"Underground" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

As well as World War II was once divided the world into before and after, it is divided into two distinct parts of the plot of the film Emir Kusturica's "Underground". Its origins movie takes a few days to a full-fledged invasion of German troops in the 41 th year on the territory of Yugoslavia, dedicating the theme of the Second World just over a third of the total timing. In the center of the plot are two old friends - Marco Petar and in which resistance and resourcefulness joined together in an extremely efficient combination. The two men initially not clean the hands and not the innocent person is marvelously adapted to the conditions of war - causing them to succeed as soon as possible to put together a very effective underground resistance. However, in fact the process of struggle against the invaders director was not interested, instead of subversion before the viewer's eyes unfolds a series of frankly ridiculous scenes in which lightheadedness characters in general, and Petar (having the nickname "Black") in particular leads to a considerable number of seasoned with a fair amount of absurd circumstances.
Unfortunately, the humor in the film strip on the test turns out to be bent in several places of the curve, which the author can not be fixed in a relatively stable position. Gradually increase the wits about to face again blunt in each successive stage, and straight caricature on a par with unfunny clowning regularly threaten to knock out an extensive structure of the film all important backup. Not that humor in the film, it was bad, but for every "heroic" killing underdone fish here there exists at least one completely unfunny scene in the theater, but for some strangulation victim stethoscope with periodic checking pulse by him could be followed to horror cartoon and predictable gag with a random grenade explosion. The use of contrast with the seemingly absurd and frivolous actions taking place on the background of a devastating war, can be a strong reception, but imagine that this is the 'strong reception' you punctually and tenacity demonstrated for an hour (and the happy owners of a full 6- the production version - and even more) - and not always in the best performance. For the benefit of the film does not go, and embed some fragments with documentary footage, especially when they begin to flicker skill (from a technical point of view) built the main characters - the thrill of it, like a cartoon character like Bugs Bunny suddenly intruded into the material world - for example, to play basketball with Michael Jordan.
However, everything changes when the war comes to an end, and the film then unexpectedly adds to the seriousness. Prudent and cruel Marco wraps up the situation in his favor, leaving his friend Black and all his subordinates people underground, constantly deceiving them about the ongoing occupation. Around this same time the human drama, grotesque comedy and space for interpretation of what is happening as a big metaphor begin to mix together in a truly elegant and balanced cocktail tasted that it is difficult not to join the honors film critics. Not that the characters finally wash off the painted in the first half of the movie clown makeup, but the amount in the face of significantly reduced, and a round red nose ceases to issue ridiculous squeaking sound when pressed. However, the inner experiences of people who are unable to adapt to a rapidly changing world is still concern directed not so much (for a more personal experience on the subject should refer to the "Good Bye, Lenin!"), Their share in the narrative will increase significantly only in the last third of the film. And you can guess that it was the time of the long-awaited release of the closet is the climax of the film. Like animals in the zoo, which managed to escape into the wild because of the German bombing in the beginning of the story, people have gone beyond their little world - and just as not all were ready to take the freedom which they had once deprived
Well. and farther into the woods, the denser the concentration of meaningful and allegorical scenes of what is happening. Movie, instead of farcical comedy, finally turns into a such a melancholy gaze directed at the disintegration of Yugoslavia and the vicissitudes of history. And the fact that many of the metaphorical aspects of this vast epic start to beat in the heart - not only the merit of their competent woven into the thread of the narrative, but also the strongest visual images. In the end, "Underground" has all the attributes and significant, one might even say, "landmark" of the film - a big event coverage, genre eclecticism, an abundance of metaphors and analogies can delight of many viewers. On the other hand, consistently resulting congestion of the listed properties, complemented by an impressive timing is not always a good comedy to handling component in the first part of the film can likewise scare. But is such a thing could have been otherwise?

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