"Unforgiven" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Western - very interesting genre in cinema. It is not so much a genre as a whole trend, including a variety of genres. Western may be a comedy, action, thriller and detective drama or fiction. In addition, as is often the case, it can combine a set of any of the aforementioned genres.
However, you can always select any of the areas of the so-called, is not afraid of the definition of "timeless." Those films that release in time determined the vector of development, both the direction and the entire film as a whole. And that after many years are good examples of competent approach to the story of the history on the screen. And who, no matter how Clint Eastwood may come to mind at the mention of the classic Westerns and their impact on the world of cinema. And according to this speech today will go just about one of his works
"Unforgiven." - film, released in 1992, won four awards "Oscar", including "Best Film", "Best Director", "Best Editing "and" Best Actor ". The film was presented in nine categories. In addition to the recognition of the "Oscar", the picture won more awards and a dozen different places in the lists of the best "American Film Institute" films. This tape Eastwood devoted no less famous Italians -. Sergio Leone
As befits a movie about cowboys or, more precisely, the films with Clint Eastwood, "Unforgiven" tells the story of honor, heroism and triumph of justice among the arbitrariness and total lawlessness. Before the audience appears poor farmer William Munny, a former once one of the most dangerous criminals of the Wild West. Now he is barely making ends meet to feed their two children without a mother. It is extremely depressing situation in life makes him remember the days of old, when he was still easily jumps up on a horse and shoot accurately, getting right on target. Among old comrade Ned Logan and a young boy nicknamed "Schofield Kid" William goes to Big Whiskey town to punish the two cowboys, cut into the face of one of the girls amusement at home and get a reward in the amount of thousands of dollars. However, the main problem of Big Whiskey is not the two rose to a poor girl the cowboy, and the local sheriff Bill Daggett, whose strict orders are at odds with the concept of law and justice of many people, and especially women from the amusement home.
Picture conducting an overt parallel between the two worlds that exist on opposite sides of the law and moral principles. Moreover, there is an obvious idea of ​​justice a person wearing a particular title in the context of the characters and the last of each of the protagonists, acting in the confrontation. Confrontation former inveterate bandit in the face of William Munny with a small-town sheriff Bill Daggett only rumor might seem a typical story with a predictable end in the typical scenery. However, in reality this is not so.
In fact, we have the story of the confrontation was the noble justice, hiding behind the mask of crime and most of this permissiveness and arbitrariness, which is located on the laurels of a representative of the law.
Through contrasting characters Manni and Daggett, and through the real conditions of life, in which each of them is, Clint Eastwood shows how the highest and the lowest vices of the human soul, so to bring the first to the kind of confession above all to himself, and W allowing the rum to pour out all his insides in animal lust for power and immunity. After all, if Manny "not forgiven", only to personal beliefs and sense of well-deserved the truth. While Daggett never be forgiven only to those people over whom he imagines himself to be God.
Eastwood very subtle approach to the disclosure of the true concepts of heroism and the search for a fair justice, using as a basis a rather simple scenario rod. The story is simple and unobtrusive. As it relies any stories about the harsh everyday life of people that do not go out without spurs on his boots. From this film may seem boring and a little lengthy for those who do not consider themselves fans of the genre.
However, combined with the ideas of those who have this story fills the last attains a far greater depth of meaning. Through the characters picture inverts the established laws of the genre. The venality of justice representative neighbors here with a big heart bloody murderers, and the most common prostitutes are concerned about retaliation, punishment for a crime, and a triumph of justice, as it should be in this Puritan. It exposes concubines brothel Eastwood as a "clean" shower, do not recognize the authority of their patrons in the face of the host institution, and in fact the sheriff of the city, giving himself in the role of William Munny opportunity to be their own John Calvin.
And let none of characters in the film does not claim to "very unpredictable character", but it is their interaction in the scene circumstances, and facilitates the movement of the entire history of the tracks filling and artistic depth. Like a ball, gradually acquiring fine details of the script, the picture gains an emotional weight to the end leave the viewer with a warm feeling of contact with the lives of these characters on the screen.
incarnation of screen images is a set of truly stellar cast. Not to mention the Clint Eastwood playing the role of William Munny (he's cool, that's cool, Eastwood is always cool, in any manner), in the film there are the names of the first magnitude, Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman, Richard Harris, Saul Rubenok and Frances Fisher . Their reliable performance of its lines revives all the ideas that the director has pledged to script characters.
Technically tape looks good for 1992. Cinematography Jack N. Green allows you to enjoy the scenery of the Wild West in all its glory. Naturalness of scenery and high-quality work with costumes from the head immersed in the atmosphere of America's era, when everyone wore a vest and a gun in his bosom. A pacifying the main theme is a strong desire to go riding on the right stallion in flint of the setting sun. The only thing you can complain about, it's the lack of artificial lighting in night scenes, making, especially in the moment of action, it does not always work out what is happening on the screen.
As a result, in speaking of "Unforgiven" as a classic representative the whole trend in cinema, it is worth noting that its value in the context of artistic culture can not be underestimated. This is a very simple film with a very difficult promise. Behind the screen the most common stories of revenge and seeking justice here lies the story of redemption, human destiny, nobility and self-sacrifice. Painting teaches forgiveness especially myself. And then, what it leads in the end, it does not leave a single doubt why she has the right to be called "the immortal classics." After all, it is not enough to have a name on the poster of Clint Eastwood, you need to for this poster was a worthy idea. With what tape there is no problem.
7,5 10

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