Usefulness Of My Learning Process Essay


1.Evaluate the effectiveness and usefulness of the learning experience.
2.Explain how this learning process will be useful to me.
3.Describe objectively what happened in the learning process.
4.Evaluate what I learn.
5.Explain My learning process.
6.Explain Plan how this learning I will be applied.



Here, I am going to reflect on my learning from assignment 1 and 2. I have analysed the usefulness of my learning process and its impact on my future career. Further, I have also evaluated my learning and explained my learning process. Besides, I have explained the potential effects of my learning and the way in which I will turn my learning into practice.

1. Evaluating the effectiveness and usefulness of the learning experience

My opinion about the challenges faced by international technology organisations is accounting includes, cloud computing, business intelligence, mobile tools and so on. The accounting process incorporates a number of technologies that help business managers to manage their tasks properly. However, Dunn Cavelty (2013) commented that, these technologies are creating some difficulties in accounting. The online accounting is creating barriers for the manager in monitoring the activities of the technology organisations. As stated by Von Solms and Van Niekerk (2013), in the era of social media, it has become difficult for accounting managers to share financial information with different stakeholders.

Apart from challenges, I have also learned about the recent trends dominating in the accounting practice of the technology industry. Hence, the experience is highly valuable for me to apply in my future, when I will start my career as a business holder of a technology company. I can use the knowledge gained regarding the challenges of accounting in the international technology industry. Hence, the experience will help me to consider the challenges while establishing my organisation as a global technology company.

2. Explaining how this learning process will be useful to me

I have carried out research on challenges faced by accounting practices in technology companies, where, I have gathered knowledge not only on the research topic but also about the research process. I have learned about different tools, techniques and methods required to carry out a research. Different research philosophies, approaches, designs, data collection methods and their significance in research is also understood. This knowledge will help me in my future courses, when I will conduct further researches. I will be able to select appropriate tools and methods for carrying out specific researches based on their needs and nature.

Further, I have learned that cloud computing is one of the latest technologies used in the technology industry, as the present time, accounting process has been turned into cloud accounting. However, Wu and Irwin (2016) stated that, cloud computing is creating some challenges for the accountants, as it mainly focuses on business transactions and business processes and the key purpose of accounting is to identify, measure and communicate financial data to the management. Thus, I came to know that, although cloud computing is helpful for most of the business deeds, however, it is not suitable for accounting practices. Hence, I will remember this while developing my technology business in the future and will apply some more useful technology related to account, in which risk will be the minimum.

3. Describing objectively what happened in the learning process

I have carried out a comprehensive research on the challenges of accounting in global organisations. First, I developed research aim and objectives along with its scope. Based on the objectives, I developed some research questions. Then, I carried out a literature review in assignment 1 and 2 for gaining deeper insight on the research topic. I have read different books, journals, articles for understanding the research topic through analysing the different opinions of different scholars. I have seen that, it is not possible to manage, when it is not possible to measure. As stated by Willcocks and Cullen (2013), technology organisations should focus on offering platforms that enhance the quality of services to the different departments of the company. However, the trend of social media is creating barrier to this aim. Thus, I have understood that, while developing my career, I should focus on delivering quality services and not on employing the most modern technology. Shantz and Tomblin (2014) has pointed out big data analytics as another big challenge of technology organisations, as this needs specific skills for analysing the data and modifying the latest auditing model for incorporating all the necessary needs. Thus, I understood that to deal with the inconsistent nature of big data, new approaches are required.

4. Evaluating what I learn

I have observed a number of things while carrying out the business research. I have not only learned about the challenges of accounting in global technology organisations, but I have also obtained significant knowledge regarding a research process. While carrying out the research, I have identified some limitations, including time constraint, convincing the respondents to participate in the survey. Hence, I will try to make a more specific time schedule, so that adequate time can be provided to the respondents for answering the questions. It will enhance the research quality and its outcome.

Apart from that, the things I have learned about the challenges of accounting in global technology organisations, I can apply them in my future business. For example, I will use data analytics for earning higher profits, as Oshri et al. (2015) opined that, data analytics facilitate firm to to gain competitive advantages for the unit. In order to develop a plan of paperless firm, I will be needed to recruit technological experts, who can identify the potential benefits and risks associated with the technological implementation. It will help me to take protective measure on the primary stage to avoid the risks.

5. Explaining My learning process

In assignment 1, I have identified and analysed the challenges of accounting in global organisations for gaining a clear knowledge regarding the topic. After learning the challenges of accounting, in assignment 2, I have prepared a research proposal on the same topic. Here, I have developed a research aim, some objectives and questions. Further, I have selected some research tools and techniques that will be useful in carrying out the research. The research proposal and the time schedule will help me to carry out and complete the research in a systematic way.

The things, I have learned from the business research is connected with the other areas of business. Accurate account practices must be implemented by the global organisations for managing their international business appropriately. Lacity and Willcocks (2013) stated that, inappropriate and confusing accounting activities may have a negative impact on the organisational operations and profitability. Therefore, I feel that, in order to conduct my business activities effectively, I need to assign talented accountants, who can measure the financial importance of the technologies before incorporating it in my organisation.

6. Explaining Plan how this learning I will be applied

I have learned the factors to be considered before implementing an accounting process and this learning is highly relevant to my business research. In the future, I will use the following steps for installing and effective accounting system in my organisation:

According to Dinu (2015), in the first step, a thorough review of the business processes and requirements is needed for identifying the area needs improvement.

Based on the first step, here, my accounting team will design a plan on which software is required for proper implementation of the accounting process. Holweg and Pil (2012) commented that, before, the final implementation of the accounting technology, a pilot testing is required.

Then all the accounting staffs will be provided with training for enhancing their skills and knowledge regarding the new technology and software of accounting, so hat they can use it properly (Mo et al. 2012).

This is the final implementation stage

My technology partner will support the accountants continuously regarding the new system for ensuring accuracy and reliability


I have gained significant knowledge from the business research carried out in assignment 1 and 2 and it will help me in my future to flourish my career and ability as a business person of a global technology company. The knowledge, I have gained will help me to eradiate the barrier of modern technology in accounting and implement the most suitable accounting process in my company


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