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Not so long ago, looking at a forum dedicated to this cartoon, I noticed a curious thing. One of the attendees of the forum openly admired animated film: a supposedly beautiful, wise, deep, subtle ... The rest of the visitors took it with frank incomprehension. Other messages were limited to the fact that the cartoon or frankly stupid, or just a good and a masterpiece is not. Support of the visitor did not want one.
To be honest, I was terribly upset and offended.
some reason we decided not to think about the cartoons. Most see only the outer side and are not even aware that sometimes wisdom worthy of nothing less than the most adults wise and movies, can be put into the shell funny children's adventure cartoon. Unfortunately, to go beyond this shell can not all. And probably this is the reason that the 'up' some believe perhaps the worst creatures 'Pixar'. This, of course, in any case not so.
I remember the first time I saw a poster of a cartoon at the cinema (even without knowing whose it was) and was glad she did not know what. However, Pixar cartoons always lured me somewhere on a subconscious level.
When I entered the hall, I had the feeling that I was moved at the age of ten years ago. I still remember the excitement. The atmosphere is just amazing. A little later, when I began to think about all that she saw, she realized that the rapture is not an end
only complaint -. The story itself. What is he too laborious and perhaps even ridiculous. Even taking into account, based on the children's audience. Of course, I first and foremost about flying on balls, about talking dogs and similar gadgets. Oh, and a few small mistakes and inconsistencies (sometimes quite strange - for example, you start to cool to doubt the age of the oldest characters, watching some of their kunshtyukov -. Especially in the scenes of the final battle About gaffe with Russell on the porch, I think, is all know). But these are trifles. In the end, make the cartoon as much as possible to perceive small children, too, was part of the creators of the plans. Impressions is hardly spoils.
leave children alone gadgets and attention to the point. The protagonist - a 78-year-old man named Carl Fridreksen, who spent all his life in dreams of adventure and travel, and most importantly - long before the major events of the film lost his wife, whom he loved more than anything else, and which met in early childhood and is so just as he was delirious at the time adventures. They were together for life, in which only it was that love, dreams and plenty of unfulfilled hopes. And all this life they have dreamed that one day will be able to let it fly to the Paradise Falls, which told their idol, the legendary explorer Charles Muntz ... But - and failed
So, Ellie dies and Karl remains. one ... suffering from loneliness, guilt (because he once promised Ellie build an airship, in which they will leave for South America), and indeed of all, from what can only suffer a person in a similar situation. He protects his home as the apple of the eye, because it is all that reminds him about Ellie. But the house want to demolish, and of Karl evict a nursing home. And this is the result - it is sent to South America, Trailer thousands of balloons to the house ... and now he does not want to part with Ellie, though silently, with their originated in his childhood dreams, and now he does not understand that it does no more must. And do not even notice how clumsy fate gives him a direct hint after another. First - a little chatty Russell, unwittingly setting off on a journey with him ... No, well, honestly, there is only a blind man would notice how he looks like, and Carl, and Ellie, when they were small. But as Karl refers to it? That's right, 'child - that he had had to take' ... followed by South America, where Karl has been waiting for nothing less than the collapse of the present children's ideals (and quite painful). And even then he could not understand that the dreams of a small alley on the house at the waterfall conditional that he already did everything I could for her. And he could have avoided all associated with South America trouble grabbing his spirit in time to turn the page - literally and figuratively. There is sense to live, someone else to love. Russell, for example.
This Carl and Russell even more unlikely to realize just how great merit little ranger, who, in fact, the one and only stood in the way between Charles and of the fate that would have awaited him upon arrival in South America - to Chalz Manzu, among other things. After that, in fact, would be waiting for Karl, get it to the waterfall without Russell? How to say, but the answer is one - will sooner or later be joined to his sick idol on his head, and certainly then would not have to risk everything in the world for the sake of a miracle bird. That is, in fact, would have been no better than him. Ellie is oh so would not like ...
should not, perhaps, to explain that Russell and Carl Ellie when they were little, actually incredibly similar. It's so clear. Go even make out of this restlessness and loquacity elementary lack of parental attention ...
Old but small - it is very difficult, but helped out those adventures, through which they had to pass. The old man let the boy become best friends.
good, albeit somewhat jaded, the image of the main villain. Because it is quite understandable. What would you have done if you had some incredible discovery, but you obsmeyali and accused of fraud? No wonder that, after all this after spending many years in a society of only dogs in the prison of his own thoughts, he was seriously floated roof and turned into a terrible fanatic with very dubious moral principles. Do not go mad in this situation is problematic. Or maybe just Manz did not have a Russell.
By the way, a little surprised by the way finished with him. Well, by God, do not bust you? Here even I somehow became uncomfortable
... Another hero, which I would like to say especially - is Doug. No, really ... if only dogs could talk, it would be exactly like this here and said - with such intonations and that such phrases. And for some reason, the other dogs such conviction do not shine. Conventional henchmen villain. But Doug - he is a complete delight
In the cartoon a huge number of points not just non-children and adults absolutely that little kids may not understand - basically a scene with no voice. A special and very big thank you for the picture of family life Carl and Ellie. It is simply impossible to describe - it should be seen. A small prologue in a few minutes, in which compressed the story of life, love and unfulfilled hopes - it is worthy of the highest scores. Brilliant staff. Still could not help the smile creeping over his face when I remember. At the end is not ashamed to tears.
What else? Animation, yes - gorgeous computer animation, masterfully created by the artists 'Pixar' - one of the surest ways to buy their viewers with pluck. The first time I watched 'Up' in 3D-cinema and I can confidently say that painted it all just great. It is incomprehensible how one film can accommodate as much air and light. The ideal film about pilots. On the monitor, unfortunately, all this depth and airiness of a few lost, but to enjoy the magnificent scenery of this still does not stop. What are types of Paradise Falls, well, just like the picture ... and one of the most elegant, albeit brief, moments - when Karl draws a house against the sunset, still my heart stops when reviewing. With the rendering of characters all in the order of magnitude easier, but 'Pixar' it's okay to be likeable character that does not interfere. Recall, strikingly vivid Carl eyes
Mentions worthy heroes and Russian voice. (Yes, this time - the hero). And I'm not just talking about Dzhigarkhanyan. Dzhigarkhanyan, as usual, gives a master class - simply because otherwise he can not. But, despite this, the first place I still give ... 12-year-old Van Chuvatkinu, voiced by Russell. No, honestly, I'm such a child from his or her age just did not expect. Rarely when listening to some of the characters, I get the full sense of what it is they say, not some strangers for microphones, I imagine these artists can not. Well done!
What is the result? Excellent cartoon together the elements for both children and adults. For the first here - merry, though ironic story about flying on balls, a bright foolish bird, dog saying, sea jokes and great set of adventures, battles and chases. For the second - very far from stupid morals about love, dreams, unfulfilled hopes and the need to choose, and the mass absolutely masterpiece and poignant moments - like pictures of happy family life Carl and Ellie continue when Carl Leafs 'Book of Adventure' - that's just brilliantly done.
worthy creation 'Pixar'.
9,9 10
P. S. Yes, some quite seriously believe this is almost a masterpiece movie Pixar shame ... Well, okay. Some people and "WALL-E" considers it a shame.
P. P. S. A man from the Forum (zapyamyatovala his nickname) and all those who agree with him - my admiration!

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