Understanding Your Personal Worldview Essay

Understanding your personal worldview is very important because this is how we assess all facets of life the planet around us and our devote it. The Christian worldview the laws of logic are universal and unchanging since they reflect the nature of living God. Just how do people determine the terms Jesus, Ethics, and Knowledge? How can the terms affect the daily lives of others? I have found during my worldview search, why these three elements play a massive part in how I shape my ideas experiences, education, and life choices.

My beliefs about the presence and the character of God (Theology), the character of real information (Epistemology), and talking about the main real question is truth general? Furthermore I have talked about my opinions about Ethics (Morality) and that is right and wrong? Whom describes right and wrong? Are the ethical laws similar for many individuals in all countries?

It is hard for the normal man to believe in one thing he cannot see, touch, or feel (1Cor.2:14).The question for the Christian is fixed aided by the first verse in the Bible. “In the beginning Jesus created the paradise and earth” (Gen.1:1) the maximum evidence as well as scripture is our day to day fellowship in prayer, Gods revelations and our individual experiences. (Psalms 19:1) states “The Heavens declare the Glory of Jesus plus the firmament shows His handy work.” This passage is obviously saying there isn't any reason for man never to have confidence in God, the beauty while the glory regarding the Heavens speak loudly saying “God exists.”

Knowledge can be done as a result of just how God has made us. We study from our sensory faculties our experiences, but all true knowledge is ultimately dependent upon God. (Proverbs1:7).”The anxiety about god may be the beginning of real information: but fools despise knowledge an instruction.”

Ethics, or whatever is good, is an expression of the character of Jesus. God is the standard of good where everything are measured, and their criteria are revealed through his term. Moral laws and regulations are virtually equivalent in every cultures, however their ethical reasoning could be various depending on the specific culture. “But seek first the kingdom of Jesus and His righteousness, and all sorts of these specific things will probably be added to you.”(Matthew 6:33). The only real ethic would be to glorify Jesus with faith in him and providing his kingdom concern in our lives. Jesus has offered us their revelation and to guide us in ethics, in knowing might know about and really should not do.

The book of Proverbs was given to us to show us the right conduct. “To understand knowledge and instruction; to perceive the words of understanding, to get the instruction of knowledge, justice and judgment, and equity: to offer subtlety towards the simple, towards the son knowledge and discernment. A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a guy of understanding shall achieve unto wise counsels. The fear of the Lord is the start of real information: but fools despise knowledge and instruction.” Plainly the Bible shows that truth is absolute and that it exists underneath the authority and revelation of Jesus Christ.

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Religion defines our link with Jesus due to the fact one thing that exists. From this foundation we see the clear connection of how our worldviews are created. Understanding people individual and Christian worldviews are important, because they are determining element of our ethical code and ethics, and other philosophy. These worldviews provide us with an over-all picture of all truth, which we relate our experiences and knowledge. It can help us to put our everyday experiences and choices into better prospective. (Cosgrove, p. 28)

As a Christian my worldviews are important for my on salvation, for the wellbeing of my loved ones, the betterment of my community and workplace. A Christian worldview is running on once you understand the Spirit that lives within united states is higher than the spirit whom lives in the world. I'm able to do no less than to love the father thy Jesus along with my core. “The same arrived for a witness, to keep witness associated with the light that all males through Him might believe.”(1 John 7)


To conclude the personal world view is a substantial part of exactly how we relate solely to life, world events, one another, and helps us figure out our component inside introspective living experience. The Christian Worldview and exactly how it supports Christianity, that is necessary in building a relationship utilizing the “Living Jesus.” People across the world have actually their individual personal views associated with God, ethics, and knowledge and strive to perfect their religion, which will be necessary in building a relationship with all the creator.

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