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My first review. Negative. That, however, is not surprising. When you watch a good movie that leaves only positive emotions - nothing but gratitude to the creators do not want to talk. And the phrase "cool, super" special interest to anyone not represent
So cartoon "Up" -... Another brainchild of companies Walt Disney and Pixar Story

If the first half is worthy and is genuine interest and empathy, then the second, in my opinion, does not hold water. The plot becomes far-fetched (sucked from the finger) on the form and stereotypical content. About stereotypes - well, how much can one and the same: two partner and one villain. The first mate at one point supposed to retreat, the second considers him a traitor and goes alone with her head held high. At the right time the first returns - together they neutralize the main villain and terrible, and then live happily ever after. Boring. But suppose sometimes hackneyed plot is compensated by original and interesting circumstances - like the play on the meaning of the story. But here disappointment. Yes - it's a cartoon, and the thought of comparison with reality should be driven away. But let one thing masterpiece "WALL-E" - which takes place far into the future, robots, high-tech and, nevertheless, BELIEVE and draws parallels with reality. I believe each character, any action - you know the characters, empathize, on some just laugh, actions and events more than plausible. All cartoon look with a sinking heart, imbued with them. And another thing "Up" - the time and place of which - nowadays, our reality. But this just looks like a cartoon image, and more and more often in the process of viewing shake your head from left to right and is increasingly heard Stanislavsky with his immortal "I do not believe it!" What we have:
1. Fredriksen at the beginning of looking at the movie theater on the pilot, who opened the waterfall paradise for him. Pilot in the film is no longer a young man. In the middle of the cartoon when we meet the same pilot - our old man is already 78 - he can hardly walk, and the pilot is even nothing - at least under Karl
2.. Hitting his stupidity (see below) Russell in the moment with dogs on airplanes (umm-yeah) very resourceful said to them, "proteins". At an altitude of several kilometers above the ground when the dog between him and a few hundred meters and operating three aircraft propellers with engines - what to speak aloud, much less scream? Tell me in a whisper - a dog would be great to hear all
3.. Carl's spy quietly sneaks through the airship to the cage with a bird. Well done. Dogs have not seen. But why not scented? Do not have an enviable sense of smell? After all, "good dog" it smelled of the main characters, not seeing them.
4. Faith can work wonders with people. Undoubtedly. 78-year-old Carl at home can hardly walk, holding a stick with four limbs - tennis balls. Even the stairs to go down on their own can not. But after a "day story" and he calmly pulls the whole house, runs, jumps, falls, rises with ease and at the same time, neither shadow of pain or discomfort on his face. Again, little hard to believe
can enumerate further, although no special meaning, except to say the result -. (Yes, you can say I'm nitpicking, it's not important) me personally, this is very off-putting when trying to enter the cartoon .
heroes and characters. Usually goodies good cause sympathy, especially in cartoons. But not in the m / f «Up».
Carl Fredricksen. I can perfectly understand the changes in their behavior from the "grumpy old men" to "good grandfather." But let me, then suddenly a nice kind person all my life loved his wife suddenly became a man, hate the whole world, a than aggressive to normal and even good belonging to him to people and animals - the worker, the boy dog. A person's ability to hit the other person's blood (which has done nothing wrong to him - mailbox hit by a truck, and the worker tried to fix) and did not even apologize. In this transformation of man for no reason, so sorry, I do not believe. Yes, he died his wife, but she was a wonderful person, like himself, and no one was to blame for her death
Russell -. 8-year-old scout. In my humble opinion, he lacked the icon is not for "assisting the elderly", and for "shown in tupizm". Go through horrific animal skeletons and then say to the person who got hold of them, and for whom this is the goal of life - that you made friends with a bird and she likes chocolate. 5 points. More time - Fredriksen surrounded by a pack of ferocious dogs, led by the villain, and he ran to save the house set on fire - a symbol of his departed wife in the other world. A pot-bellied scout it as they say "with a high steeple." He no doubt thinks that Karl so just dropped the bird and gave everything. And how can like this character. Charm? So is not it. Out of pity? This is not enough.
Charles Muntz Kevin and bird. The genius who created essentially about a hundred dogs cyborgs. And with their help, it is 70 (!!!) years can not catch a bird that easily "kupilas" on chocolate and does not afraid of communicating with strangers
again I might object -. It is not important, the main thing - the film gives food for thought - shows the possibility of a fundamental change people for the better. Well, what kind of food for thought can give this cartoon? The old man is aware that the death of his wife - not the end of the world, you need a bright and good to live the remaining days, and helps him in this child. But let me, I'm not a foodie movie, but somewhere I've already seen it. And not even in the movies, and in the same cartoon - Monster House! Is piggy ideas Pixar become thin so that the company decided to start partial copying of plots and characters
In general, summing up, put 5 out of 10 - only for the "picture" - no question about it. All at the highest level. And the rest is sad. I expected more.

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