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This research report has helped me to gain understanding of the growth of the tourism industry of Australia. For the purpose of taking business decision related to opening of a travel agency in Australia, I got the knowledge regarding different aspects that need to be considering for making decisions related to opening of a new venture. I got the understanding that there is a need to analyze the number of businesses existed in the industry along with the revenue generated by the industry. Besides this analyze the marketing condition of different cities in which the business has a growth potential in order to make decision related to opening up of a new business (Thomas, 2013). Along with this, it has also improved my analytical and statistical analysis which is being used to analyze the collected data to make informed decision.

In addition to this, I also gained experience related to different conflicts that can be arise in the team and the strategies that can be adopted top effectively deal with such problems or conflicts. This has also helped me to develop the skills required to perform different functions in MS Excel. I have also improved my presentation and communication skills which are used in accelerating my professional growth. I have also learnt that there is a need to coordinate with other team members in an effective manner in order to accomplish the given task in a successful manner. In addition to this, I have also gained information related to the licensing and legal requirements to be complied with in order to open a tourism business in Australia.

Second Reflection

This report has contributed significantly in developing my knowledge about developing and establishing the tourism industry in Australia. Developing a tourism industry in Australia requires compliance with several types of requirements. In order to develop a tourism industry, a lot of research has been conducted. Various forms of data for the past ten years have been collected from the various sources like journals, articles, magazines. On the basis of data collected in the report, it can be said that tourism sector has been comprised the most important sector of the Australian economy (Forsyth, et al., 2014). Tourism industry provides facilities to both domestic and international tourists. It also contributes a major portion in GDP. In this report, information related to different segments of visitors has been gathered. The data relating to revenues of the tourism sector for the past ten years and growth rate has been analysed. Various types of statistical tools have also been used in order to represent the data. Various types of statistical calculations have also been done in order to find out various measures in order to reach to a conclusion (Tribe, 2015). According to the statistical tools applied in the calculations, a positive outcome has been found in every aspect. There are so many services that are provided by tour operators using the online and offline mode. The company is required to provide all the services at the competitive prices (prices lower than the competitor’s price).

Third Reflection

While doing this report, I have gained knowledge regarding the tour and travel industry in terms of growth potential, investment done, government regulations and so on. Besides this, there is an improvement in my researching skills as there is a need to research relevant information related to the tourism industry. I have also learnt that the use of Tuckman model of team development to form an effective team. This project also helped in improving my presentation and communication skills as there is a need to take full participation in different activities by sharing of the views and opinions in order to make effective decisions (Wagen, 2015).

I have also learnt that there is a need to allocate different roles and responsibilities to the members of the team as per their abilities, skills and interests which helps in increasing their productivity. It has also helped in improving my analytical skills as I have learnt the use of different statistical tools and its interpretation such as regression analysis which is used to make effective decisions. This also helped in enhancing the time management skills as there is a need to complete the task in a given time frame in order to attain the objectives of the team effectively. Besides this, I have also developed problem solving skills as there is a occurrence of conflicts among the team members due to the existence of difference in their opinions due to which there is a requirement to solve the problems in an effective manner.


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