United Healthcare Medicare Complete Choice Plan Essay


Desceibe about united healthcare medicare complete choice plan.


This assignment aims to find a health insurance plan together with what it offers. The health insurance plan of “United healthcare” will be discussed. It is an operating division of UnitedHealth Group and is the leading single carrier of health in the USA (Healthcare, 2016). It is a well-known leader in the industry of health and welfare and strives to enhance the quality and efficiency of healthcare for all the citizens of the United States. For this assignment, we have selected United Healthcare Complete Choice Plan, which is as follows:

United Healthcare Medicare Complete Choice Plan

United Healthcare Medicare Complete Choice Plan covers receiving of care by the individuals through its network comprising of local doctors and hospitals. The care can be received through its network but generally at a high co-insurance or co-pay. In this plan, for seeing the specialists no referrals are required. It also includes the prescription for the coverage of drugs (healthcare, 2016). It insures the clients or customers get reimbursements of expenses or cashless treatment, if in case, the client falls ill. It offers a contract between an organization offering insurance and the one that considers the incurred expenses while availing the treatment. Nonetheless, the insurance company would reimburse for the treatment if the client’s medical condition were covered by a health insurance policy. This health insurance plan also covers the lowest premium and it compares of its policies instantaneously. It offers family mediclaim plan at a reasonable incremental expense. It also offers other benefits like cashless hospitalization along with a variety of other services (healthcare, 2016).


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