"Underground" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The glorious world of Kusturica, where the movement achieves madness, imagination become a reality, and unlike vseprinyatye canons approach to the events of the show. Events that 9 out of 10 directors have outlined would be on their own, giving the picture the usual, ordinary box, follow that 'how to', is 1 such as Kusturica, which pushes these limits, brings reality, steps over the surface of the square, pushing it to the volume. He is committed to the non-triviality, with everything. Mentally spitting into the sky at random, with a woolen bandage courage in their eyes, blindly believing what happens, he seeks it the oppression of their own line, he wants to put everything into a masterpiece. Each frame is impregnated with heady brilliance, laughter, tragedy. And we see the Laughing Crying Pierrot. Every moment is filled with sarcastic smiles, piercing once and for all. And we feel like our emotions vessel flows from the infinitely ridiculous in an infinitely painful.
He sees in his own way, so probably no one sees. Moreover, he is trying to feel compassion and to see the humor in it would seem that the tragedy in which the majority of directors choke.
worth to cancel the Serbs. As of today, I looked for more than 30 percent of Kusturica's films. In all of them played the Serbs. Magnificent Slavko Stimac! I fell in love with him after the game, "Do You Remember Dolly Bell?". Magnificent Kusturica! Whether that person is already outstanding, which makes falling in love, to respect, kulturizovat their nationality, as does the Emir? We do not watch the film, we flit in images, we laugh, blossoming, and we do not believe that this is possible.
special world. Fictional, sometimes simulated, sometimes we believe, and sometimes see the obvious blunders, but why do not we put it to him in reproach? Because it is a miracle. Because life - it is a miracle. And Kusturica - is an obvious axiom
Only Kusturica from the ceiling in the house may crumble crumbling whitewash and pieces of the house, and the two will dance intoxicating waltz, only he-captive people can discreetly carry in a suitcase, and he was not only that. this would not have resisted, and in addition requested grenade on 'just in case'. And after her break he would not die, but remained to live and was made a hero. Only he labors to light in a dark room zoo caretaker pedaling the bicycle, causing the bulb to burn, and another character picks up the load as the simulator to ensure the supply of water in the shower.
impossible not to mention the animals in the film by Emir. Starts with donkey in "Life is a Miracle," which suffered from unrequited love to a comprehensive zoo in "underground" during the bombing, the animals almost put one step in people, sometimes playing his 'Best Supporting Actor'. She fled in chaos and panic, they hurt, they suffer from the fact that their city, though it's a zoo, bombed. Chimpanzee sitting during a party in the middle of the table, along with people. With animals talk, pushing the usual framework. Here they are suffering, they also live. And they, too, live
Underground, Underground -. It is like a separate, isolated world. Here, people are fighting and having fun. They produce weapons and are proud to be able to Get the tank, 'because now we will defeat the enemy. " She fought, they were laughing, having fun. They live. Without fun we die. We must fight, living. You need to live your life struggling.
radiant, beautiful, charming Natasha, graceful, Castilian appearance with mustaches Dali Marco, writer, and revolutionary hero. Bezbashenny black, horohoryaschiysya, idle, extravagant, in the end, Black! Funny, young and fearful of all his son Jovan. And this is only a small part of the underground heroes
'If not for the war, I would have been the leading actress of the Moscow theater' -. Natalya says
'If not for the war, I'd be a Yugoslav Mayakovsky', -. Saith Marco.
'no fun without Russian songs'
'The war is not a war where brother kills brother'. What cohesive they were during the Second World War and because of what they have become angry feuds against each other. And how not to become a unified Yugoslavia
-. I'm not your friend, Mr.
-. And I'm not mister, comrade
-. What do you serve the army
-? In his own
at the end of the film ball, life long, threatens to suffocate the emotions lump of grief and sorrow. And you do not know what is more: joy or sorrow, laughter and sadness, life and death? You know only one thing: it is - life
Great music, emotion, color, behavior and events, a great Serbian language in which some of the words to the Russian people are close, magnificent Serbs.. Magnificent Kusturica!
seems admiration blocked common sense. But I can not help but admire this madness, and sometimes the lack of any triviality, this game, this thirst for life, struggle! the desire, the beauty of the people and the enormity of the war
Because it is -. Life. And Kusturica - one of the best artists of her
Do you know why you should watch this movie.? Because according to Kusturica Life - it is a miracle.

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