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"Once there was a country ... This country was called Yugoslavia" - so begins and ends with "Underground" by Emir Kusturica. In this country, we lived Marco, his brother Ivan, and his close friend Peter (Black) with his wife Vera and his mistress, Natalia. Friends boozed, walked, stole, loved women - and suddenly, in an instant, the war broke out, and by the bombing they had to hide the women and children in hiding and start fighting themselves with the invader ...
war ended 20 years ago, and people continue to believe that it is still at the top, and made for rifles and grenades guerrillas.
I. So what is the movie?
About the survival of people, on neprekraschaemosti life, it would seem, in the most inhuman conditions. Go through the decade, and people continue to have children, they grow up and then give birth to ... Even a small piece of land, its underground, they are the most adapted to life, organized in such a way that there is allocated to relax and work zones, there is even a "bath».
About men and Basic instinct shells exploding, collapsing walls, a prostitute was frightened and ran away - and our hero Marco masturbates standing
About the Slavic tolerance Peter continues to have very quietly.. his lunch, when there is bombing.
About the facial features of the characters and that they do not change throughout life. If Peter is always for the right cause, and during the Second World War, and during the Serbian-Bosnian conflict, Marco clearly feel where the wind blows, and who will win.
About women. In the example we can Natalia observe one important female property: while men are fighting with the enemy, the woman adapts to the situation: it is with those who are in this situation stronger, ie German officer Fritz
Other women's quality -. love beautifully furnished lie . Peter loves Natalia, sacrifices his life for the sake of it, and Marco "bought" her, showing her a room dedicated to her
Another salient point:. If Mark clearly knows what he is guilty and make your choice consciously, then Natalia seems to deny his guilt
Many women will be offended by reading the above written, but I'm not saying that all women are like Natalia -. does not, and is not to say that an image of an isolated and atypical. .
About the creation myths After the war, we are witnessing the shooting of a hero of the war film Black Peter - absolutely false story, but exactly carefully selected portrait likeness of the actors with the guerrillas, ie mythology is tied only to the external attributes.
II. What is the genre of painting?
drama . Two men, one woman - seems to be a common thing. One man honest, decent, strong, bold, different - quirky trimmer
Comedy.. Just give an example. Jovan, born and raised in a cave the son of Peter, coming to the white light, the father says:
Dad, look horse
- No, it's a deer son
- Yes, and you're such a horse drew me!..
The tragedy of individuals and the whole nation . War destroys the life of not only individuals, but also to the whole nation. Entire states disappear from the map of Europe. Kusturica for the war with the Nazis is not so terrible, worse when his brother goes to his brother. And the more we do not hear any sounds of folk orchestra, no see national dances - the country is destroyed, because it destroyed the centuries-old tradition
Parable Artwork Kusturica is clearly a hidden subtext (in this situation he could not say.. directly), but its own political priorities clear. He is a true fighter for the unity of the country, gives this story as a warning to our and other nations.
Phantasmagoria. impregnations of this genre are scattered throughout the film. This single tonnel- underground passing under the whole of Europe; .. And the water nyrnuvshy Jovan occurring under water with his bride, who drowned in the well
Epic The film may well claim to this title and we are seeing the recent history of the Balkan peoples in breaking through the prism of life our heroes. Therefore, in the film so much a documentary chronicle, which is very ably mounted "underground" characters.
III. . Game actors Many important component of the success of the film
My main applause and a standing ovation Laymen Jokovic -. And comical and realistic role mincing artistochki, German litter, which later became an important lady, wife, party boss. Erotic dance around the tank trunk, like a stripper on a pole, is unforgettable.
Miki Manojlovic grotesque mimicry perfectly depicted the ugly nature of his character.
I Lazar Ristovski got to play well not only Black, but also an actor, he depicts his mythological image in the movies.
PS I watched yesterday for the third time. Every time you watch to find new shades. I can not say that Kusturica emotionally close to me - some of the shots, which are supposed to make people laugh, I was even a little irritated. But the film is clearly a genius in his multi-layered and multifaceted Image.
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