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I'm after a cartoon convinced that now is a little removed cartoons specifically for children, so that they understand nothing, laughing at the simple-just baby jokes. But I have long been out of the age when you do not understand the essence of what is happening on the screen, so appreciate the cartoons in its scale and do not pay attention to genre painting. So this wonderful cartoon I watched in the cinema twice. As a first time crying with joy and sadness, and in the second. Now cartoon paintings removed a large number, but few of them cling to the present. This is the rare case when a beautiful picture is aligned not only with successful characters and good jokes, but also with a sense of
'Adventures Around' -. The motto of the main character of this story, Carl Fredrickson. The old man lived a long and happy life married to his wonderful wife, Ellie. But after her death, joy shy away from his sweet little nest, each corner of which is reminiscent of Dorothy. Mr. Fredrickson is not close to the people, and there are no people. New homes are being built around the world is changing, but Karl is firmly in place. In his old age Fredrikson decided on the great work that must be done with his wife. To fulfill the promise he goes to paradise waterfall in South America. But he soon discovers that set off is not one. Boy scout named Russell accidentally found himself on the porch of the house at the wrong time.
From the first minutes of the 'Top' absorbs you. And I liked the way the story is constructed. Life Carl and Ellie is shown for a few minutes at the beginning of the film, so that the audience was aware of the case and did not have any questions along the way, and at the end of a minute to remember the beginning. Of course, this is the most touching moments that make me personally each time to let a tear. These happy moments are shown so quickly, but at the same time as good and deep that you have time to fall in love with their small but close-knit family. And the continuation of this tragic story is not worse. Fredrickson does not have time to do with his wife. In a nutshell, it simply fulfills the promise myself from this happy. And what is happening in South America is very fresh and interesting. The plot is completely does not get bored and sometimes even causes worry about this or that character. In general, the story turned out.
I have repeatedly talked about how wonderful our country voicing movies / cartoons. So, I wanted to see this cartoon in the original, but how long could not. Yet I want to be forever grateful Armen Jigarkhanyan, because it is his voice made the character so kind and bright. In the English version of the voice is strong, hard, and even a little angry, in general, it is not suitable for this character. Dzhigarkhanyan voice sounds very nice, but becomes Fredrickson and do your favorite hero. Because in fact this character is a lonely, miserable old man who goes at your own risk in the most genuine, dangerous adventures. I liked how he grandfather, and voice, but only our.
baptize heart ... (a)
Just sounds great Russell. Voice Ivan Chuvatkina incredibly accurate description of the character. Russell - very lively, active little boy with a big, pure heart. Well, it happened to be in this 'ship', amounting to a campaign to Karl. Together they can overcome all! They become a team and feel the full essence of the phrase 'Adventures Around'. Well, the last shots just make the viewer smile sincerely.
Maybe it sounds silly, but it is folly remembered best. (C)
And yet it is impossible not to note a cute little dog named Doug. That talking dog, of course, raises the spirits and stands out from the rest of the dogs. She always acts with positive thoughts, always thinking of others. In general, the voice on high. Surprisingly precisely matched voice that makes the characters very nice and good.
I do not know you, but I like (a)
Cartoon impregnated happiest moments and the good life. We watch as the construction and crumbling life of Mr. Frederickson, seeing its ups and downs, excitement and joy. We are with him experience this great journey into uncharted territory, with him losing Allie, meet with him Russell. Plus, this is definitely in his humanity. This is not just a fairy tale, it is a sad and happy at the same time a story that carries a weight of only the most pleasant and interesting. The line between Ellie and Carl, Carl and Russell, Russell and Kevin, Doug and Karl - each character, an animal or a person he is experiencing its own problems and plays an incredibly important role in this story. But in general, these lines are very bright and quite thin, never would stop. The relationship of all the characters are forced to think about something, something to reconsider. Well, when Mr. Fredrickson looks an album at the end of the movie, you and does everything upside down. Storyline - gorgeous
Thank you for your adventure.. Now go in search of the new. Love, Ellie (a)
'Up', probably my favorite cartoon. But, of course, objectively speaking, the two Oscar-winning picture taken more than deserved. In 2010, it is certainly the best animated film and music deserves special praise. Cartoon beautiful, interesting, with meaning, idea and brilliant characters. These cartoons would be desirable to revise and, although children all its essence will not understand, I think they will like it. The 'Up' has everything to relax, enjoy, mourn and smile. Gorgeous cartoon, perhaps the best in recent years. Watch or not? Definitely, look!
10 of 10
P.S. Michael Giacchino - The Ellie Badge Do not pass this soundtrack.

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