"Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Needless to say, the director virtuoso Eldar Ryazanov has created many outstanding and original films that are not similar to what already exists and created earlier. It is very likely that the comedy "Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia" - not the best of his work, but the fact that the film is bright, cheerful, optimistic, full of life - there is no doubt. This film definitely deserves the attention of all fans of unusual, bizarre stories and particularly the genre
«-. Saint Rosalia! Here that home visits
-?! Rather, a den of bandits »©
Despite the fact that this creation can be considered the 'golden fund of the national cinema', I was able to see it only now. Although it had heard rave reviews and positive about the film. Indeed, comedy deserves applause. It causes a storm of complimentary exclamations and enthusiasm. And praise is for what
«-. They are all defeated
-! Why is it? Something left! »©
film-chase. Film-explosion. Film-flash. Film-smile. And it's all about 'an incredible adventure ...' Movies has many advantages. The cast; hilarious storyline; unimaginable stunts (which alone is worth the plane landing right on track with a speeding car, or hanging on the drawbridge guide); involved in the history of live lion beauties; effervescent dialogues between the characters, which can be safely disassembled at the quotes and use in everyday life ( 'From the mafia still no one left! "or" What? Do not bore so far? It's just rudeness!' or 'First, I "Perch"! Reporting to the bottom of the Neva put our ')
!!. «- Doctor, and if to push him out, one less competitor ...
- Understand, it is necessary to us as a stop-gap!» ©
When the cast list is the name of the Andrei Mironov, the issue to watch movies or not - does not arise. This extraordinary actor needs no introduction. Mironov - is an actor with a capital letter, and even in a strange way, that his talent would not immediately recognize. By the way, all the tricks he performed himself in the film. This only by a skilled and professional stuntmen. It is on Andrey and holds more than half of the film
«-. Mafia is immortal! I you'll get out of the water! »©
course and Italian actors were trying to keep up with our famous compatriot. Episodes with Tano Cimarosa, alighiero noschese, Anthony Santilli and Ninetto Davoli were filled with humor and laughter. It is worth noting the small sketch from Eugene Evstigneev and Olga Aroseva . Although very small, but nevertheless, colorful and juicy.
This is a movie from the category of 'must watch' and 'revise strongly recommended'. The joint experience of Italy and the Soviet Union was a success and maybe a little more. High-adventure comedy that deserves to be called a classic national cinema!
9 of 10

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