"Unforgiven" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

«Nobody pity anyone ...»
Brutality characters close to reality scenario, well-developed characters, no stupid dialogues and deep moral subtext of what is happening - these are the qualities that distinguish many Clint Eastwood movies. All these qualities are present in the film "Unforgiven».
former brutal killer and robber William Munni ( Clint Eastwood ) to engage with the dark deeds and obzavedshiysya family buries his wife, who did not live up to 30 years . He alone has to raise children and work on the farm. He has a lot of problems - a little boy suffering from tuberculosis, pigs found ailment, there is no money to educate their children. But one fine day to his calls in Schofield Kid ( James Vulvett ) and makes an offer he can not refuse.
The town of Big Whiskey couple raving farmers cut face whore from the local brothel, Sheriff prefer get from them horses as a fine and did not hold court. Angry prostitutes gathered deferred savings for a rainy day, they want to hire an assassin to deal with offenders of his girlfriend. Rumors of this brings to Schofield Kid, and he, in turn, brings them to William Munni, wanting to enlist its support in the difficult task of revenge. William at first refuses, but a good thought, is on the case, taking with him his longtime partner Ned Logan by Morgan Freeman . Once together they created terrible atrocities, but age is not the same, is not easy to again take up arms. But old men are catching up with the young murderer, and they begin their journey to the town of Big Whiskey.
It should say a few words about each of the main characters in the film, as they conceived, their motivation and originality, as well as a brilliant game of prominent actors do not leave me no choice.
William Munni - ostepenivshiysya healed peaceful life of the former dashing bandit, whose crimes are still fresh in the memory, as the representatives of the law, and the opposite side of the law. His wife's death, by which he came down with a dark track, does not seem to break it, and he does everything for the good of his family, but it is necessary to appear in the doorway Young Guns with a tempting offer, and in the eyes of William again begin to play lights, just like old times. And the more he says, first of all himself, he changed and became a different person, the closer it gets to the bygone Munni, who could derail the train and shoot women and children for profit. If in the beginning it motivates their consent to a lack of money in the family, then later it inflames the desire for revenge, and then he again becomes the most dangerous and ruthless shooter strikes fear even in not the most cowardly guys. The most interesting is that this merciless hero begins to command respect from the viewer. Clint Eastwood brilliantly conveys his game all the changes taking place in his character. Probably, for this really need to have the life and professional experience which has accumulated an actor.
Ned Logan is also committed illegal fishing and going to age in the company of his Indian wife. That is what happened would not come to him William Munni. Unlike his friend Ned is not trying to convince someone that has changed. Everything will be clear and without words, he will not be able to shoot a man for whose death they had been promised no small amount. It's not the money became an occasion his consent, and concern for others. And as often happens, the most affected is the most innocent man. Unfortunately, that's life. Coped Morgan Freeman with the role, quickly, reliably, convincingly
Schofield Kid -. Young, still smelled of gunpowder arrows, whose hot blood, the desire for fame and profit pushed to commit acts which he is not yet ready. Constant flatulence and irritable simulated serve it as a mask, hiding the lack of confidence in their own abilities, inexperience. Everything else is so good at Kid's vision and long-range shooter out of it no. This fact, too, he prefers to remain silent. Man will understand much at the time of his first murder. For him it will be the last, Scofidio aware of how hard "to select a person everything that he has, and his future, too." The remarkable work of James Vulvetta , in a few scenes, he played on a par with the recognized giants
Billy the Kid -. Sheriff of Big Whiskey is perhaps the most controversial character of the film. He is calculating and tough, determined and experienced than earned the respect of his assistants and residents of the town. On the one hand only a decisive and not always humane methods he can maintain order and keep the power in the city, but on the other hand, every act is always resistance, and you never know which of them could be decisive in life. Everyone is waiting for him just solutions, but once he makes a fatal mistake - not punish farmers Awards scarred face of a prostitute. Gene Hackman had to show his versatility, fill this role, and it is successfully turned
A secondary, but no less striking character is an Englishman Bob -. Killer intends to get a contract. Arrogant, over-confident braggart, but at the same time professional in their field will be stopped and expelled in disgrace from the sheriff. Billy the Kid also refutes the legend got accustomed to a known murderer, reveals the truth about the circumstances described in them. Richard Harris superbly conveyed arrogant Englishman's character in relation to the Americans and the way of life in "the rebellious colonies».
ambiguous, contradictory, developing characters make the film even more close to reality. After all, no people in the world are 100% good or bad, these can be found only in fairy tales or comics, and Clint Eastwood was not going to make a movie of his story. The era and the place gave rise to just such characters, which tells us the director.
Some ambiguity is present in the film's title. Who here Unforgiven? Sheriff Lee was not forgiven for unfair justice? Maybe Ned Logan could not escape the terrible massacre overtaken it many years after his crimes? Perhaps unforgiven were farmers? Or do they deserve forgiveness in exchange for his own life, and not only was forgiven William Munni? Every viewer has to find his answer.
unequivocal for me is the fact that Clint Eastwood took glubky, strong, damn realistic film about America of the late XIX century. He raised the genre of westerns from primitive fighters with a simple scenarios and flat characters to the level of the premium movie filled with drama, meaning and feelings.
Definitely the film the highest standard. I recommend to all fans of "old school" movie, preferring meaning and intrigue piling effects.
10 of 10

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