Unique Characteristics Of The Bakery Shop Essay


Discuss About The Unique Characteristics Of The Bakery Shop?



Doughnut corner is a new bakery store in Sydney, Australia that covers both domestic and international clients with the unique characteristics of the bakery shop.

The aim of the bakery is not to sell cakes and doughnuts to their customers but run accredited and standard bakery school in Sydney as well.

The structure will be based on the summary of the business plan and analyzing the components of the business.

Overview of bakery

Doughnut corner bakery is an organic bakery that specializes in dairy as well as gluten free cakes and other products. In order to make the bakery the most popular in Australia, they are investing a huge sum of amount into hiring the best professional bakers for the company.

Business Model

The model that will be adopted by Doughnut corner is sole proprietorship business wherein the debts as well as the liabilities will be the sole responsibility of the proprietor. As with sole proprietorship, the owner can deduct the losses with relevance to the total income.

The strategies of marketing that can be adopted by the owner as to attract the customers are to make proper flyers that will contain the business name along with the logo. The flyer will be put on the cars and it will mention that those who will bring the flyers on the inauguration day, up to 30% discount will be provided to them on any drinks.


Doughnut corner bakery is all set to redefine the process of running the bakery business not in Sydney but in entire Australia. There is proper training of employees in the bakery at regular intervals that will help them in meeting the demands of the customers in the competitive market (Bryman & Bell, 2015).

The strongest selling point of Doughnut corner is the unique tastes of all the products sold by the respective bakery. The innovativeness of the bakery shop is to provide training to the individuals who are interested in baking. The other innovative idea generated by the company is to provide free training to the customers who are purchasing products of a certain range.

Essential components of business model

Mission and vision statement

To meet the demands of the customers in all parts of the world and providing training to the customers who are interested in learning baking and decorating personalized design cakes.

To become the top bakeries in the entire world within a year and can develop more outlets in the other cities as well.

Products and services

Doughnut corner bakery deals with different kinds of baked products from assorted cakes and breads as well. The products and services are as follows:

  • Meat pie
  • Cakes
  • Fruit gluten free cakes
  • Training
  • Consultancy services

Market analysis

  • Market needs are essential to be considered as Sydney has a hot climate iced coffee and other cakes that are served with ice creams are high in demand significantly (Sim?n-Moya & Revuelto-Taboada, 2016).
  • Analysis of business is necessary as there is less competition in the market, Doughnut corner bakery position itself in such a manner so that customers get attracted properly (Hair, 2015).
  • Buying patterns and competition is essential as the other competitors can sell the same product at lower prices in the competitive market and attract customers as well. Proper strategies relating to quality has to be maintained by Doughnut corner.

Management team

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Baker
  • Assistant Manager
  • Security officers
  • Cleaners


Therefore, it can be inferred that proper innovation is essential in the business in order to make the business successful in competitive market. Proper strategies have to be implemented by the company as to attract customers and gain profit in the business as well. Proper proprietorship is required, as it will help in gaining sustainability.


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