"Unforgiven" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

This is not just - to kill a man. You to select all that he has. And his future too.
William Munni
Clint Eastwood I associate with the genre of the movie as a Western, and no wonder, because thanks to Eastwood westerns was able to establish itself as an excellent actor and a great filmmaker. His career as an actor started from westerns of Sergio Leone, where he was able to discover and bring to us a different way of the hero of the genre. It is not surprising that, having gained experience in such films, years later, he himself began to recreate your world on the screen of the Wild West. In 1992 he made the film "Unforgiven", and in addition, played a major role in it
"Unforgiven." - a kind of look at Eastwood Western in general, but this is not the movie that we're used to seeing in works of such masters as Sergio Leone. It is difficult to tell where the good and evil where, who is a real hero, worthy of admiration, and who is not, and to draw conclusions there are only spectators. But even this has only draws attention to the picture
The film is a bit inadequate all westerns:. In a small western town of Big Whiskey, two cowboys in the face of rage cut prostitutes. girlfriend its craft collect all the deferred money and prescribe compensation for the death of these cowboys, as sheriff of the town, in their opinion, is unfair and impunity has managed with the guilty. And here in this town sent three: William Munni, Ned Logan and Schofield Kid ...
Speaking about this film simply can not affect all the characters in this picture, each individual character in the film, with his life history and looks that perfectly Revealed in film. There simply can not be missed from the attention of a character, because they are the constituent units shown in history.
small, but pivotal role received and these characters, because for them, and was brewed all the mess that led to unexpected consequences. In the film they appear to us as a silent sheep in the wake of his master, unless one of them is not afraid to argue with the sheriff and prove your opinion, and this opinion it gives for the general thoughts of the prostitutes of the town, while the chopped girl all time silent and remains a mystery, what's going on in her heart.
But what it alone can do? In it we see the power of the spirit, but it is only a defenseless woman, the body of which is used for the money and no one takes it seriously.
Englishman Bob.
Another killer who wants to get a reward by Richard Harris looks at first his appearance rather deceptive. Perhaps this is the only villain in the film. His craft - to kill the Chinese railway, and this he did for a living - murder. Proud, exalted it seems to us, a kind of legend that could easily prove their accuracy in weapons than he is proud of.
But then the sheriff of the town reveals his real "I" and we believe him, although he had no doubt that Bob - perfect hero. It is as though there is a comparison of different strongly exaggerated in the exploits of the heroes, the cowboys of the Wild West with their traditional counterparts.
During a trip to the town of Whiskey Englishman Bob accompanies his personal biographer Beauchamp that the words of Bob is his biography. At first glance, this character does not cause much interest, but with the help of its director shows us that there is a truth about cowboys in Westerns and what a great exaggeration, that is, Beauchamp - is a character, which should make the correct, subjective assessment of reality. At first, he gets the wrong idea, as it is only a biographer, not a historian, but realizes that a correct assessment it can get if it is based on the opinion of not just one person.
Its main task is to write a little embellished biography kakogo- a hero of the past years, but it turns out that not all were glorious heroes. He is defenseless and weak, he does not know what a gun and what it is - to kill a man. All that it absorbs from the words of others, and we absorb, thereby constituting a picture of past events.
Schofield Kid.
In the face of this character we see a young man made a proposal to William Munni help him kill two cowboys guilty. Immediately struck by his confidence, he is proud of himself, calling himself a murderer, but for some reason we did not initially believe him - his youth, behavior, style of conversation give him. We see in it not a bad guy who is trying to show that he's a tough cowboy and kill a man is not a difficult task for him.
And only after the murder of a man who could not defend himself, he confesses in his lies, and here we are Kid see this, it does not look like that beautiful and cold-hearted cowboy. He only wanted to be, like people composed legends about him, and the girls admired. But it turned out that to kill a man is not easy, and this idea is not just slipped throughout the film, and when faced with it, Schofield Kid realized that I was wrong in itself, and that such a life is clearly not for him and starts to suffer in remorse, in the act, which made.
Here the director reveals what is to be a legend of the Wild West, and it turns out it is not so easy and the burden is not so easy to press the trigger of the gun and shoot the villains one by one and did not feel any remorse at this owl ty.
Ned Logan.
In the film, this person is associated with the main hero - William Munni and throughout the film the viewer is constantly comparing the two heroes. Ned - an old friend of William, with whom he performed in ancient times bad things, but now he's not, he senses and settled down and now leads a quiet and relaxed lifestyle. The spectator of anything can not tell Ned in the course of the film, because we do not know, what exactly the sins he committed in that life, it's all we have to only imagine.
He agrees to go with Munni only due to the fact that just do not want to give up his old friend one to fend for themselves, because all kinds of surprises may be waiting on the road. He had forgotten the past life, and to return to it, he was not going to, but fate decreed otherwise.
We learn that Ned is a first-class shooter, he can get into the eyes of a flying bird, but he does not have to prove their accuracy, and we shall see Thus, when Ned at the right moment will drop the gun. Only then did we realize that really, Ned can not return to the past craft that can not be said about his friend.
Of all the actors in the film Ned is only positive hero, but life is sometimes unfair to us grown fond heroes ...
Little Bill Daggett.
biggest bunch of feelings I experienced while watching a movie brought the sheriff of the town of Big Whiskey Billy the Kid Daggett, who perfectly played Gene Hackman.
Sometimes I wondered why in some film makers reveal us emotionally cruel traits and treacherous actions of any character, if it is in the film is a negative character and all the valor, honor, justice and courage, if the hero of the film - positive. In this case, the filmmakers as it teaches us on a silver platter this man with his history and his actions, and the viewer confidently make the right assessment, the assessment of which we speak in the forehead. But much more interesting it would be if we were totally a verdict themselves judged opinions, deeds and actions the person in question.
So that's looks like Billy the Kid. We just do not show what it is - the personification of evil or good. The man can not only be bad personality traits, but there is also good, just need to be able to see them through the prism of reality
Bill -. The sheriff of a small town of Big Whiskey, he is the personification of the law, it is the system. We know almost nothing of the past life, but know for sure that he was not born a sheriff. From the first frame of his appearance in the film, once it becomes clear that we are dealing with it is not a simple man. In it there are needed for control of the town of human qualities: purposefulness, cold-blooded and that the worst thing - violence. Bill hates cowardice and does not like killers - perhaps worthy of personality traits to respect him. The viewer admires his courage when the pistol or rifle barrel aimed at him. He holds the town in the hands of the strong, and believes that only a rough and violent measures can keep calm and Tushin their city. The ability to protect the law revealed to him the rough quality of the person.
But whether it is valid to fulfill its function? Does the law to beat and torture people in a fit of anger for the sake of justice? Or is the only way to keep the peace in the town? His methods are harsh, but still, he regularly monitors the campus.
And then in addition it of cruelty and composure viewer sees his usual carpenter building their house. He is not so good at it, but he tries, and his house under construction - a small part of the good that it brings to civilization. He is kind to the biographer Beauchamp and in those moments when he reveals to him some of the stories of the Wild West, this cruel sheriff, to our surprise, we become nice and even cheerful.
We see him teetering on the edge of good and evil, and not strictly necessary classing its negative character, because he gets the job done, although we have to admit that his methods are quite cruel.
William Munni.
main and key figure of the whole picture is a former cowboy and cold-blooded killer Munni. In ancient times, he, along with Ned commit crimes on the expanse of the West, but thanks to his now deceased wife, Claudia, those days are long thing of the past and now William ordinary poor farmer with two children in her arms.
He believes that has changed, but we believe Is it we, when he leaves his children, and embarks for the extraction of money? Munni does not want to do that, but it is necessary to raise their children on their feet, and this requires money. In contrast to Ned, he often recalls his past sins, and prove to his friend that he was now not the same thoughts and memories of his gnawing and haunt
Here the viewer hesitates. Do you believe the words of William and whether he will be able to close his eyes on his justify the crimes? Perhaps this is the most important question in the film. His hand is not so firmly holding a gun like in the old days, it has become old and weak, and if he can once again go to the crime?
But people can change dramatically if to give it impetus, if it is strong and it is hopeless to push . At the beginning of the film it was money, and then have revenge, and now he does not hesitate and do not vary over its decision and hand in regaining a strong grip on the gun. Now we see it completely different person - confident, cool and calm, a man who knows for how to and will not hesitate to act in a difficult moment. And then, the viewer can already imagine what William was in the past and feelings of regret early alternate admiration and trepidation, and we begin to respect it, and most importantly - to understand and forgive
cruelty and injustice -. That's the most important trump card in the film, and we clearly see that nobody is perfect, clean and immaculate people sitting and good and evil, and their manifestations are different, and sometimes even absurd, incomprehensible and absurd in every human soul.
viewer accustomed to westerns, where sharply changing plans, where one frame quickly falls on top of another for, where there is a true hero and a cold-blooded villain. In "Unforgiven" it is not present in pure form. There gradually changing plans, no sudden movements and speed of action, here things are moving slowly, but at the same time consistently fascinating.
should pay attention to the beautiful scenery in the film, there is nature as it is enticing for the viewer to where a beautiful sunrise sunset and night so calm and quiet. Admirable and completely rebuilt the town to do westerns: here each house is recreated with historical accuracy. Some viewers may complain that the actions that take place in these houses too dark, but is not it really was. In those days, even less frequently inserted into the glass windows, and overshadowed the various tissues that are poorly lets in the sun's rays.
deserves high praise is a great game and actor Clint Eastwood directing. Go on perekor all westerns, and not afraid to show their estimation of the time, can not every director, and only the strong will and patience person. The film's script is very difficult to find errors and defects, although at first glance it may seem absurd and trivial, but do not judge this film, as well as all you watched Westerns, but here is shown another side of the Wild West, discloses another look at the events and I this view understood and appreciated.
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