Use Of Colours In The Websites Essay


Choose an international well-known product brand such as Coca Cola, KFC or a product such as jeans or joggers. Use Google to search for two (2) other websites from different countries for the same product or company e.g. American, Australian, Chinese and/or Japanese.



Global marketing is always ridden with culture differences (Mooij, 2010), Faiths, beliefs and values of people across the glove differ leading to different tastes and liking. Consequently, global brands need to provide local touch to their various websites while keeping the core aspect of the brand same (Christiansen, 2013). Following assignment compares the websites of Coca-Cola in two different Global markets of Australia and India.

Website presentation

The Indian website of Coca-Cola has more colours to it. (Coca-Cola India, 2018) There is much more mention of offers, discounts, games and sweepstakes (Coca-Cola India, 2018) . There is a lot more activity on the website. The website talks about happiness and togetherness through Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola India, 2018). People of the Indian culture believe in mega celebrations with food and beverages festivities (Mooij, 2010). Hence, in the Indian website Coca-Cola is portrayed as celebrations drink.

Coca Cola Australia is a calmer looking website with less discussion on festivities or offers (Coca-Cola Australia, 2018). There is more emphasis on product specifications. In the Australian or western culture beverages are taken to relax. (Christiansen, 2013). Therefore, emphasis of the website is on relaxed look.

Use of Colours in the websites of the two countries

Red is Coca-Cola’s official brand colour (Coca-Cola Australia, 2018). Hence red colour is used in the website of both India and Australia (Coca-Cola India, 2018). However, in the Australian website very less colour has been used. Only red and white colour can be seen on website homepage (Coca-Cola Australia, 2018). However, in the Indian website many colures like green, golden and shades of pink have been used (Coca-Cola India, 2018). Therefore, the Indian website is more colourful as compared to the Australian website

Culture significance of difference in colours of the two websites

Colour holds a very important significance in culture (Christiansen, 2013). Colour Red is the official colour of Coca-Cola which signifies passion and excitement in western culture and happiness in Indian or eastern culture (Schlegelmilch, 2016) . Therefore, this colour positions Coca-Cola as spreading happiness and excitement. Green is a colour of life and celebration in Indian or eastern culture; hence it picturises use of Coca-Cola during celebrations in Indian culture (Coca-Cola India, 2018). White is the colour of death in the east hence it has not been used in the Indian website (Coca-Cola India, 2018). While it’s the colour of purity in the west hence it has been used in the Australian website.

Reason for difference in websites in different nationalities

People in different nations aspire for different things from a similar product (Schlegelmilch, 2016). In India people might drink Coca-Cola with family and friends on an occasion of celebration. On the other hand, in Australia or other western cultures people might want to drink it while relaxing alone (Schlegelmilch, 2016). Therefore, different needs and wants encourage brand owners in making differently designed websites in different countries.


Different countries have different cultures and needs of different cultures vary. Hence, brands design different looking websites for different countries.


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