"Underground" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

To view this film, I approached with caution - all the same, I have Kusturica previously seen only by his 'The Brides Are Coming' - his debut film, which is me, to put it mildly, did not attracted and you can even say that it is not much. And so I'm afraid that this film, which is touted by all, without exception, I also do not like it. But, I will say in advance of this, I came to the indescribable delight
first thing that attracts in the film - the original one, blowing and inspired by historical events, the script. Kusturica has shown us very precisely through the cinematic language of the modern history of the country, which no longer exists. He is the most successful way combined in his film all possible genres, by giving something unique and unforgettable. Before our eyes unfolds fifty-year history of Yugoslavia, from the beginning of the Second World War to the beginning of the Balkan. And with all that we see in the film - a kind of allegory. Underground - a Yugoslavia that Tito and his associates kept locked country and never released, giving the news about the West false information. Underground residents - it is the people of Yugoslavia - such as a large number of nationalities and the same confusion in life. And it is this symbolism and draws the film in the first place. This is not the usual farcical comedy Kusturica, is a very serious movie that is worth a look to see what was the people that live in Yugoslavia, especially under the rule of Tito. But no matter how critical Kusturica did not belong to Tito and his politics, but nevertheless he showed people's lives after Tito's death even worse - war, destruction, poverty, dirt, murder, the disintegration of the Great country, people, confident that the war with the Nazis, killing their countrymen, where friends are willing to betray their friends and relatives in order to get more money. But when it was a strong and mighty spirit of the people, and when it was a country ... In general, in order to understand the film, it is desirable to at least know a little about the history of the new Yugoslavia. In general, the film is no clear political commitment, but there is criticism to the highest ranks of the country, they say, look, how you have driven the country.
On the final part of the picture is to talk separately. In addition to the devastation of the war and, on the former Yugoslavia, the people hit by several accidents. It is worth remembering the scene when on the orders of the Black his two best friends were killed (as he believed) and in the frame at this moment there is an inverted figure of Christ, which suggests that God or turn away from this people, or just left it. And around the Black Sea, leaning over a large cross travels stroller that enveloped flames of hell, which means coming to this earth Hell's forces. A church bell, the symbol of inspiration calls just because it was hung up in all the desperate people, Ivan, and the only creature that has not betrayed Ivan and preserve human quality in general is not a man, but only a monkey. And whether or not after such trust people, even those who are familiar with all my life?
And the ending of the film is brilliant to ugliness. At some point re-assembled all the characters of the film, who died. Again they are all young and happy. They dance, rejoice, forgive each other, philosophize. They finally, though in that light, found the happiness they lacked living underground. And even the traitors who betrayed and his friends, and his country before us the same as a young man - kind, cheerful and friendly. And they dance on a piece of land, separated from all over the world and it is on this small piece of land they are really happy. But that's only a piece of their homeland no longer exists and there is no greater than that of the country itself ...
Despite all the symbolism and the severity of the picture, it is valuable as your mood, the spirit that it brings. The film is packed with vital force and watching his mood rises just a fantastic way! Of particular note, many dramatic moments, presented in a comedic envelope, that makes looking at them from another side. Well I can not make the entire film Kusturica too serious, otherwise he would have lost all its appeal and value. Well, of course the most beautiful spirit ensured gypsy music and original motifs Goran Bregovic. And also without fine actors the film was not so remarkable for what it is.
In general, the picture is brilliant in every way.
10 of 10

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