image will be 4 times sensitive to light compared with one that is taken with ISO 200 (Banterle, Artusi, Debattista & Chalmers, 2017).

Shutter Speed

a). The shutter Speed used was Shutter Speed 3 (1/1600s)

b). Shutter speed allows a photographer to freeze a moment in time and have the control of his or her images (Vollmer & M?llmann, 2011). When holding your camera with bare hands, you would want to use a lower shutter speed in order to account for general camera shake when pushing the shutter button. However, the image in figure 2 must have been taken with a higher shutter speed probably 1/1600. This is because the photographer had to freeze the faster movement of splashing water. When freezing fast-moving objects, a higher shutter speed is required. In order to ensure a good image with a higher shutter speed, a tripod also must be used to get rid of any cases of a shaking camera. Higher shutter speed also means that less light will get into the camera. This way, fast lens cameras need to be used in order to capture such images. Fast lens cameras have wide apertures which allow more light to get into the camera, this will in the end account or compensate for the high shutter speeds.


The Aperture speed utilized in the image is APERTURE 1 (F 2.8).
The depth of field of this image is shallow; that is, the background is completely out of focus. Having a much smaller aperture means that the entire picture from back to front will appear sharp with no out of focus background. Smaller apertures result in a small amount of background blur and are good for architectural images or landscapes. But in the image River Giants by Jack Long, a bigger aperture of F2.8 was used in order to bring a clear concentration of the splashing water by having a blurred background.

Design Element

Texture is one design element that has the ability of moving our deep emotions in a picture. Texture has been well utilized in this image by having an appropriate lighting element. This element is accentuated by the side light of early sunny mornings or early evenings. Figure 2, was taken in the morning probably around 11:00 am; this is because shadows of the trees are emphasized along the surface of water bringing more depth, interest and reality into the shot.

The picture below was taken in Singapore at the outdoor theatre of Esplanade. It was taken in the morning just after run rise.


Neutral Density (ND) filters were used in order to get a smooth water surface by smoothing out the ripples on the water surface while using a lower shutter speed (Czajkowski & Schmid, 2017). A lower shutter speed without neutral density filters technically will not be able to freeze efficiently moving objects like the ripples on the water surface in this picture. In the foreground, we have achieved a smooth water surface without any ripples by utilizing ND filters (Smoother transitions). In the Middle ground, and background, we have a clear picture that has nothing blurred. We achieved this by using a smaller aperture and a lower ISO.


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