"Unforgiven" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

«The principles do not change. To excellence » / Valeriy Lobanovsky, Merited Coach of the USSR /
Even if you're not a fatalist, it must be admitted that in the past, when it was the basis of his former life, before the end of tie impossible. The ancient Stoics was a postulate: "resignation leads, and rebellious drags." Once hardened criminal decides to embark on the right path and forget about the killings, bombings warehouses and train robbery. William Munny does not repent of their wickedness, but if he was able to live to old age and not in prison, but believe that the fate gives a second chance. He does not believe in the force of law, but is guided by the principle of ideological justice. He lost his untimely deceased spouse, but honestly tried to keep the peace farm labor. In spite of everything, "Unforgiven" Will the past be sure to catch up again and will slide to the ground tempting serpent. We 'reptile' young face, sassy look, a lot of bravado and "Smith and Wesson" in his belt. This snake has no place in a new life, he seemed to greetings from the gloomy past. But what if the future is drawn entirely hopeless, the economy is in decline, and there is nothing to feed the children? The old bandit has a choice, and he will choose, as before - not in law but in all fairness
Name Clint Eastwood for many decades, has become almost synonymous with the western.. Genre, without which there would be no American cinema. Ekraniziruemaya era, without which the United States itself would have changed. To breathe new life into the fading style is not "the last cowboy from the Wild West"? Clint had aged, although the famous proud posture is still with him. In "Unforgiven," Eastwood has attracted no less status 'mastodon' than himself - Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman. Classic western famous primarily by strong male character and volitional acts, battle scenes and jumps on the legendary Monument Valley. But the actors are no longer young, and somehow not to face them without a good reason to organize a massacre in the saloon or chasing Indians.
Chase, however, have not for the Indians, but only for a couple of scoundrels, mutilated prostitute. The law must keep civilians from such mayhem. But the sheriff of the town of Big Whiskey treats legal term rather frivolously. "Little Bill" intoxicated with his own power. His law - terrorism with a human face. Honor, health, and even life of a woman for the sheriff Daggett cost far less commodity-money relations. Welcome to the Wild West casual traveler! Common people have nowhere to wait for help, if the defender is quite satisfied horses Party for rugged Putana. The easiest way to put up with this state of affairs, but hang down, women are not feminine hardness of wanting revenge.
Preppy cowboy, albeit older, more convenient film exploits were experienced fighters, each with their own law. And I would have made a kind of detachment "Expendables" with the Wild West. Eastwood also went a different path. He showed homespun truth of life, from which no escape. Former accomplices William Munny and Ned Logan retained friendly relations and a similar way of thinking, but a year are felt. Going to administer supreme justice (of course, not for free) from time to time, they carefully look around at each other. It will barely kept in the saddle, and Ned sees well, but useless shoots. This campaign for each may be the last, especially in light of news about the dashing manners prevailing in Big Whiskey. A scene in a saloon full of drama. Opinionated sheriff has built a whole management system, where such Manny Will not fit. Noble avenger on the road picked up a fever and seems about to give tips. Eastwood seemed to signal the audience: shame hath given to man is easy, but for the truth will have to suffer. He sees before his eyes suffering ex-bandit? Well-fed face, "Little Bill" or perhaps imploring eyes "priestesses of love"? Oh, no, no way! He will see the light image dear wife, who encouraged him to defend justice in arms. Not money plays a decisive role, and women's honor. In a difficult moment, former thief and murderer recalls the one that made him a man. From the sheriff Daggett man to do turned out to be just nobody.
Eastwood wagging their characters accurately gambler glasses. Everyone, even a minor character, runs a test of personality traits. For example, arrogant Englishman Bob and young Scofield Kid. Each of them has coveted for a fee for a double murder. Each considers itself able and cool. But Bob gets a hard lesson for his nepripodemnoe contempt for the American people and its laws. Will the instigator, in turn, cheerfully brave, he killed de five. But the guy is simply scared, because he half-blind! Is thirst for easy money is able to awaken a baser qualities in a person? Manni and Logan on the background of these greedy "gentlemen of fortune" looks like an island of common sense. The most mysterious hero of the film - Logan. His past in the fog, but it definitely does not look like a greedy man. Ned could continue to deceive others, but he is aware of - its time has passed. Is a former sniper initially did not realize that it is not enough? All he knew, and moved aside only when assured: Will firm in his motive and with empty hands do not return to the children
For whom is the truth in this story.? Maybe "Little Bill" is just in its desire to maintain order on their territory by means of which it considers correct? In fact, as in a brothel, apparently it happens is not yet. If the viewer comes to the conclusion, therefore, Clint Eastwood does not get through to him. There are civil and criminal law, and there is war. West therefore called the Wild, that people live in a state of conflict negasnuschego. And if the sheriff prefers only to smack people and take with them bribes, the victims of such a law does not satisfy. "Unforgiven" - not an ode to the cowboy, which hardly gets on the horse, but the shoot without a miss. This Western - not the parable of the "man without a name", which came out of nowhere, and no one knows where to leave. Eastwood's movie about the life itself, dressed in the romantic era. Will Manny be admired, and it is possible to poke his nose into his criminal past. As well as Ned, he's not afraid of flogging and be sure to preserve the correct gun. Spaghetti Western - a tribute to the history and better than Sergio Leone still do not you take off. But humane Western 90 - just another movie. Eastwood has created just such a film. It is necessary to look and interpret. Defend justice at any age. The main thing is not to lose what in each of us - the honor
9 out of 10.

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