Understanding Interaction Central Australia Essay


What Is The Understanding Interaction Central Australia?



The study has shed light on the aboriginal people in Sydney. The source of the picture was produced in Illawarra and south coast region. The picture is related to the few European colonists, who have entered in the aboriginal region of Australia. Here the study elaborated the influences of European colonial people behind the development of the aboriginal people. From the year of 1820 to 1830, these people have entered his aboriginal region of Sydney[1]. This source has also indicated the initiatives of European people in order to develop the relationship with the aboriginals by decreasing discrimination among white and black people.

In this study, it has been identified that the picture indicates the aboriginal group of Australia. Here the image has focused on the people of Illawarra and south coast region[2]. On the other hand, it has been found in this study that few European people are providing blankets to the people of this region.

Political, governmental or social interests:

From the given image, this can be clearly understood that this is indicating social interests. In this image, European people are providing blankets to aboriginal people of Sydney. This is carrying a strong social message to the aboriginals of Illawarra and south coast region is the white people are trying to make a strong bond with the black people as they thought that aboriginals are not being able to match with superior civilization. On the other hand, this also influences the political interests of the colonial people. Through this process, the distance between the European and Australian people can be reduced. By issuing blankets the government wanted to control lifestyle of aboriginals. On the other hand, if the aboriginals will change their habits and culture, this will help in the case of bringing industrial development on that place. Hence, the picture has also sheds ight on the healthy connection of colonial and aboriginal people who entered in the region for developing business. By providing blankets the government wanted to help the aboriginals to get out of their traditional life style for adopting European culture.

From the given sources, this has been identified that different European organizations and governmental organizations have taken a variety of initiative in order to bring development in the life of the aboriginal people[3]. Here the study is showing that blankets are being provided to the aboriginal people by the government. This is showing how the colonial expansion has brought changes in the lifestyle of Aboriginal people. Through different awareness programs, the government has tried to reduce the gap between government and aboriginal people so that they will ebb le to adopt civilized habits. The main motive behind the development was to reduce discrimination among the white and black people. This was also very effective strategy adopted by the government to economize the region.

In this study, in the cultural relationship between Aboriginal Australians and white people has been highlighted. It has been identified that approx 40000 years ago the aboriginal group of Australia was developed[4]. In the initial stage, the aboriginal people were semi-nomadic hunter and they were connected with the land through strong spiritual power. By leading the hard life, they became skilled in various fields, which helped them to survive in hard nature. After the year 1788, European people have entered in their land. From that time colonial system entered in the aboriginal region.

Therefore, this has been identified that different initiatives of colonial people have been taken for developing the healthy relationship with the aboriginals of Australia. They have brought various developments in the lifestyle of the Australians. In order to reduce discrimination between colonial people and aboriginals welfare initiatives have been taken, which has played an important role towards making them sophisticated and modern.

Implication of the Source especially in light of these themes of place, mobility, resistance, and decolonization

It has been identified from the study that it has been identified that development of aboriginal Australian after the colonial expansion has been done in the fastest way[5]. Before the development, they were living in a nuclear group. After interacting with the people, who does not belong from their same region, interacting capability of the people has been developed. In the initial stage, they were semi hurter and very much protective of their culture. For them white people were enemies, who wanted to destroy their community. The government has also taken various initiatives for increasing awareness among the aboriginal people so that the discrimination between white and black people can be reduced. However, this is very difficult to judge the aboriginal people of Australia are treating as same as the others or not.

In this source, this has been highlighted that how the European people are serving blankets to develop good interaction with the aboriginals. This is an initiative that was taken by the government for upgrading lifestyle of aboriginals so that they can match with Europeans. Through this process, the government wanted to introduce economic development in the region, because people of that region was against of colonized people. This is an initiative to develop good interaction with superior citizen so that colonization cannot resist for long time. This cannot be denied that impact of a colonial system has influenced the dynamics of aboriginals. The initiative of the government was to influence the aboriginals with European culture and habits. By bringing economic and cultural development, Europeans wanted to demolish traditions of aboriginals. Hence, this can be said that after these initiatives, colonial system has been demolished to some extent.


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