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The foreign policy of the United States is the method in which it interacts with foreign countries. According to the foreign policy agenda, the officially stated objectives of the American foreign policy include all the Bureaus as well as offices in the United States Department of State. The major thing that American foreign policy has to get right in the near term to make sure sustained economic growth is to hold back conflict in the Pacific Rim (Rosati and Scott 2013).

As per the statement of Cohen (2015), it can be mentioned that country’s foreign policy refers that self interest strategies chosen by an economy, which is benefitted to achieve the organizational goal of a country. More specifically, it can be stated that foreign policy of the country increase the interaction between the countries. Therefore, it can be inferred that the business performance of the organizations would be improved. This policy would in turn maximize the multiple international cooperation. In this context, this study has provided the impact of US’s foreign policy on the performance of the business of Australia and United Kingdom.

American Foreign Policy on Business Environment

The foreign policy of America covers a broad range of function and problems. It includes the establishment and maintenance of political relation with other countries as well as other global organization such as the United Nation and the association of the American States. It also plays peacemaking roles that involves working with allies in order to make sure regional and global securities and arms-control efforts. However, American foreign policy covers a range of global issues that includes travel, trade as well as business. It also provides foreign aid and disaster relief. American foreign policy has changed over time that reflects the change in its national interest (Taffet 2012).

As opined by Loveman (2016), American foreign policy mostly reflects an obsession with open markets related to American business. The United States has required outlets for excess wheat as well as new markets for autos and airplanes. Businesses are able to constrain a good deal of foreign policy due to exclusive features of American society. The United States has not taken mercantilism as far as it taken by Japan or France. The individuals of America are also associated with open markets associated with political freedom and political freedom with democracy. The health of the American economy is closely associated to foreign markets. As a result, the country will not be able generate enough growth jobs, profits as well as savings from domestic sources. From the point of view of the foreign policy, America associates to most countries.

Accessing American Foreign Policy towards Business in China

The United States of America has followed an engagement policy towards China for almost a decade. Each of the President of America had targeted to incorporate China into the global system. This particular decision has been and still continuing to be one of the biggest foreign policy success of America since the Post-World War II era. The engagement policy of America towards China and its coalition relationships in the Asia-Pacific region made it likely for the Asia-Pacific areas to concentrate on economic and business development at home (Wilson 2015)

With the help of American foreign policy, the economic growth of China is facilitating it to enhance its military capabilities as well as foreign ambition. As a result, the Chinese leaders are researching with new methods in order to use increasing strengths of the nation to shape the business environment in the favor of China. On some problems, those efforts merge with the interest of the US. As a result, new insolence of China is opening up new prospects for cooperation. The new insolence in turn generates new opportunities as well as new challenges for the United States (Welfield 2013).

There are several ongoing internal political tightening that in turn affects the American business in a direct way. However, with the help of American foreign policy, the regulators of China are drafting a new banking security law that will in turn force banks to make use of more Chinese technologies for their business. Under the Obama administration, the United States had demeanor the US-China relationship together with several parallel tracks. This multi track policy enables the United States to push back against problematic movements as required without restraining overall US-China cooperation. Chinese businesses are endeavoring outward that generates new partnership prospects, most remarkably in the China-to-US direct investment (Zhang and Liu 2015).

In case of most businesses in America, foreign direct investment from China to the US, provide their first prospect to directly connect in and advantage from the U.S.-China economic partnership. However, there have been several complaints that have plagued the American foreign policy in relation to China. As a result, the US businesses have been confronting intellectual property theft that appears to violate regulation related to World Trade Organization. China is also regarded as the biggest single market for America that accounts for almost 20 percent of the total. This would lead to aggressive US foreign policy that might also lead to marked deceleration in the growth of China and might lead to loss of manufacturing jobs (Young 2015).

Accessing American Foreign Policy Towards Business in Arab Spring

The American foreign policy towards the Arab Spring has been contradictory on the metaphorical level. The Arab Spring took place initially without any US role in foreign policy. The spark took place with the self-immolation of a Tunisian street vendor who was dejected over the disgrace he experienced by the regime security of Ben Ali apparatus and the deficit of financial opportunities faced by his generation. However, the American foreign policy presented a different scenario by the US foreign policy makers (Gause III 2016)

Egypt is considered as the most populous country of the Arab world and it is deliberately situated in the heart of the Middle East. The disturbance in the political environment of the US economy caused the business environment to get hampered to a great extent. As the business decisions depended upon the legal factors of the country in which it operates, it can be analyzed that due to the fall in the power of the political leaders, the laws and the regulations related to the business would also change. Thus, the organizations would need to accept the changes and carry out functions accordingly. The Arab Spring has shown restriction of American foreign policy power in the Middle East. The US does not have the prestige as well as resources in order to dominate the affairs related to Middle East. The American Middle East foreign policies are more reasonably understood (Parmar, Miller and Ledwidge 2014).

The foreign policy relationship between the US and Turkey are in waddles. From the point of historical viewpoint the relation between Turkey and the United States are multidimensional and it is also based on communal respect and interest. With the help of the foreign policy, some of the strong Turkish business association is dedicated to promoting small as well as medium-sized enterprises. There are also no consequent US companies that will in turn hamper American access to self-motivated and growing market in Turkey. The United States and Turkey have prospects to collaborate in helping counterfeit a more democratic and affluent Middle East. The United States has already recognized this prospect and has sought to work with Turkey on soft-landings (Bu?ra and Sava?kan 2014).

Accessing American Foreign Policy towards Business in United Kingdom

In the words of Smith (2013), it can be mentioned that after Second World War, there is a special relationship between United Kingdom and America. Presently, American foreign policy affirms the bilateral connection with United Kingdom. As a result, the political affairs, cooperation, trading policy, finance and the technology of United Kingdom would be improved. In addition, Hook and Spanier (2015) mentioned that the organizational operations and the peacekeeping missions of United Kingdom would be carried out by America. This assurance also in turn enhances the communication and the business as well as the political relationship with America (Hook and Spanier 2015). More specifically, it can e added that the relationship between the United Stated Armed Forces and the British Armed Forces has developed after second world war. On the other hand, Canada is identified as the largest importer of American goods and services.

As per the opinion of Mead (2013), it can be inferred that there is a significant percentage of world trade between America and United Kingdom. Most importantly, it can be stated that mist of the British people would expect the foreign policy of America positively and hence, the position of America has come in the top three polls as per the Gallup Poll of 2015. Moreover, in this respect Hook and Spanier (2015) cited that 90% of the Americans remark Great Britain favorably.

Accessing American Foreign Policy towards Business in Australia

According to Cohen (2015), it can be mentioned that American foreign policy has a positive impact on the Australian- United States free trade agreement. As per the review of BBC World Service Poll, 2014, it can be noticed that approximately 44 percent Australians provided the positive impact regarding the foreign policy of Americans. On the contrary, Smith (2013) argued that 46 percent Australians have identified the foreign policy of America has a negative impact on the organizations. Moreover, it can be mentioned that as per the United States global leadership report of 2012, approximately 55 percent Australians admired the American leadership as well as the approach of their foreign policy, whereas only 21 percent Australians criticize regarding the impact of the foreign policy of America. In the point of Mead (2013), it can be stated that Australia and United States of America has celebrated their 75th anniversary of diplomatic connections in the year of 2015.


It can be concluded that the individuals of America are associated with open markets associated with political freedom and political freedom with democracy. American foreign policy mostly determines the relationship that America conducts with other countries. The United States can also work beneficially with China while accepting that both the countries have diverse objectives that are not perfectly united. The Chinese leaders are researching with new methods in order to use increasing strengths of the nation to shape the business environment in the favor of China. The foreign policy of the United States intends to assemble and maintain an improved democratic, protected, and an affluent world that would help to make available benefits to the people of America and the other communities of the world. Due to the foreign policy in the US, the business in Turkey is affected in a positive way and it is also active all through the region. The United States had also announced $2 billion to finance the projects in the Middle East. However, the American firms are also likely to benefit from the partnership with Turkish companies.


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