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People are divided into two classes: the dreamers and those who are doing more than he says. First dreamed as a child of the adventures, adults dream of a good life, and in old age would dream of days gone by. Dreamers always or can not fulfill his dream because of extraneous factors, or simply do not have the guts to do it. While the latter - business people, never dreaming they set goals. Aims to find something and find, but in old age also begin to dream, to dream that one day they will reach its greatest, the main goal.
Dreamers were a boy and a girl. Carl and Ellie. Together, they dreamed to go to paradise falls, to meet his idol, Charles Muntz and live quietly to the wind from the waterfall pushed them further - to the following dreams. They grew up and continued to dream. Carl and Ellie got married and decided during that whatever the cost, closer to the dream at least for a few steps. The pair started to save money in a glass bottle, like the ones which are usually put their boats. Carl and Ellie put in a glass bottle of your boat - the dream. Soon her storm sank. Every time something happens: disease, repair, new purchase - a storm drowned dream Carl and Ellie. But do you think - they become discouraged? No! Dream as the breeze from paradise waterfall, customize them further - to new frontiers! But now ... they have grown old, and although it is still loved each other, the dream never realized, alas. The last storm was the death. Poor thing Ellie died.
As I write this review, crying. When I am watching a movie - crying. Just awful to look at how these two visionary - a fun, mischievous Alley and brooding, taciturn Karl did not realize his dream. After all, they lived for the sake of dreams, devoted her all, but it turned out ...
Unfortunately, after the last storm, the former captain Carl had lost interest in life and life in itself. He - a lonely old man with a cane, lives alone in the middle of a huge construction of elite residential area. Carl is not dreaming, he's just living out his life. Without prospects ... He prays to God only that, one day, do not recline back so that the spine will break and it will find a way. Every day come to him the managers, managers, employees, directors, only one purpose: to find out whether he wants to sell, finally, home
But Charles, former dreamer, are not so easily broken. Every day, he says, "No!" And the employees and yourself and the Boy Scouts. Stop. Scouts?
Ah, yes! Boy Scouts. Trackers! Little chubby ranger Russell once unleashed on Carl Fredriksen his "great and unattainable" dream of the rank of Senior Ranger! To get this title he needed only to fulfill the task and find the icon for "assisting the elderly". Yes, Russell - also a dreamer! He wants to help the old Karl, he was ready to do anything for him! But, alas, he does not know that the plot is brewing against Charles and one accident gives rise to social services send an old man in a nursing home. One night Karl separates from the end of life, but he again have the courage to go against fate. He has attached to his house a thousand balloons and soar!
And what was his disappointment when on the porch of his floating house he suddenly saw a small ranger Russell. But it is no accident they were together? After all, for Russell dreams they will need to fulfill the dream of Karl! With this and start a wonderful journey full of happy and sad moments of struggle with the aim of dreams, and finally paradise waterfall in South America.
Charles Muntz was a man of action. He became the idol of many, traveling throughout South America on a huge balloon. The great man was the victim of. He had no patience and poultry, stunningly beautiful bird, hitherto unknown to man that he once saw, he had to present to the public. He made a promise. You can not deceive the expectations of fans! But that's what he did. Not having patience, he made a sort of skeleton-fake unattainable Firebird, whose tail he had not caught for many years. Alas, it was caught, and he vowed to return one day with conclusive evidence - live Firebird. And this goal was his dream of living in a balloon, Charles dreamed of those times when he triumphantly returns and prove to everyone that I was right! Alas, his dreams and did not come true. For a dream he entered by his own principles, its true. And so, the dream - again became a target. Sorry
And here, a dreamer and a man of action fighting for his dream, and between them -. Firebird, Russell and cute talking dog. Who will win and whose dream is stronger?
If at the beginning of the movie I was crying by the end, more laughing. It is a journey towards the dream of a better life amazingly well reflects our lives. After all, each of us lives for the sake of dreams and goals. Only, alas, one can not realize his dream, and if it is carried out, it is not only on their own, while others dream is so mundane, miserable, to be sure it would not be desirable. Is it possible to live for a new sofa, computer, phone? Among all these psevdomechtateley and people without dreams and goals, even, there are people who dream about something really beautiful and always looking up. People like Russell and Carl. After this film, I live only for the dream to become the same as those two.
10 of 10
P.S. When the problem is pulled down, looks up!

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