Upbringing Assisted In Becoming A Leader Essay


What Can Leadership Concepts Identify In This Leader's Story?

What Aspects Of Innovation Or Change Are Evidenced By This Leader?

What Philosophy Did They Follow? Did They Have A Particular Strategy?



Cate McGregor was born in 1956 in Toowoomba, Queensland (McGergor, 2015). Cate was born as a boy but he fell like a girl, from the starting he is fascinated by the girls, their dress etc. He had not opened his feelings because of losing relationship and career.

In 1974 he joined Australian Armed Force. He was not satisfied his job in the army, perhaps become a general because he was so ambitious and promotion was slow. So he decided to leave the military.

In 1985, his fervour of self-destruction and heavy drinking led him to a counsellor. He diagnosed as transgender.

In 1990, he joined a law firm and politics, and start working for both the labour party and the liberal party.

In 2000 he re-joins army.

In 2012 he was appointed as the Member Of The Order Of Australia in the Military Division for "exceptional service to the Australian Army as a director of the land warfare studies Centre" (2013). In mid of the same year, he decided to open his feelings and live like women. Lieutenant General David Morrison refuses his resign, and he is among 15 transgender people in Defence forces.

In 2014 she joined Royal Air Force to work on the project of a chief of the air force.

The element that up to bring her:

In 2011 she was indeed detonated by the story of former champion Peter Drouyn (Feneley, 2014) from then her decision start becoming healthy and the support given by her family and friends.

Leadership Concepts

Birth does not pioneer Cate McGregor. She moved toward becoming the pioneer of Accounting, conceived as a kid however from adolescence she shrouds her emotions that she is entrance about a young lady. After a long battle and with solid battling with her internal identity she settled on a solid choice of carrying on with her life as she needs to live.

She said in her meeting that: "We as a whole need to discover us. That the wants each. We as a whole wear a Mask you know. Sooner or later you need to scan it and say: who am I." (2014)

She instructs not to shroud your concealed emotions. She conceals her affections for such a large number of years.

Her adventure to wind up plainly a female was exceptionally excruciating and hesitant. At first, she feared her inward emotions that if she says what precisely feels then she loses her loved ones. She is not content with the life she lived as a man. She finally talks truth about herself initially to her better half and after that to her school. She finally acknowledged reality before everybody and carry on with her genuine what she precisely needs to live.

Presently she is no single transgender in Australian Army there is 15 more transgender in Australian Army.

Pioneers are the individuals who take after what their heart needs to do. Similarly, following 50 years Malcolm changed over himself totally into female and lives like a woman.

Being a legislator; she is an essayist, plays cricket, and she served in Army and Royal Air Force. She set the ideal case to our transgender society that they are not the same as male and female. They can do every one of the things that a solitary man or lady does.

3) Assess the leadership behaviour of this individual. You will need to consider such elements as how leadership demonstrated, what qualities have been displayed by the person involved, what type of leadership is evident and why the person was lucky or not. In the case of failed leadership, you should give reasons why the person or her/his leadership failed or at least did not live up to expectations.

Leadership behavior

People groups giggle, when somebody was going to accomplish something that had not happened before. People are living in the pre-characterized world where everything will characterize; nobody needs any change if any one tries to explore new territory or attempt to change some predefine rules they place impediments in their way.

The person who faces all the obstacles and laugh of the public, and stay

Firm about his decision become a real leader and this also the reason for success. For this situation, Cate McGregor takes a solid choice about her life that how she needs to carry on with her life, that how she precisely need to live. She quits contemplating what individuals say and does. At last, she moves toward becoming Cate from Malcolm and carries on with her genuine cheerfully.

At first, Malcolm contemplates on the off chance that he displays his inclination before people groups. He loses them however after some time he thought, as a result of others is carrying on with his artificial life, and he is not content with it, at last, he had made a move to stand up reality about himself (One plus One:Lieutenant colonel Cate McGergor). At first, he confronts numerous issues yet now Malcolm move toward becoming Cate McGregor and each one acknowledge him like the way he lived now.

Cate McGregor had most astounding positioned transgender in an armed force in Army, she composes books and discourses and plays cricket. Presently she does what precisely she needs to do from her youth.

A fruitful pioneer is who battle from the world for a decent change.

The explanation behind an unsuccessful explorer is that they persuaded by the general population or the world; they moved back their considerations and had not battled for their privilege.

Cate McGregor opposes the concept of safe schools for trans, and she wants that our society treats trans kids in the same way as other children treated. Parent's sends their Trans kids to safe schools and think they are safe from others bullying and teasing and safe school teaches them how they have to live. According to Cate, she said leave Trans kids alone let them develop, do not force them to become what they are not.

She said "Trans parents only want… Two things, parents, want their child to be happy and primarily they want them not to kill themselves" (2017)

She set a good example to transgender society. Transgender now start getting their rights, employments and equality.

Cate McGregor follows a philosophy of self-believes, listen to her heart.

She does not have any particular strategy for this she only follows her heart. She decided not to hide her feelings from anyone, she faces many problems when Cate expresses her feelings, but she also gets some supports which give her strength of accepting economics the truth about herself. From childhood, she tried to find out what exactly goes wrong with her life. She born as the boy, so she had to live like the boy, but is not happy with his life she is fascinated by women their dress and makeup.

"It is an incredible feeling to be alive be me" (Call me Cate, 2014) when Malcolm transform him to Cate he feels happy, he started living his own life what exactly he wants to live.

Our society divided human beings into two parts: male and female. Transgender was and un- accepted part of our society, because they do not possess in a male or female category. It is the general truth about all human beings that they pass that entire situation or do not want to face those situations which are not in their favour. Those, who always gives the job or do not want to face those situations is the one who does not fight or defence for them. They thought living in an invisible world is the safer for them (Whittle, 1999). People have learned to value ourselves and identify as "who we are", and this will leads to appreciating not only male and female but also for Trans.

The principle reason for hiding our originality is "shame". Most of the time people think about what other people think, and the fear of losing family and friends. Peoples always depend on other people and their past. The same problem would be with the Trans people if the people accepted Trans as a normal human being than many challenges are disappearing. Not only depend on people it also depends on the person, if they accepted them as the way they are, proud of themselves and prepare themselves to defend from the rest of the world then they do not need to hide from the world.

Malcolm has solid confidence in himself, he lived his life as a man, but he does not satisfy by his life and not happy, but when he confirm about his gender and then he decided to spend his life happily as a woman. So he changes his sex and become Cate McGregor.

Cate is the best example to Trans people. Don't hide themselves accept the truth and face it and live their life as the way they want to.


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