"Unforgiven" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

«Unforgiven» - this is a strange and gloomy Western with absolutely non-standard morality. Common westerns tell of the victory of good, although originally understood; in 'Unforgiven' is no single positive and a single negative character Munni wife does not count.; the remaining characters are convex and raised, in each of them - the abrupt transitions from light to shadow. The images are revealed as the story, they are very dynamic with relatively static (for western) background action. And he Munni, a man with a troubled past, indiscriminately, often for no apparent reason and - drunk massacred everyone who gets in his way, including women and children, at the time of the narrative can not but evoke sympathy. William really took a new life free of violence and blood. He left the past and trying to build a future on another foundation. Yes, because it has not turned out a good farmer, but in the end, he was able to succeed in the trade. But it could continue to engage in assassinations; Undoubtedly, this kind of business would be more profitable for him. He has two children, fond memories of his wife and newfound, but had time for a dozen years, established moral principles. New Munni does not drink, he has a concept of humanity, and, most importantly, we do not see in it the propensity to violence. Will is so moved away from the old way of life that no training can not even stay in the saddle. And when he gives the sheriff to death to beat himself in the bar, the audience seemed to begin to doubt that it is - "the same" Munni. In contrast to all other criminals, such as the Kid, an Englishman, and in many ways, Ned and Billy the Kid, Will not trying to build itself from the black legend. Munni no poseur, which flaunts the number killed. And his past, he is clearly not proud of, though, and does not hide anything. For him, murder - not a cult object: a young man, he killed more often drunk, and the last time went for the money - it is necessary to raise the children's feet. As a result, he was able to really give them a better future. And many in his place would have refused
Billy the Kid, the sheriff of the town of Big Whiskey - a man of action, but he has a kind of concept of debt and equity. On the one hand, he was able to overcome almost all the crime in the neighborhood. On the other, "cleaning" the criminals in his place with incredible cruelty. Sheriff different ferocious intransigence with regard to all sorts of thugs (with some sadistic pleasure he beat Englishman, Munni and Neda), but loyal to the "simple hard worker" like those two cowboys, mutilated prostitute; he did not even whipped. It is especially interesting that when the riots broke out and murder, Bill Little finger did not touch women who have been the instigator.
themselves Prostitutes and that does not suit a solution to the problem in a peaceful way and that so want blood perhaps, too, can not be quite so goodies (though perceived sympathetically).
Schofield kid, a young man, boastful and defiant, decided to win the laurels of "black killer." He dreams of a "career" of the killer, writes fiction about the alleged he killed people. But Kidd is not this neither physical nor moral faculties. He sees the bad and unimportant shoots. And, what is more important, and indeed, the Kid, in essence, a man gentle and kind; he later deeply repented of his first and most likely last murder
Ned Logan, as Munni, "retired assassin," which returns to the world of violence, of -. and large, from knightly motives - need to stand up for a woman. In addition to the desire to punish the villains, he is motivated by a desire to "revive old" and somehow diversify routine simple life on the farm. It is important to understand that he, unlike Munni, there is no great need of money. And, unlike Munni, Ned does not have talent to kill. He is boastful, love kindness, appreciate comfort. In some ways, Logan romantic, which, in the end, it all starts to see the situation in all its ugliness.
Beauchamp, a writer. Unlike other characters that have some notion of duty and moral principles, he is, with all its safety, at different unscrupulousness. As a writer (perhaps even as a reporter), Beauchamp looking image of the perfect killer, "Angel of Death", and willing to look into his mouth to anyone who can somehow help him in writing the book. He is not tied to any of the people, they only future book characters for him, and the drama is played out - a scene background of the future masterpiece. Beauchamp curious and corrosive with respect to the details of any atrocities. And not just "curious" - it is with a mixture of fear and delight savoring every blow inflicted and each made shot. Generally, Beauchamp is very cowardly, and that's sad, very mediocre; it need not even kill.
So, I think, in the context of this film is wrong to think in terms of "bad-good". In my opinion, "Unforgiven" as cynical it may sound, is a film about the talent and mediocrity. In this it is similar to the movie "Amadeus" by Milos Forman : remember the scene where Salieri shouts that he - the patron of all the mediocre? Mozart was a genius and Salieri - capable and industrious mediocrity. So, in the town of Big Whiskey frequented by many valiant people, many of whom were professional killers. City guides experienced professional assassin. But pro - this is not the same as that of a genius. You can become a professional (and even then, if you are very lucky, and if you do not soydosh the race ahead of time), and genius must be born. This is exactly the talent that does not spend on drink. When the writer Beauchamp after the final shootout attempts to find out from Munni, how he was able to fill up the minute five armed men and overtake ferocious fear in the remaining, Will says he was "just lucky, when he kills." "Just lucky," at the time, as in all other armed characters in the film probably would pripason answer to this question. Munni - the perfect killing machine. He is devoid of illusions, cool-headed, far from romanticizing banditry, and from finding excuses for his actions. In its role as the Angel of Death, Will not shun many things: shoot the sheriff unarmed and defenseless in the face at point blank range with a gun; It promises to exterminate the families of those who dare to ever shoot in his direction. However, Munni is not the same notorious thugs as he was before - it kills as much as necessary (pardon the cynicism) and spare the life of the remaining people, giving them the opportunity to leave the billiard unharmed
Finally I will say that. Unforgiven movie title can be translated into Russian, not only as "Unforgiven", but also "Unforgiven" and "Unforgiven." Also a kind of open space for reflection.

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