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You know, the paradox of it or not, but if I was asked back in 2009, just before the Oscar, was asked to name the best film year, I would have said, or 'Avatar' 'Up in the Air', or anything else, but certainly not 'up'. But he won 'The Hurt Locker', 'Avatar' did not seem a masterpiece because of its storyline - sucks, and I looked '500 Days of Summer'. And he became my favorite movie. A little over a year. I reviewed the 'Up' and for some reason, now I can say with confidence that this is 'the best film of 2009'. What is '500 Days of Summer'? He's just my favorite movie, and certainly for me - the best, but apart from it, you can say such a thing: 'Up' in its dramatic, piercing and touching deserved Oscar, even more than the infamous, if not the most typical ' Hurt locker '. What am I? And the fact that the masterpieces on the masterpieces that they can be understood at once, and after various periods of time, what I have just seen.
And yet, what is so good this cartoon ? PIXAR does not give a precise answer to this question, but people somehow drawn to watch this movie. This is not just an animated tale. This is not a fairy tale at all. The plot tells the story of a girl and a boy, who long ago met and fell in love. The girl was so full of boyish enthusiasm and fully complemented her husband. They lived happily ever after, but all good things end, and people die. Karl now lives, the boy, in splendid isolation, and not just mad at the whole world. But he has one dream - paradise waterfall. And solve it to fly is not even because of the fatigue or whim: Ellie, his favorite, really wanted to live near this waterfall, and now he, together with his new friend - a small ranger Russell - flying on his house with the help of balls pile to his dream.
The two main characters in general are opposed to each other, but at the same time complementary and without its funny characters. Energetic, lively, funny Russell and the old, grumpy, tired of life, Karl. Duets in PIXAR films have always stood apart and acting on the viewer the best of any sentimental scenes. They are different, but they are together, as a hymn to the fact that people can get along with each other in the most difficult moments of life. Then we will present to the whole galaxy of great characters that will be great, even their names. Bigas and Doug - a wonderful couple that reminded me for some reason, the Cat and the donkey from a wonderful 'Shrek'. Alpha, Beta and Omega - the typical villains running errands, but each of them can be changed and not be what the owner wants. The owner, by the way, is drawn very well and the special poles has, moreover, that his fate is partly dependent on the people at the time did not believe him.
is often such that the plot PIXARovskih masterpieces specific scenario and has no cubbyhole, and the happy ending is required, but only to look at the face of Charles, when his house falls down through the clouds and everything becomes clear. 'Up' is not fixated on this moral basis, which is so nice to whisper to you: 'Come quickly, your dream is waiting for you!'. The film teaches and leads one to believe in yourself, even after going through such a dangerous adventure. Real people, living fate, the dream, which surprisingly does not seem silly, but because it is foolishness remembered best. All these problems are a boy in the family provide even better understanding of what it really is and what is hidden in his soul. He is not such a rainbow when he tells about his father. Russell is a different and less energetic, not funny, sad ... You can not mention, and that Charles, with all its 'hatred' for the broken dream of throwing out items from your favorite home and hurry to save his new friend. He flies, it is the mountain of things. And two chairs are perfect, as though waiting for those who will enjoy a welcome sight. all a bit sad, but so beautiful and believable ...
This fantastic, phenomenal, grand, spectacular, quivering, bright, fun, funny, heartwarming, life, graceful, honest, dramatic and simply brilliant cartoon teaches us not just He believes in the dream. and had never been forgotten and always try to carry it out, because we live once and need to get done incredibly many things. Do you want to plunge into a world where there is no room boredom? You feel the spirit of adventure? But they are close. Just have to take a closer look, to love your family and ... as if it's not silly sounds, believe in the dream!
P.S. PIXAR again made a real masterpiece, which looks much better and feature films that grabbed awards more than this cartoon. Only smart people, not awards and ratings distinguish film from hundreds of others. The film, which can cause tears even adult worthy of your attention and pass on such cartoons - equivalent to your unfeeling heart or your stupidity ... Masterpiece !

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